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Daily Paul Dies, With Ron Paul & Everything He Stood For

August 14, 2015

I admit I’ve been busy, but I missed this:

Notice the date?

How about the timing coinciding with this:

I predicted this a long time ago…

I  told you Nystrom would be fucked when Rand decided to run. He couldn’t keep the Ron Paul brand going, to confuse the message of the Brand Paul movement…

And the day finally came…

Does he let the movement die… No, he just rebrands it with a new name, a new site, same old, tired, worn out, platform… and STILL gets to hit his members up for cash to pay for his cost of running the site. What cost? It’s a freaking BLOG!

This is tragic vindication for those of us who were mocked, derided, scorned, and villified, like Ron Paul in the debates, BY Nystrom and his followers, or should I say “dependents.”

But the other bomb to drop along with the news is that Ron Paul now has been forced to save his son’s MoneyLESS BOMB! of a campaign by hitting up people to fund his son…

This in spite of the fact that his former campaign manager and now his son’s campaign manager, Jesse Benton, and his head of his Campaign For Liberty 5.01c 3, John Tate were just indicted for campaign finance fraud…

Most likely that money came FROM the supporter funded “Moneybombs” to fund Ron Paul’s campaign, a tactic later used to shake down the members of the Daily Paul Blog, to “meet the costs of running the blog” IT’S A FREAKIN BLOG! Ever hear of!!!! That is FREE!!!

So we know at least where that money went… into Nystrom’s pocket!

Now that Rand has missed his moment, ran in opposition to everything his father stood for, the family gravy train that is Rand needs to be rescued… NOW they NEED Ron Paul, to bring the cash back into their coffers.. Even though Ron, kept cash on hand, in his 1st and 2nd run for the Presidency, using the latter to build his 501c3 PAC/site, when they weren’t out trying to bribe party members to switch their support, in violation of federal election laws.

Do you see the pattern here?

Does this have ANYTHING to do with advocating for “personal liberty?” HELL NO! IT’S A MONEYGRAB!

A shakedown, for those who have run out of people to shakedown…

Rand pimps out Ron, to raise money he probably doesn’t even need…

Since he has already failed.

In the last debate he tried to out Trump, Donald Trump. And make himself seem like a crusader…

But he can’t hide the fact that he has been exposed as the Emperor With No Clothes.

Nobody fears Rand. He marginalized his strengths away to seem amenable to the kingmakers.

Now, he has cast out and forsaken his father’s supporters THAT GOT HIM ELECTED IN KENTUCKY!

Has disavowed and muddied every position his father stood for…

And he can’t figure out why the masters don’t like or trust him…

And in his colossal failure to be everything to everyone, he has no choice but to pimp out, his father, to keep his ambition and delusions of grandeur alive, and the money coming in.

He can’t even please his own party who is pissed that Rand is attempting to circumvent their own by laws, to hold a caucus, instead of a primary, so he can circumvent the State Constitution preventing a candidate to run for two offices at the same time. He may well force the GOP to pay for his caucus, but if they refuse and he can’t raise money to pay for it, when he can’t even raise money for his own campaign, Rand may well screw the party and himself out of his own Senate seat… OR he must do the proper thing to save the party, AND the Paul gravy train, and abandon his Presidential campaign to run for re-election to the US Senate. But a much weaker and more vulnerable candidate than before. Perhaps even vulnerable to a Tea Party primary challenge, if the resentment is high enough, within the party.

This is the death of the Ron Paul movement.

And the death of Ron Paul as relevant to the politcal sphere.

He can’t speak out against anyone, and stand with Rand, as Rand contradicts everything he stood for.

Instead of advocating Ron Paul’s principles, Rand and his handlers like Benton, Jack Hunter, Doug Wead, John Tate, Austin Petersen… and his “insiders” like Doug Stafford and Trygve Olson, have turned him into the “Anti-Ron” who instead of embraces the media, and the people, RUNS from them…

This isn’t Presidential… this isn’t even professional…

His father would talk to the press no matter how poorly they treated him because he knew, the people would listen to what he had to say, and Ron bulit his campaign using the media, in spite of themselves… to get his message out.

Rand attacks the media:

Now this is all well and good, but can he do this every day to the White House Press Corps?

Ron didn’t do this… He made his points and let the people decide. More often than not, those who looked into what he said, found him to be honest and truthful. The problem when Rand bullies the press, is that he offers nothing to the prospective voter or citizen… it’s a filibuster, and wasted media time, that could be used addressing the people’s issues!

That is the point.

He wants to control the message.

But he doesn’t know what his message IS!

Hence the flip-flopping…

Even when he tries to turn a negative into a positive, it blows up in his face… Poor Bastard!

