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Reckless Ambition, Little Else…

June 12, 2015

Same shit, different asshole…

Speeches in wartime on aircraft carriers to act as political commercials for candidate fundraising. Can you imagine Nixon, LBJ, or JFK giving a political speech on an aircraft carrier at a time of multiple theater wars, to raise money for their campaigns? Is he trying to make people more cynical and apathetic?

For somebody that hates McCain, he sure seems to agree with his foreign policy…

What the “Ron Paul Revolution” brought to Nevada… Jesus Christ!

A libertarian, scapegoating liberals, to defend a conservative…

“Bribe me, so I won’t take the other guys bribe!”

I hate to agree with Gerson of all people…

Succeeding (financially) every-time he is “defeated”

Would MLK have settled for just cutting corporate tax rates…?!! This is insulting.

There goes the pro-life GOP vote…

“I’ve seen this shit before…”

He even does half-measures against people he is trying in vain to recruit.


Um Rand, while you are obsessed with the subject of fighting terrorism.. what are you gonna do/say about THIS!

Libertarians and property rights… ^

America’s shitty record on how they protect troops during and after the war(s). Remember this when Rand pushes the next war(s)…

“Capitalism, free market economics…”

Does this mean we have to give Rand Paul more money to finish the job… Isn’t that extortion?

Rand, you want to punish Manning… but absolve the guy on the left?

No corporation left behind…

Your leaders are paranoid, you may want to remove them, before they start WW III with Russia and China, in addition to the one they have been waging against the entire Muslim world… Your call… Rand backs this agenda. And wants to take on Putin… Insane people with insane objectives…


He didn’t fight for his own delegates, you think he’s gonna take on his Neo Con son? Ron loves to lecture, but always backs down… It gets old, man, old man…

He won’t stand up to his son, but will call us “wimps…”


Ayn Rand Paul approves…

” I will also cut spending. Some so-called conservatives recently voted to borrow $190 billion to fund more defense spending. This proposal is exactly why Republicans and Democrats have created an $18 trillion debt. When I showed these “conservatives” that you could increase defense spending and offset it with cuts to domestic spending, virtually none of them had the courage to vote for the spending cuts. These so-called conservatives are part of the problem.”

No man of principle resorts to polls to defend their positions… Who does he think he is… Bill Clinton. No more triangulation BS!


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