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Freedom Does Not Come From Money…

June 27, 2015

Comment: Free Market Capitalism is inherently a win-win interaction since voluntary transaction would not occur if both parties did not benefit in some way. Therefore the single best way to increase happiness in the world is to increase voluntary interaction as much as possible and decrease coercive interaction as much as possible. This is how wealth is created and standards of living increases. Most people can recognize that a mugging, an assault, a kidnapping, a rape, or a murder will decrease happiness. However when these activities are cloaked in perplexing legalese, enshrouded in political euphemism, and legitimized by obedient sycophants they attain the mystical status of “government”. At this point it’s crimes become law and it’s criminals become presidents, prime ministers, dictators, despots, and tyrants. If you would like to learn more about Voluntaryism, Free Markets, Austrian Economics, and Anarcho-Capitalism please like and follow these pages. It is only through the relentless spread of powerful ideas that we can disembowel and eviscerate the leviathan! Ideas move mountains! Vacate the State!

FWO:  If freedom depends on money, it isn’t freedom… It’s slavery.

Comment: what exactly do you mean by “If freedom depends on money”?

FWO:  If your liberty is dependent upon another person’s property (the Fed) and accumulating it by submitting to the edicts of their lackey’s (the lawmakers) who give it artificially in abundance to members of their own wealth class, and concentrate all wealth in their hands, and into the hands of their lackeys (the policymakers, the media, the educational system, et, al.) The people do not have liberty. Their rights are not respected or even acknowledged. It is a mechanism of the re-emergent caste system. Creating a system of dependence instead of independence, and obedience instead of sovereignty. You cannot be free when one class can buy their way out of jail, and can change the laws retroactively to suit them. And the other class can be sent to jail for breaking retroactive laws that are in violation of equal protection under the law… Most penalties can be paid off with a monetary fine. Who does that favor? The rich. Money is not the savior, it trades the liberty of the sovereign into servitude to the lender…


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