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It’s Hard To Be A Sellout

June 26, 2015


He just lost the Republican party…

This is called having it both ways…

Again having it both ways…

Let the rich keep their money, let the middle class pay the deficit… No thanks!

Thank you, Jack Hunter. I’m so glad, Rand paid you with our money so you could make money lying, then casting us out of the “Brand Paul” movement for calling you on it…

Not inflexible enough for the fundamentalists…

We will destroy the middle east and save it with capitalists… that sounds like a threat more than a solution. They don’t want democracy… And we don’t want Shariah Law in the US… Democracy means freedom of capital… Exploiting one and all. How is that better than what the CPA and the contractors and the forced privatization of resources, has done to the region already. He offers bombs, then looting of who is left behind… If this is compassion, the resistance will never end in the middle east. They have to resist if they want to survive…

Rand serves Israel…

You are the enemy to the government. Is Rand gonna change that all by himself?

Rand wants the police to have drones…

Rand backs Israel

No filibuster here!

Rand stands with Israel and condemns Palestinian Christians.

Corporations are people, who are entitled to profit, so let’s make more laws, to have more criminals, to benefit the stockholders… USA! USA!

Yet another betrayal by this bastard!

Sound familiar?

Um Rand?

Makes you rethink this whole terrorism thing, eh?



Thatcher is the Queen of Neoliberalism, that V for Vendetta was based on. Smartly they tie Rand to Neoliberalism, yet people in America think he is Libertarian… America. This is nothing less that a globalist funded fascist takeover…

“A close reading of them, however, shows that he is not willing to go as far as his father did in advocating for the repeal of laws that make the use or possession of drugs, such as marijuana, illegal. As he explained in the same interview, “the main thing I’ve said is not to legalize them, but not to incarcerate people for extended periods of time.” To that end, Paul has teamed up with Sen. Pat Leahy, D-Vt., the liberal chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, to introduce the Justice Safety Valve Act of 2013, which would give judges greater flexibility in sentencing federal crimes where a mandatory minimum punishment might be considered too harsh.” It’s still illegal, you STILL go to jail and at the judges discretion for how long, That aint reform, buddy.

Another bailout… we can’t afford in the age of “Austerity”…

Revenge of the “Aqua Buddha”, hypocrisy at it’s finest..

So then Rand is for marriage, gay included? The shootings exists because of pharmaceutical drug abuse, not faith, jackass… Maybe we shouldn’t borrow money from China to give to other nations in the first place… You are inviting discrimination based on religion. That is why you can’t pick Christians. What about Jews? What about non-religious people. Do their views count, in so far as not using their taxpayer dollars to fund what they disagree with. Like the wars you fund? Based off of pretext such as ISIS! Keep turning over corrupt politicians… doesn’t change the system. Just the names on the dais. Did you STAND against the TPP? I didn’t see you filibuster? You are running to take power away from the people, and give it to Corporations… and bureaucracies. That is anti-Democratic. You can be a minority if you need medicinal marijuana to function… Jackass!…/kansas-woman-faces-30-year…/…/18-coats-v-dish-network-right-on… Since when do the police need a warrant to search you.…/

Cut spending, (but keep the biggest welfare queen, the military) in order to do so, cut domestic spending to the bone. Wealth transfer, and welfare for the rich. Pay entitlements, pay military, and then nothing is left for anything… This is a scorched earth policy… They WILL privatize Social Security, they NEED revenue! They will take it BACK! from you… He doesn’t bother to define who is a terrorist, so they will continue to collect from everybody…


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