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Ron, We ALL Deserved Better!

August 13, 2015


According to the ideology of the almighty dollar, people with the most money earn it because they do the most work…

This is the same “takers vs. makers” BS that Ayn Rand preaches in her opus “Atlas Shrugged,” where Rand writes, the producers of society are so offended that they have to provide anything or be obligated to their customers, or their workers that they engage in economic and political terrorism, by “striking;” sabotaging, destroying the means of production because it’s their property.

In this distorted worldview everyone exist to produce value FOR the elite, their lot in life is dependent on how useful and profitable they are for the elite, and the minute they are not as profitable as, say a machine, they are cast out of the protected class, and left to fend for themselves, against the fellow peasants.

Taking Rand at his word, he believes that a multinational corporation like Wal-Mart should be allowed to undermine unions, be able to lobby for heavy regulations on it’s competitors, while funding politicians who will appoint regulators to go easy on Wal Mart. Cut back on obligations like health care, or be exempt from providing it at all through the employer, and be put into the position of being forced to pick one of a couple of plans, written by insurance companies, to put their competition out of business, all through the mechanism of the law.

Instead of breaking up monopolies, Rand wants them to expand overseas… to exempt themselves from taxes, labor and environmental laws… Worse still, he wants to incorporate those exemptions, HERE in the US.

Not done there, his “Economic Freedom Zones” would provide exemptions and stimulus to corporations to go into economically depressed areas, pay for the construction and labor costs of a corporation, exempt them from taxes, and allow them to rape, I mean “keep” ALL of the profits! For whom? Why politicans like Rand Paul of course! So he can get re-elected!

But the real evil here is the fact that Rand perpetuates that victims of this “free market” empire of buying access to lawmakers, (that he criticizes Donald Trump for) are put on trial by Mr. Paul as “freeloaders” and people who are looking for a hand out, instead of the canard of “pulling themselves up by their bootstraps.”
This is the true free marketization of America, where everything is for sale. But where does that leave the American worker? Or those on the sidelines? Nowhere…

On one hand he calls out the powerful, but look who benefits from his policies…

His response to corporate crime, fraud and abuse is to tax the people through austerity and cuts to programs to pay for it. NOT to seize the corporations and the assets of their billionaire criminals who have destabilized the country and the global marketplace. He wants them to KEEP their profits and taxpayer funded stimulus, kick back a little to his campaign (which they seem to have an aversion to do) and ride the gravy train to remake America, into a place that works for those who make it work… Those who fund politicians! This is welfare FOR the rich, and the lawmakers and lawbreakers, at the direct expense OF the poor. And he is expecting the Billionaire Church conglomerates (who like his favored corporations, also DON’T pay taxes!) to pick up the slack and responsibility for the social safety net to prevent total anarchy! Despite the fact that in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, church attendance is down, and aid from churches is also lacking. This is the usual testament that churches would  rather pay for bibles, than to actually feed the poor.

Can you imagine a world, where instead of competition, we have the incorporation of fascist collusion? Rights turned into privileges subject to obedience? And benefits taken away the minute a corporation deems it more profitable to replace you with an exploited worker, or no worker at all, and mechanization? How are charities and the church supposed to take on Social Security? Provide health care? Distribute food and food vouchers? Even education is tricky with the anti-science, pro-creationists quagmire? Do we import scientists from other countries then? Doesn’t this argue for MORE wage depressing foreign workers/labor to favor the corporations and drive down prices, not less? Doesn’t this call for more lax regulation to get unskilled labor in here, or waivers for skilled labor, to further kick the American skilled and unskilled worker OUT of the labor force, and into the welfare social safety net, that Rand and his cronies are SO offended by, that it is the 1st, last and primarily ONLY thing they can  even bare TO cut!

And the greatest sin here is that Rand knows better…

He knows the Federal Reserve inflates and deflates the value of money to benefit the wealth class, the political class, at the expense of the middle class, and the poor. But does he make this case to the masters and the people?

No, he does not!

He blames the victims of the rigged game he benefits from, and his compadres benefit from, and the powerful orchestrate. Behind closed doors.

Just look at his tax cut.

Instead of abolishing the Income Tax, he keeps it. He wants the dreaded Forbes flat tax, at 14.5 percent. Not graduated because that would hurt the “makers.” He expects the “takers” to pay for it. This is as far from Ron Paul as you could EVER get! And on top of the Freedom Zone wealth privitization scheme, only makes it more transparent that Rand is desperate to get the big boys on his side…

Even his allies are disturbed by his capitulation and gift to the well off at the expense of his own supporters

Is he calling to abolish the Fed and democratize currency? No.

