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Black America… Better Off Or Worse?

June 21, 2015

African Americans have had the most dependence on government since 1964 with the passing of the Civil Rights Act. How have things turned out since then…

If government has failed African Americans, despite their continued support of government, voting in particular

What have they gotten in return. Better or worse off…

If this is the case for a people who have been made dependent on the government in every aspect of their way of life, health care, education, starting and running a business, with the added corporate influenced cultural engineering that has had a detrimental effect on the next generation and the current generation of African American males in particular…

How can the solution be to get involved deeper and “vote harder…”

(This attitude is also seen in the voting population of different races as well, but for these purposes I focus specifically on the African American community)

They already are dependent, they already are defined by corporate influences with pop music, films and advertising… and what has been the result? Better or worse…

Has government pulled them up, or kept them at bay….

You tell me…

If anything can testify to the folly of blind obedience and dependence on the US government for anybody to make it, and stay better off, it is what has happened to the Black Community.


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