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The Big Pothole… And How Rand Stepped In It, Jumped!

August 15, 2015

In hindsight, it seemed too logical, plausible even….

Struggling to get money for your campaign, and tired of looking impotent, while you sanitize and neuter yourself to appeal to the GOP kingmakers and money men (Like Sheldon Adelson that you met with, and then after, rejected your policy towards Israel for his, without even getting a contribution from him…)

(After all you just became a millionaire, and you will be damned if you spend your wealth or your father’s equal wealth, for your personal ambition… That rests on other people’s money…)

You are tired of running in place, you need to branch out and go BIG! And the best way to do that, is to pick a fight with the biggest head in the room, Donald Trump, Billionaire celebrity/reality show diva.

It worked for your dad. Ron called out Rudy “911!” Giuliani, and got funding, attention and his campaign made, by such a tactic.

Except for Ron, it wasn’t at tactic, it was Ron, being Ron, doing what he always did, speak truth TO power.

Not speak for the powerful, and call it truth.

But your kingmakers don’t like truth!

They like false narratives like the War On Terror, which is the war OF terror.

They like to sensationalize indignities to Israel, while being silent on the many atrocites committed BY Israel, even against American citizens.

We will hear about the rape and murder of an American relief worker, but we NEVER hear about Jews burning babies alive, and getting an 8 month sentence for premeditated murder, with malicious intent to do harm and commit torture…

So I guess they care about American babies, and Arab babies aren’t considered “life” by their God.

Nice to know they can kill people, and attack Christians, and be RELEASED!

And OF COURSE they have to spread fear that Hilliary Cliinton will be the next President of the United States!

You think they can raise money on their record of capitulaiton and collusion with Democrats, and punishing those who call them out on it!

THIS IS the Brand Paul GOP!

This is the kind of ass he has to kiss, if he wants their blessing…

But with all the puckering up Rand has done, and all of the contraditions and flip flopping, he has done, and turning backwards all of the progress, and discarding of his father’s positions and principles…

He STILL can’t get anywhere closer to the Ring of Power.

What a missed opportunity… Instead of speaking to the people, and FOR the people, Rand spoke for himself, and tries in vain to defend himself, wait, he outsources that to his fanatics, HE just insults and belittles those who attempt to hold him accountable at ALL!

And lost in all the threats, sideshows, and naked pleas through fear of Hilliary, that HE be the self appointed savior, there are things we don’t hear…

We will hear how the economy is poor, but no talk about how corporate profit is at an all time high.

If we have corporate profits at all time highs, and millionaire politicians, like Mr. Paul

Why then the call for Austerity for the people? Isn’t there enough to go around?

Remember when Rand used to talk about this instead of Donald Trump…

Well, he’ll always have the establishment GOP and Libertarians…

This is corruption…

“And everybody knows…”


The war at home…

“What would they know, right Rand?”

Family business…

Take all this into account and what you have is a bad candidate, who is not prepared for the responsibility for a political campaign, let alone the authority that comes from the White House.

His judgement is poor. His arrogance is strong. And his incompetence and tolerance of others incompetence rivals only his father.

In retrospect Ron got a LOT farther than Rand with such limitations. Even even got rich off of it, and created a political consulting powerhouse that made greedy selfish, arrogant men VERY, VERY rich off of his supporters…

And even gave his son, a novice, delusions of grandeur that he could be (s)elected for the highest office in the land, and the honor to take orders from those people he despises, while he spews vile at those who throw “Moneybombs!” for him, while he Randstands and holds up the entire political system, just so he can raise even more money for his ambition, while later agreeing to take the government’s word for it, that they are honorable…

Just like that, and thanks for the money!

Do you see the bluster?

Do you see tangilble results?

Where is the liberty?

Where is the opportunity?

The call to rally and include all people, to push back against the corruption, the legal tyranny, and the unsubstantive reality show of politics, that Trump embodies, and with the people, call for reform, or civil disobedience (or Nullification to put it in a  term Rand can digest) to make the government work for the people, instead of make the people work FOR the government, and to support the privledges, exemptions and immunities of Rand Paul and his uber allies…

Instead he fights with the media, fights with his father’s supporters, and his supporters fight amongst themselves and everybody who disagrees with them.

This is not a man or a cause that can bring the country together in freedom… That is not even their interest.

Their interest, like Paul’s is to be EXCLUDED from any and ALL accountability and to grant privledges, exemptions, and immunites for each other… at YOUR expense!

No wonder the rich, and the people, haven’t rallied around the Brand Paul flag! There is nothing in it, for THEM either!

Rand doesn’t even like them, nor socializing with them for their money!

So, in the end, what do we have here?

A candidate who wants to be President, but doesn’t like the people he works for, nor the people he works with, nor the people, themselves…

So why in the hell is he running?

A cynic would say running for President is very profitable, since you don’t have to give the money back.

But if you get it from big donors, they expect something in return.

They just don’t think Rand has a way to be in a position to do that.

So they don’t put their money where his mouth is.

Rand won’t even put his own money where his mouth is.

Trump will

Ron Paul won’t even give Rand any of his own money…

Nor will Jesse Benton for that matter.

Just you.

Rand is depending on you to save his ambition…

After shunning you, and his most passionate supporters, now he NEEDS you, to save him from himself.

Will you choose to save him over yourself…

Or will you learn a lesson from Rand Paul, and look out for your own damn self from now on…

The choice is yours..

Ripped us off, sold us out, and now gets to live off of that and his government pension.


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