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When LINO’s Worship LINO’s…

July 21, 2015

One problem, you can’t replace a republican… with a republican… and be libertarian.. why doesn’t the libertarians, back their own people? – FWO

Libertarians Against Rand Paul:  “You walk into the voting booth on election day 2016. There are three names on the ballot running for President. Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and You. When you come out, you is asked who he voted for. “No one,” he says. He’s asked why not and he says: “Because there wasn’t anyone libertarian enough for me on my ballot who was running for President.”

If “Libertarians don’t have to be Libertarian,” why do Democrats have to be Democrat, or Republicans have to be Republican? And if this is true, there IS NO DIFFERENCE voting FOR ANY candidate, because they don’t have anything to stand for except their own ambition, and pragmatism over principle, that keeps oppression in place no matter if they have a D, R, or L next to their name!

You are either being sarcastic or contradicting everything you supposedly stand for by your last statement… Do tell us, where YOU stand… — FWO

Libertarians Against Rand Paul “There are some people for whom there is never anyone libertarian enough. They say “Why don’t you guys support real libertarians,” and they name off a person they feel is a real libertarian. If that guy actually got on the ballot, they would then come up with some reason why they still couldn’t vote. There is never going to be an honest 100% libertarian on the ballot ever. Because such a person would not be running for elected office. Gary Johnson and one or two others who have announced are about as close as you’ll get to that. Everybody comes from another political philosophy. I’ve yet to meet anyone who was born a libertarian. At this time, my candidate of choice is Dr. Marc Allan Feldman (Votes Not For Sale). If Gary ends up getting the nomination, I will support him. There are three moderators here. Not everyone here supports the same candidates. We are all in agreement about one thing though. Rand Paul will never be a choice for us.”

And WHY doesn’t voting matter again? What’s the point of asserting your rights, while demanding they be privileges from government, subject to obedience… Do you even KNOW what Libertarian means, or is this another astroturf Libertarian/RINO page, paid for from money from Ron Paul supporters, who ALSO backed a Republican, and got nothing to show for their money… and lost even more of their rights, in the name of the same political expediency you are using as a hammer, to knock down ANY nail/person, who still stands up for their rights. Even independent OF government…– FWO

“We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” – Albert Einstein

“Johnson has admitted on several occasions that he has always been a libertarian and governed New Mexico as a Republican in name only.” The only people on this “scorecard” who haven’t flip-flopped on these issues are Trump and Cruz. Only the Libertarians could by into the notion of never accepting defeat, but, advancing in another direction, and call it rational… This is delusion on a grand scale. Don’t buy it, or let them buy YOU! This is about raising revenue, not achieving goals by virtue of principle, and forthrightness… When words don’t matter, meaning is lost. And without meaning, there is no purpose. People see this, and they refuse to go down with you. Let alone pay YOU to go down with them… And for what in return? More of the same on steroids, except in addtion to having less liberty, you also have, less money. And the extortion racket comes back, in another four years. Just another bui$ne$$… Capitali$m Bitche$!


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