Is he calling to end the wars, and bring the troops home? No.

Is he calling for competition in health care? No. Not even providing an alternative to Obamneycare… Just tax credits.

For those who are unemployed, and can’t even PAY their taxes.

While Ron supported tax protesters, Rand simply can’t afford to listen or acknowledge their case…

He NEEDS revenue to pay for all of this corporate STIMULUS!!!

Rand then sends the money the poor pay, to pay the corporations on top of the profits they get in the rigged marketplace… And if they STILL can’t make a profit, he wants to bail them out, with new lax regulations and “freedom zones” to guarantee privatized profits, and socialize the costs upon the poor, and the servant/slave/working class.

Keeping them terrified of upsetting their corporate masters to the point that they lose their job, their health care, their education, and their ability to make a living, forever, so Rand and his masters can have more at everyone’s expense.

This is not the promise of freedom of liberty, but the totalitarian call for absolute tyranny, and nobody is permitted to be of society unless they offer tribute and fealty to the corporate state.

I get crap and lose followers on this blog because I dare to look beyond the veil, and behind the curtain to see that the Emperor Has No Clothes.

If you look at who benefits from Rand’s policies, you will see military contractors like Raytheon (ISIS), intelligence apparatus (Israel) (who decides who is a terrorist overseas? Those who threaten corporate interests?),  and think tanks like Cato Institute and even the Neo Con think tanks that support Rand’s take on ISIS, and re-militarization along with fealty to Israel.

I don’t like criticizing Rand Paul, I took his father at his word. But I simply cannot stand by, and watch his son turn everything his father taught us and stood for, on it’s head, and for what? The illusion of power, to be the one who gets to be on camera, announcing the agenda for the country and the world, written by the most powerful people on the planet who got that way, by exploiting resources and people and bending laws and being granted exemptions, while the rest of us lost opportunities, and the ability to contribute to be independent and free from the will of the masters?

Bending to corporate will aint freedom.

Perpetual war aint freedom.

Marginalizing the already marginalized, aint freedom.

Exempting the people with the most capability to do the most damage, even after they have done the most damage, aint freedom.

Calling on the people to suffer to preserve the status of those with the most power, aint freedom.

Calling the victims of this society names, and cutting aid when they need it the most, aint freedom.

Taking on challengers and calling them out for your same sins, aint freedom…

It’s hypocrisy!

It’s what his father never stood for, or tolerated. Even among the heavyweights.

Ron stood out taking on Rudy 911 Giuliani because he was the antithesis of him.

Rand IS no different than Donald Trump, gaming the system and bending laws to his own aims.

Just ask the citizens of Kentucky, who are being asked to pay for a caucus to subvert the state Constitution so Rand can illegally run for Senate AND President in the upcoming election so he has a safety net, in case HE fails, yet again!

Where is YOUR safety net?

Especially if you dare to disagree with Rand and his sycophants?

That is the point.

The argument shouldn’t be “my way or the highway.”

If some states (God help them) want Obamneycare, let them have it!

But let the rest of the states decide for themselves what they want to do.

Let the states decide.

Let the people vote with their feet.

But for those who can’t afford to leave…

Let them have competition and places to go to get the services they need.

Rand, and his corporate masters want to loot the people and the resources, put the cost on the people, and make excuses why nobody should have anything at all.

Does that sound like freedom?

Does that sound like liberty?

Then why are you defending it?

Think about it.

It’s not illegal.. yet!

I’d rather stand with Ron Paul than Rand Paul.

At least Ron was consistent, even if he was criminally negligent over his own campaign and campaign staff.

Did Rand learn from that lesson?

He hired the same damn guy!

Rand is NOT his father… He’s WORSE!

Ron deserved better…

In his elections…

And in his son…

Did he address ANY major issues with the limited time his father is used to in the debate? NO! He got in a pissing fest with Chris Christie AND later Donald Trump. He spent more time legitimizing Trump, than speaking to America!

Time and again he is given opportunity after opportunity, and he fails to meet the challenge…

I realize Ron is a hard example for anyone to follow…

But from the beginning, Rand didn’t even TRY!

THAT is unforgivable!

And if that offends you, let’s call it even…

But I will not be silent.


This blog has been consistent because the message has been consistent from day one.

Tell the truth, call out those who are exploiting the system to exploit every one… and try to find alternatives.

Rand Paul is NOT the alternative.

He is too busy failing to be more of the same…

So be it.

We all have choices in this life.

I choose to walk away from him, and his kind.

I’ll stand with the common man, over Rand and who he kneels to, any day and every day.

Ambition never will obliterate my conscience…

How about you…



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