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Rand Paul Debating Himself Vs. His Ambition, There He LOSES, Yet Again!

August 8, 2015


How can Rand call out Trump for hedging his bets when he had the Kentucky state consitution violated so he could run as President and for re-election as a Senator, when he had them exempt him from the state law, stating you had to file for one office, in order to be certified by the state to run. Senator OR President… NOT BOTH!

How in the HELL does this guy say he is for diplomacy but against the deal with Iran?

He says he never would have released Iran from sanctions without evidence.

Sanctions are an act of war, often coming as a pretext FOR war if you look at history.

So in pure doublethink, Rand is saying he supports tactics that lead to war, in the name of preventing it, and diplomacy UNLESS it get’s in the way of an actual NEW war front…

Think about that…

We shouldn’t be questioning Iran’s motives, we should be questioning Rand’s motives behind his transparent doublespeak…

Flip flopping on Israel… Not only does he now support Austerity for Americans and Stimulus for Israeli’s, most of which are Anti-Christian, especially in the Holy Land, but he cloaks his fealty with a cloud of cart blanche, saying that if we stopped funding Israel, they would be free to continue their hegemony against their neighbors, unabated and uninterrupted. This is a position of unlimited, unending conflict in the middle east, that the Neo Cons DREAMED about!

Do you see what he does?

He takes a WORSE position than the status quo, and calls himself the “voice of modernity and reason”… What BALLS!


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