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I Thought Collective Punishment Based on Race WAS Racism?

July 9, 2015


When I grew up poor, with no mom, and two sisters, and a alcoholic father, living on food stamps, and Section 8 housing, with my elementary school next to a gun shop and a liquor store… was I living in “privilege” You tell me, what I have to apologize to black people for? You know what is funny? I had black kids as friends and neighbors, we all looked out for each other, you know why, because we were ALL afraid of the police! Race didn’t matter, they’d lock you up black or white, POVERTY is the source of inequality, it has NOTHING to do with race. We live in the Hunger Games, because of structural violence… and control of access… That has nothing to do with race. It is by design. Race is how they get the slaves to go after the slaves, instead of the master. Don’t fall for the trap!

See 1:20:43 “Public Health”


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