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The Purge & Caste System

June 14, 2015

The interesting thing when you watch something like “the Purge” or “the Purge: Anarchy” is how much they try to make it seem disturbing, while for some people, it really isn’t.

The idea of taking one day, 12 hours of the night and shutting down the state, and letting people rob, kill, or do whatever they like is very appealing to most instinctually. The funny part is, it is almost moral.

If the rich want to kill the rich, who cares? If the middle class wants to compete against themselves and take out their competition, isn’t that Capitalism and economics by other means?

If the poor die.. what changed? The poor always die, usually on behalf of the rich to keep the middle class as serfs and economic and ideological slaves.

You think we in today’s society are that much different than the open “Purgers”?

We let the rich send the poor off to die, killing the poor of other nations for privatized profit and gain.

The middle class, backs the rich, because A: they have to, to keep their jobs and secure their temporary state of equilibrium.

And B: They want to be rich one day, and have the status and exemptions and privileges that the rich, have.

So what you really have is a system united against the poor of the nation and of the world.

Only here in America, we have government force the people to fund the mechanism of their own demise.

And then we call it “the People” and say this diabolical, evil system of exploitation, intimidation and sanctioned murder is “justice.”

And that state sponsored murder against anyone opposed to such a system is “keeping America safe from terrorists…”

Who is the real terrorist here?

The not so subtle commentary is taken further in “the Purge: Anarchy” when we see that the rich can pay for “martyrs” from the poor, to have somebody they can kill in the privacy of their own home, and be safe… this principle is justified with each Purger repeating “this is my right, from my government…” Well shit, isn’t that what our military does to citizens in countries overseas that they want to overthrow leadership in those nations, that do not do what the Anglo American Establishment wants them to do, and to their own people?

Hell the Tea Party thinks Muslims should die, so that they get cheap gas prices… Just ask them about the War(s) and what they think of our troops overseas…

It is later revealed in the second film in the series that the Purges were contrived as a way to ethnically cleanse the poor and take their property for development of the elite, and for the greater good of society..

Isn’t that what government already does here in America through eminent domain?

The state taking your property and eliminating your rights, even to live, so that the state can make a buck, and say it’s for “the people.” Just not the people who are targeted for death.

We later learn that mercenaries are sent into the targeted areas, to kill everyone… in the designated area, because “the Purgers weren’t killing enough of the right people…”

What if the LAPD was the mercenaries? What if they were Blackwater? Or foreign troops? What if I told you since the 1990’s foreign troops have been training with US troops in America, in house to house searches, seizures, and indefinite detention.  Are you seeing the big picture, yet?

Ironically the state government that was instituted after a financial collapse, (orchestrated by the rich themselves of course) the “Founding Fathers of America” are the one’s who call for this as a solution to inequality and crime. So what is the result? The rich and the middle class and the poor spend what money they have on elaborate self defense and arms products. Creating a windfall for the rich and the death industry.

The rich pay to have the right to kill people and hunt them in elaborate settings, with tools to protect them against the unarmed victims.

The government celebrates it’s creation, proclaiming that violence is non-existent, crime is almost gone, and the Purge brought the country together in peace and unity.

Change the victims from American to foreign and you have American Foreign Policy.

Change the victims to American, and you have the class warfare that justifies the police targeting the poor and the working class, while serving the aims and agendas of the rich, and looking the other way when they commit mass murder, mass fraud and theft, and collusion that results in profits, through defective products or practices that kill their consumers.

And this is legitimate and called “the invisible hand of the free market” where everybody is free to do business and use unfair labor practices, fraud, espionage, theft, blackmail, slander, even in some cases, murder, to keep their profits, their natural right as people to such profits since a corporation is a person, profit and accumulation of money is the altar to their God of the super and superior human… The natural right to use whatever means necessary to create and accumulate wealth as it’s own end. And use that as a way to insulate themselves from society, and the suffering of the people and the world around them.

The only goal being reinforced is that the only rights you have, are those you can defend, and only those with unlimited means, have the means to have their rights protected, and enforced, no matter what. So we better be useful and comply, for our good, and the good of the nation.