Rand, like all of the not just quite President’s men who imploded and looted his father’s supporters through his presidential campaigns, is self destructing…

He simply doesn’t know what to do, what to say, what to not do, what to not say, in order for the people to take him seriously, nor the people who appoint the people to run the people and the people’s business, and the world stage.

He was given a tremendous opportunity, just like his father. It was thrust upon him. Great attention and a windfall of cash to the point that Ron Paul’s son is a millionaire…

As is Ron Paul

And Ron Paul’s son in law… Jesse MOTHERFUCKING Benton!

Pretty good, especially when your supporters can fund your own campaign, entirely, while you have them pay for everything, even their plane tickets to the GOP convention.

View story at

2 MILLION DOLLARS that wasn’t spent on the delegates, the legal challenges to defend their votes FOR Ron Paul, NOTHING!

Just went into his pocket… and disappeared!

Or got funneled to slush funds, that Jesse Benton used to buy influence within the party to the point where he was named Campaign Manager of former Majority Leader, Sen. Mitch McConnell

Now, Benton and the head of Campaign For Liberty, John Tate are held under federal indictment, and likely to serve time in Federal prison…

What began with hopes of restoring the Constitution ended with Rand Paul eviscerating the Kentucky state Constitution…

What began with hopes of running an insurgent campaign ended when Ron’s campaign manager jumped ship into the arms of the establishment with Ron’s blessing.

What began in the hopes that his son would right the wrong done to his father and his father’s supporters, ended in his son casting them out, ignoring them, insulting them, and running against them, as he cozy-ed up to Benton’s establishment playbook, of GOP insiders, who the more they saw and heard Rand plead to them in vain, for their permission and support, the more they saw him for what he was, naked ambition and little else, using his father’s name to call for support from the very people who hated his father and everything he stood for, while disrespecting and shunning the help and support from people who were dying TO help him, and without whom, he NEVER would have unseated an establishment candidate that was hand picked, by none other than Mitch McConnell, the pre-eminent insider, and perhaps Ron Paul’s biggest adversary aside from Texas Senator, Phil Gramm…

But at least they can still have racists like Jack Hunter write best selling books for them… So long as they don’t put his name on the manuscript, like Rand did with his last book “Government Bullies…”

I guess for Rand it was a message not to the establishment that they were out of line and out of control, but a message TO them that Rand was learning how to be a bully from the best in the business…

Here at the end of the Ron Paul movement, and the Brand Paul campaign… There are scars.

Scars for all of us…

False promises, taking abuse from others, from the media, from our friends. It has been a long, hard, harsh road, for us to travel. The betrayal of Ron to his delegates. The scourge of Benton and the gatekeepers. The rivalries between the grassroots who were message driven, and the independent media whores, like Michael Nystrom, Alex Jones, Gary Franchi, Jack Hunter, Austin Petersen, Adam Kokesh, Ben Swann (who parlayed the Ron Paul liberty movement, into a switch from a niche skit on a Cincinnati Fox news station, to an anchor job at an Atlanta network station, and all he had to do was censor those who called out Rand and “The Brand” and dared to tell the truth in an attempt to hold them accountable!), Jim Babka, Julie Borowksi, literally too many to name that used the hope Ron Paul gave us, and found a way to turn it into a buck, a career, a lifestyle, marketing this thing called liberty, that in practice did nothing but gatekeep, and turn people, even those who agreed, let alone disagreed against each other. With suspicion, competition, threats, attacks, allegations, and proofs of betrayal after betrayal… all the way down the line.

And in the end all that is left to show for it, is 2-3 failed presidential campaigns for Ron Paul, and another one for his son, albeit a very profitable failure this time around….

We are left with the ashes, the scars that will never heal, and with nowhere to go from here… except unto ourselves.

Maybe that is where we should have been all along.

Perhaps now, without the distractions and the talking points, and the multitude of voices telling us what to do, and how evil we are for what we think, and for having the audacity to ACT on our beliefs, maybe now we can move forward. Stronger, and with a greater purpose we are truly invested in, rather than be expected to be invested for, and to literally invest time and resources that are now more limited than ever… to truly coming together and advocating the best of humanity, instead of the worst.

Maybe now they all need to go: (Franchi), Kokesh (, (Alex Jones, who also used Ron Paul “Moneybombs” to built his site, and social network, and product store), (Hunter),, (along with Andrew Napolitano’s web site that is run by Libertarian Republic’s editor Austin Petersen,, Ben Swann (, Jim Babka, (, Julie Borowski (, along with the Daily Paul, the odious, which like the Daily Paul before the “Re-Brand” has now deteriorated into an echo chamber, threatening Armageddon if Rand Paul doesn’t ascend to the Presidency, suffering from the same “savior” complex that gave us Barack Obama. Maybe these sites, and the many like them, that came from the Ron Paul brand need to disappear… They HAVE to disappear, so that the people can tune out, and turn off the noise once and for all, and find out for themselves, for a change, what THEY believe, what THEY advocate. And together, we can work together to find a path or way forward to get there.

