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The Honest Political Ad

June 25, 2015

Nobody will do a damn thing until it’s too late… so let’s vote for the bastards who will bring collapse that much sooner… Clinton-Paul 2016, united to screw you over… Bipartisanship at last! Let the Corporations have it all, privileges and rights, and the people “have at it” with each other, in daily, visceral battles to survive, while the powers that be, are hold up with their assets and private security. If you want to be safe, let them take you to where safety is guaranteed, in your holding cell. Life will be so much easier, when all choice is made for you. And you will find strength in being a part of something greater than your pitiful selves. Unity through Faith, Strength through Unity, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance Is Strength. Let your mind to be disciplined to accept what is best for you, and the rest of you… Submit, Obey, Die=Freedom… And remember “Hell is only a word… reality is MUCH, much, worse…” There is only obligation, and your purpose is to serve those with means, so that your existence is justified, for as long as you obey. Your worth is your obedience. And your will to work. That is your testament and legacy. Disobedience will result in punishment. Disloyalty shall result in imprisonment. Where you will be made to work your debt to society. The chosen of that society. And you shall await your reward, a good, obedient life, resulting the gift of an orderly death, awaiting paradise if you are worthy, and greater hell if you are not. We shall work you to death, so that you will be free that much sooner… in death. And an example of the best of what your kind have to offer, the creators, the makers, those who run society, without which, nothing would exist at all. Glory be to our God, the almighty dollar. Let those who are not worthy die. For their existence threatens those who keep humanity possible. Wasting assets and resources on those who aren’t worthy to even exist, and inconvience the chosen people… of humanity. The human. The eternal. The Superman. Achieved solely through our will to obey, and to be useful for the productive superclass of society. Through their service and your slavery, eternity is attainable. For the truly best of man. And not the rest of man. Justice as it should be. For the few, not the many. For society cannot function if the weak inherit the Earth. That is the exclusive right of the Superman. Man’s time has come and gone. This is the time for the super man. We are the (self) chosen ones… and you exist to make our lives and our works possible, and then go away so that you do not take that which was never yours, and demand rights that are eternally ours. Serve us willingly or face the consequences that your willful disobedience brought upon you. We cannot tolerate disobedience, there is no place for that in our society. Choose. Your existence is in your hands. Be useful to our ends or fend for yourselves… At least we are willing to help you so long as you help us. What else are you gonna do. Live for yourselves, as we do. You have not earned that right, and you never had it. It is a birthright. Born through privledge. And obedience for those outside it. You have free will. Choose. Obey or die. It’s the “New Freedom” and “Liberty” the death of the individual to serve the state. Make your choice, we don’t have time to wait for you. If you do not choose, we shall choose for you. It’s what is best for you. Would you rather be left to the mob. Surely our tyranny is more preferable to that of the mob. Submit… Obey…. Die…. You don’t want to be a bad witness and example for your God now, do you… Embrace your role. There is nothing else left for you to do. At least you will be valued for a time. Most of you are never worthy of even that. Look at the opportunity we are giving you. You would be a fool to throw it away and condemn yourselves. Choose. Paul-Clinton 2016!


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