Is that, that much different than America today? How much farther do we have to go, to bring that day here in America? Fully realized? Simple, just bring the troops home from overseas, and pay them to protect the protected class (the bureaucrats and the media, and the theocratic teachers, and persons of useful influence to control the masses) FROM everybody else. The poor, the middle class, the immigrants, the idealists, the religious, everybody else who is unlike them, that they hate, resent having ANY obligation to, and simply does not think is necessary or worth investing capital or their property in, to keep intact.

They hate you, they resent you. And orchestrate the system to keep you beneath them, yet it is you who defends this system, the agents of this system, and the people who create and administer this system to keep you in a position of servitude, and then use that as justification that you should no longer exist, since you are a burden to those who by virtue of their position and wealth, have no right to be burdened, ever… Least of all from the likes of unproductive and willfully disobedient, YOU…

We are raised with the notion that we have to earn our right to everything, even to exist. And resent those who cannot make it in this rigged system. That serves to invest unlimited resources into talented people who are deemed useful to society, and then teach those people, to hate, resent and see everybody else as beneath them. Unworthy of anything. Even the right to exist. While these useful people are only exempt for as long as they are useful, and then are thrown into the pile with the rest of the undesirables, when they have been used up for their designated purpose. Forsaking independence for dependence and obedience, and the defenslessness that comes when they are “Purged” from their exemptions from the  Superclass.

You see, even the servant class, in the upper middle class, are slaves and expendable to this system. But they have convinced themselves that they are among the chosen ones. Why should they think otherwise, for so long as they are useful. But when the time comes, (remember most upper class are born into it, rarely does one achieve that status from nothing..) and they have outlived their usefulness and can no longer produce what is required to have the privilege to be exploited so that they may have privileges and exemptions from the fate and the hardship of those beneath them, those people are unleashed back into the mass of humanity, are VERY ANGRY and since they can’t access the people who put them into that predicament, they go after… the poor… (This is reflected in the films quite well…)

Gee, thanks, God Bless America for that one…

Did you ever think the reason we bomb, invade and try to destroy other nations is because they are MORE civilized than us?

Think about it.

When somebody brings up alternatives to money, to the myth of property and that rights exist only for those who own property, or create wealth, even if nothing is in fact, created… in the living world…

When somebody brings up alternatives to the current state and corrupt practices of government.

When somebody calls out the elite, and the administers of superstitions and pseudo religions like Economics, or Eugenics and the “survival of the fittest,” junk pseudo sciences…

When somebody points out the benefits of collaboration over competition, and sustainable ecology, that preserves what sustains life, instead of advocates competition of those with means, among each other, at the expense of everyone else. Stifling innovation, and the prospect for new products and services that can benefit much more people and much less costs…

That person is targeted and taken down, with the help of the media, and the theocrats and mind molders, the officials of society. The corporation, the media, the clergy, and all the way down to the smallest and most insignificant individual.

Enslaved by ideologies and bound by illusions created by the masters to keep the slaves obedient, and keep them vigilant against anyone who challenges the system and threatens the temporary benevolence of the masters to the people, from where the temporary privileges come from, the people ironically cry out for a savior or new ideology to liberate them from the current one, or the old one. That came from the last set of self appointed masters and students of their imposed hierarchy.

In that unreality it makes sense to think that Purging people against people, and allowing the masters to get their cup filled with the blood of the innocents from time to time, seems like a reasonable solution to the orchestrated madness of our times.

But that is not justice.

Justice is when opportunity is extended to any individual, not one excluded. To be able to engage in acts of mutual consent, absent force, fraud or violence, or theft.

To create and implement a caste system, and encourage the lowest ranks to compete for resources, in order to survive… Or to compete against each other TO survive, one night, a year…. with no protection from anyone, or anything… is a very thin line, do you see…

Many people, all they want is permission from someone, be it the state, agents of the state, or some other being, to allow them to do what they want, take what they want, kill who they want… with impunity.

In other words, they would give up anything not for the money that the privileged have, but the privileges they have that come from their accumulation of money…

That accountability, and primal satisfaction of imposing their will on another by any and all means. That is what most desire most of all. They cloud it in religion, in title, in class, in all of these artificial institutions in order to civilize it.

But in the end, all they want is absolute power, and no accountability…

They want permission from the state, to act as the state acts, against anyone and anything that gets in their way, or has what they want.

