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Don’t Be Dragged Back In

June 21, 2015

The problem I have with Libertarians is that they tell you that government is evil, but celebrate the mechanism that the government uses to stay in power, law and the market. You know that joke where a guy says the government is outta control so we need to replace it with… more government! The monetaryist are the same thing. Replace Commercial Law with Common Law. The fascist, socialist free market with competition and co-ops. And above all else the ability to opt out of anything you choose. Military, government, legal system, etc… and you are much closer to freedom than just exchanging one set of chains for the other… and at best, a benevolent master that caters to you, at the expense of everyone else’s liberty. What we have now is a psychopathic master who caters to the rich, at the expense of everyone and everything. We have larger welfare for the rich than we do the poor, and want to solve that problem by eliminating obligation to the poor altogether. Which creates disorder that invites a totalitarian police state. Which is nothing more than a rebirth of the caste system. The only upward mobility comes from obedience. And those privileges can be revoked at any time at the first sign of disloyalty. That is not freedom or liberty. That IS tyranny. Concentrating wealth from the people, to the privileged… where it just sits there. Unless it is used to secure more resources to create more wealth. Which is privatized. While the human and environmental costs are socialized. You get the pollution. The scarcity. The obligation. The taxes. The regulations. The interference. They get exemptions and immunities. So long as they give a portion of that capital to the government, and their agents, so that the government can insulate itself from the world the rest of us have to live in. This is not civil government. This is a monolithic global superstate. Fueled by fraud based color of law, market schemes, and covered up by bribed law and policy makers, with the media keeping the people convinced that without those with the most, those with the least and everybody else would have nothing and be out to kill each other. The funny part is, that is how it is already. Except in addition to competing against your neighbor, you have to compete against the state, and their brothers in the corporatist, fascists “free market” of capital, where everything is to be exploited or hoarded for a price, even that is fake. But nature always has a way of evening out in the end. As the system collapses, the privileges of the few evaporate into the opportunities for the many. We just have to survive the downfall, and be ready when the time comes to remake the system into something based in truth, what is real, what does exist and for the benefit of those in existence. Until that day, we just do what we have to, in order to survive, one day at a time. Those who uphold, defend, want to be a part of, or make alibi’s and excuses for, those of this system, are not the solution to our problem, they ARE a part of it. “You cannot solve problems with the same thinking that created them.” As they go down with the system, we will rise to fix it. Man has existed in spite of man for over 2000 years, hierarchies have come and gone. Orders have been imposed and collapsed. Time and nature wins out in the end. You just have to endure…

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