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Madness Of The Orthodoxy

June 19, 2015

You should be allowed to do anything you like, so long as you don’t kill, injure, rob, rape, or steal from anyone… I try to understand people I’m told to despise. Not always are they that wrong, but they do have a fatal flaw or two… The system however is completely flawed, does immeasurable harm and counts on it’s victims to victimize further, to keep those responsible from ever being held accountable. That is evil. That is condoned. You can’t deal with mentally ill people, you just step aside and let them destroy themselves, so that you may survive. Our ethics and values have been distorted to see nihilism and subjectivism and relativism be the orthodoxy of the day. This unified purpose is to marginalize the victims to preserve the masses of the guilty. Orthodoxy, hierarchy, principles, convictions, ideologies, all exist to preserve the existing social and political order that oppresses the common man, and the world. As long as we choose the values of the monsters. We will go willingly into the pit of oblivion. Our enemies are not in some far off land… they are in our own minds, and the behaviors that exist to serve the aims of the oppressors over the oppressed. There is no courage among the downtrodden, they are too weak, too cowardly, too obsessed with the comfort of their illusions and the alibi’s that the masters provide to justify their existence, their privilege, just because the people are willfully ignorant and seduced by the absolution of propaganda to take accountability for themselves, their actions and through that, their fellow man. If opportunity is unleashed, obligation is eliminated. If we decimate opportunity we force ourselves to be obligated to each other to preserve order. A system of servitude, leaves us all slaves. We should be encouraging the genius of the individual, and allow for the creation of tools and methods that improve the quality of life and extend it. Instead we privatize ideals and create hierarchies to prevent such from existing. And create monopolies which exist to limit opportunity and turn it into subservience to a product, a corporation, a government, a hierarchy, that exist at our expense to serve it’s own ends. Securing their right to our means. In perpetuity. They will call it anything but what it is. Slavery. A system of dependence instead of independence. And give it a name, and call it “freedom” and kill to see it imposed on the peoples of the world. Without reason, without their consent. And then call that “morality.” When it is nothing more than evil. They will invent pretext or excuses be it the religion of the market, or religion itself. But it is nothing more than tyranny. Unrestricted and indoctrinated among everyone, and to include every thing. People pledge allegiance to the Constitution. but will not lift a finger to protect freedom of the individual. And the strength of the whole that comes from competition. And to strive for innovation. Instead we have a system that relies on anti-competition, anti-innovation, collusion, and manipulation, and that if one is successful enough, they are accountable to no one, and their victims are liable for paying the human and financial costs of their sins. Madness… But then there is the market to call it moral, advertising to call it just, and the legal system to absolve it of accountability, so long as the politicians make sure that the arc of justice, never comes back to hold them accountable. This is America, this is immoral. This is emblematic of a system in decline. The sooner the better. Yes, people will suffer, that is unavoidable. but the sooner it collapses, the sooner men of reason can emerge to make society just again, in harmony with natural law, and valuing every person, and the rights of every person. Not one excluded. The most just and moral thing this existing social and political order can do, is end The sooner the better. Then, the world can know peace.

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