People watch these films and are offended and scared of the repercussions of such actions, but really what they want and what they are afraid of, is what they will do, to anyone, if only given the right incentive and permission to do anything, from the state.

If you are afraid of that… I ask you… How is that any different than what we have today…

We already have a caste system in this country, we are outsourcing jobs, and in-sourcing poverty. We do not have trained, skilled people here, so we  import them from another country, in order to exploit them. And then for the rest we exploit them for as long as they are useful, and then they are cast aside. And left to compete against the underclass, and the superclass, with no resources. And when they break the law, we tell ourselves that they deserve to be punished. For their noncompliance, which is a consequence of their misfortune. And this supposedly had roots and began, at birth.

From birth, they are already worthless. Incapable of creating value for humanity, and a burden to those with means, who create jobs, create wealth and secure it, for the better of the nation and the greater good.

This is not civilization. This is a cult.

A just society is a meritocracy. But instead what we have is an oligarchy that appoints agents and trustees of the universal caste system. Stealing wealth, means, and opportunity from the underclass, and securing the best and the most for the superclass.

This is Democracy, this is the agenda for the world. Nothing less than the universal extension and implementation of slavery, with the slaves competing for privilege, and the masters getting the benefit, then sending those they used up, back into the slave class, to fight out their existence among themselves. Since they can no longer justify their existence to the masters, in the name of the nation, and the profit of the greater good.

This is insanity. But this is what we have.

We can accept our role, embrace our time for it and we to end, and not at a time of our choosing, or we can rebel, reform, and create new systems and order to provide for each other, to survive, while the superclass implodes, cannibalizes and destroys itself from within.

You can’t afford to sit on the sidelines anymore.

We have to get to work, if we want to live…

Forget politics, forget Constitution, forget ideology, forget hating “the other,” forget everything you have been taught about what is important, what matters, and what sustains order…

The order they want, is you to remain docile, impotent, civil, dependent, obedient, SCARED, and merciless against anyone who would act or think differently.

Be different, do different, find those like you, and DO SOMETHING!!! One step at a time, to create a system so that those like you, who do not want to go down with this system, don’t have to. And that humanity has a chance at not just survival but upward mobility and the means to meet the needs of every man, not one excluded, to life, liberty, and the necessities that sustain life.

That way, in working to help others, you help yourself.

Not in working to help yourself, you create less opportunity and means for yourself and others to fight to the death, in order to compete for to justify your and their existence.

That is mid-evil, that is madness, that is the current state of America.

Do we have the courage to change?

Or do we have the obedience to accept our role, and take vengance on each other, to keep those who profited, expolited and sacrificed us, intact.

They have created a number of sciences to get us to kill ourselves… and an abundant amount of tools to help us to the task.

They are a cult of death and destruction.

Let’s try the alternative.

And make life worth living for all of us.

But first we must isolate the affected and keep them from destroying men of conscience.

Through non-compliance, and alternative cooperation to provide basic necessities, we empower ourselves, and isolate the masters and  their slaves from affecting or destroying us.

It’s time to work on alternatives…

to money, to the state, to propaganda and advertising as education and as medicine.

And definitely to anyone who tells us to obey the state, that lives off of and aims to destroy us, in the name of their God, whether his name is Jesus or Lucifer.

If they have a belief in their right to self preservation, the only way to counter that, is for us to act on ours.

There are more of us, than there are in them. We have more resources among us, collectively, than they can ever have at their disposal. All we have to do is collaborate out of self interest, in order to survive. Not compete in order to survive at another’s expense, at force them to use force to counter that, in order for us to have anything at all.

That is the ethic of destruction, not survival.

If we intend to survive, we have to get serious.

Get to work.

And find new ways to do old things, that those who do them for us, have no intention of doing ever again, so they can be exempt, while we are sacrificed.

This is the only issue that is truly life and death for every one of us. And the longer we wait, the more we secure our fate, and that of each other.

We are running out of time…

We have to act…

You want to stop the  Purges, you have to take on the Caste system… and liberate yourselves and each other.

No longer consent to this madness.

Create systems to meet the necessities of yourself and your neighbor, and that is all that will ever be necessary to maintain peace and security. From anyone.

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