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Freedom Is Not Found In Results, But In Advocating The Cause of Liberty… By Failure… Got It!

July 4, 2015

Does Rand have to give back the money now???

Rand wants to imprison the man who’s efforts, Rand is running on, as a qualification, for higher office. Ungrateful bastard, isn’t he???

The real truth about Obamneycare…

And yet he goes to raise money from them in Colorado..

Leave it to a politician to have it both ways, take credit for meeting to one group, while his campaign denies it, to the press and the public. I’ve never seen a man embrace supporters while running away from them. Although his father didn’t embrace his supporters while he ran away from them, so I guess Rand does have one up on his father. And he remembered to soak them for every last dollar they got. That he learned from his dad, real good.

Turns out Rand’s foreign policy of “strength” kills more of our guys than the enemy does…

“How can candidates appeal to their base in the primaries and to swing voters in the general election?”

Um… LIE!!!

“We have been asked why the Libertarian Party will not endorse Rand Paul as the libertarian candidate for 2016. There are several reasons:

1. The LP cannot do that as a political party because of their bylaws.
2. Rand Paul is not a libertarian, so even if the LP could endorse him, they wouldn’t.
3. Rand Paul has stated on numerous occasions that he will not accept an endorsement from the LP because he doesn’t want one. He has also stated he would never run as a candidate with the LP because he doesn’t like the LP. He’s a Republican and will always run as a Republican. You can’t get an endorsement from McConnell if you don’t run as a right-wing loon.

End of story.”

How would Rand change this? Oh right, “Executive Order…” LOL! How “Constitutional” of him…

Simply too busy raising money to filibuster… I guess…. Wait, these are the people he’s begging for money, Ahh!

Will carries water for the activist court… Conservative is Liberal, they believe in unlimited power of the state, over every thing… Your rulers wish you would take it and shut up. So are you gonna shut up? Who knows better how you should live your life, the Court, Will, or you…

Rand where were you…

“If Rand Paul really gave a fucking shit. He’d offer to sign an Executive Order, to institute the Enumerated Powers Act. Has he mentioned this, even once? HELL NO! Think about it. Mr. Constitution? Fuck him!” (Nice!)

Just because I’m from Kentucky does NOT mean I have an explanation for this… Just saying…

“Given the overwhelming opposition to the TPP/TPA trade pact (which Congress nor We the People have been allowed to read) being slipped under the radar beneath the noise of Confederate flag culture wars one can conclude that we are being subjected to a distraction. Monopolist Cartels are trying to turn this country into a labor camp to pay off the debts accrued by generations of traitors in political office while we divide ourselves over lines of color, history and geography. Your emotions will matter not when the lien holders cash in their chips. Turn off the TV and compose your own thoughts in the face of the real threat.”

Rand would ask you to love your chains…

No “RandStand” for these Christians… I guess… Born in the wrong country…

If you are voting to win, you are a loser…


Ron, why won’t your son leave Putin alone?

Where Rand wants to send pot smokers…

Rand, dare NOT criticize Israel, and stand up for these Christians…

Just sayin…

“We are in this for one thing, money… I make it when the guys come in, you doctors, make it when they come out” Eddie Papizano on why he kept bathouses open during the AIDS crisis as depicted in “And the Band Played On”


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