The world is more than just one man’s ideology.. It is THE… WORLD… !

We have the tools for now, anyway, to engage people in discussions and offer ideas, and to come up with alternatives for what is not working in the word today, and for us at the local level. But we will never get anywhere if we put that aside to focus on anyone else!

I personally do NOT care WHO gets (s)elelected as the next TeLePROMPTeR reader of the United States. Nor how they are praised and attacked by other TeLePROMPTeR readers, and capitalist with a web address, who are tearing them down, to build THEIR brand, for capital gain…


What IS relevant is people who are in need, have problems and a desire to actually SOLVE those problems. Media exists to exacerbate problems, as their power is in fear! The same can be said for government and lawmakers… They live through FEAR! Relying on them, depending on them, absolves them from responsibility, and sentences us, the victims, to the consequences of that reality.

THAT has to change!

But it’s on us to BE that change!

We have to stop reading other people’s sites, and start our own.

We have to stop organizing for other’s aims and gains, and start organizing for our own.

We need to stop looking to the past, to tell us how to tend to the future.

What if we had our own sites, and communicated WITH each other, instead of AT each other.

What if we “Met Up” to have a unit and pooled our resources together to help those we knew in need?

What if we took it upon ourselves to reform or create alternatives to  meet our needs, that the current system isn’t equipped to do, nor in their best interest to even acknowledge?

What if we were a people who didn’t need people to tell us what to do, WE just DID it!

What if we didn’t need government, all we needed was to start co-opts, donate our time and what we had to offer, and helped each other one community at a time.

If the church is more concerned about tax exemptions and building expansions, why aren’t the people wiling to step out of it, and BE the church, and organize to HELP people in need!

Why do we think we need permission?

Why do we think we need somebody else to do for us, what we think should be done…

Yes, they are bad.. The examples in this sordid tale are some of the worst imanginable…

But WE are responsible!

Without us agreeing to let them speak FOR us, and tell US what to think, what not to think, how to act, and how to NOT act… they wouldn’t have been able to do what they did to us, and to others like us.

We have to take responsibility for ourselves, and together find a path to look forward and work toward solutions. They do not come in big, sweeping acts of self-important men, but in the everyday acts, of everyday people. Put your faith in people, and inspire them with examples of daily courage and struggle, and progress toward a goal that empowers them, and you HAVE a movement capable of actually MOVING! And changing the word for the better, one community at a time.

Put your faith in man, or a group of small men, peddling a naked self interest, and you get what we all got, misled, betrayed, and left to take it out on who was next to us, with the real theifs scot free to reinvest their next scam, to further insulate themselves from us, and make us liable for the consequences of their unreality, and web of lies.

It’s time to move on. But work together. If we can put the distractions aside and actually TALK to one another.

Reason and debate are our best weapons in converting the minds of man.

What have we been taught? To bicker, accuse, yell, scream, rant and rave, insult, groupthink, gatekeep, and let’s not forget everybody’s personal favorite… BAN! (A greater perversion of the word “Liberty” I have never seen!)

It’s time to throw that, and the people who advocate, perpetuate, and instruct others to do so, into the pit of hell, forever, and NEVER look back!

It’s time to move on. Living for the future, instead of focusing on re-implementing the past.

The people have the ability, the need, and the ingenuity to come up with solutions and solve real problems, dire problems, problems that threaten our existence. But we must be willing to orient our minds and our will into doing so.

Without cause, there is no purpose.

Without purpose, there is no will.

Without will, there is no action.

Without action, there is no change.

We are the change…

We are the people who can solve our own problems.

We just have to cast aside those who appoint themselves to solve them for us, but only do so for their own cause.

Our cause is just and righteous.

They would rather be self-righteous.

Let them.

But don’t let them get in your way, or distract your mind from what has to be done.

YOU have power!

YOU have been giving it away for far too long.

Let’s take our power back, by asserting our will.

And working together to see that it be done FOR us

Instead of unto us!

Close the book on the past, and those who would orientate you to the past.

Open your eyes, and look ahead…

The future is OURS!!

The future is NOW!!!

UPDATE: Naturally Nystrom milks the cow, until it is dry, decimated, and destroyed…


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  1. Hey Jesse Benton/John Tate, “I’ll see ya in Walla Walla”

  2. For some, it’s time to “Pay The Man!”

  3. “I have feeling it’ll be a long time…”

  4. For YOU Michael Nystrom: “Go on now, they won’t tell… Go on now… Save YOURSELF!”

  5. For you, Rand… “Now Dance, Fucker DANCE!”

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