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Change Is Nothing But A Slogan Now…

June 6, 2015

We do not have heroes anymore… We have instead self appointed, attention craving, money/status addicted, whores for THE system. The system of finance, of theft, of seizure and finally of state sponsored murder.

Why is it important that MLK and Malcolm X were assassinated as they became more “radical” by proposing “peace” and brotherhood with all man.

It is important because as we look at the movements of today, and the people presented unto us, to lead those movements, we can see that they are a shadow of what they were years ago. And the men selected to lead us. only lead us astray, into division and rule by dogma, the private property that is patented to control the mind and will of man.

King and Malcolm came to the point where they realized that the best intentions and notions of an honorable government, that was polluted by corrupt and hateful people, was a fallacy. The government was using force and violence, to maintain it’s interests and monopoly on force and violence.

Religion and peace be damned. Non violent resistance and peaceful coexistence made you an “Enemy of the State.” And worthy to be surveiled, harassed, and have your children, your family and your friends harassed to the point of complete isolation, where then the agents of the state would call on you to kill yourself, or if you still had any strength within you, like Malcolm or MLK, they would step up and do the job themselves.


What is the threat to the state from common brotherhood of all man?

Because if that ever were to take hold, government would be irrelevant.

Much like when the state reacts to the emergence of “V” in “V for Vendetta” the state rails to ramp up the fear agenda, the massive collective paranoia in order to “remind everybody why… they… NEED.. us!”

What does this benefit? The state and their agents and sponsors.

The corporations, the “crisis capitalists,” the public “cause into a business” and the private “for-profit” public advocacy groups. Which also need people to fear whatever, in order to scare enough resources out of them to stay in business, and have the necessary exemptions from government to secure their wealth. This is true of the tax exempt churches as well. Hoarding money as long as they dare not to witness or speak out and practice the tenets of their faith, or mobilize politically.

If King were alive today, his sermons would cause his church to be taxed by the state.

What is the threat from a interracial alliance, to tackle poverty and the shortcomings of the state, the church and the “cause into a business” for profit corporations…?


A shared interest within the people to collaborate against the powerful and enforce their will non violently through simple non-compliance.

What if race was erased as a barrier?

What if religion sowed seeds of harmony between the races, the sexes, and the classes?

What if poverty based on artificial scarcity was put on trial in the public arena?

What if Thomas Paine’s idea and belief that the profits created by man, from the land, belong to everyone. And are not the exclusive property of a self selected group of people or wealthy family, or collection of families?

What if capital was democratized?

What if property was utilized to meet the needs of the people, instead of the needs of the aristocracy?

What if the people felt no compulsion to involve themselves in the disputes of other nations?

What if instead of funding dictators, we reserve the right to declare war on, or assassinate when they do not do our bidding, we fund and lift up the poor, and secure the middle class. And eliminate the permanent underclass, that are victimized from the existing social and political order?

What if we finally realized that the Founders “right for the people to petition” meant that the people have a right to express themselves, but that was it? And the power structure from its inception existed to serve itself, at the expense of the people?

What if voting is designed to create implied consent, and intimidation of those who would participate to improve society, by getting the downtrodden and the underclass to see those people of conscience as a threat to the scraps of this system, and a threat to their very existence?

What if instead of seeing a reformer as an adversary, the people saw them as an ally?

What if they questioned the slogans, the marketing strategies designed to steal what wealth the people DO have, and questioned the motives not of people who voluntarily take on the existing social and political order, but the existing social and political order itself?

What is more likely to prevent the next crusade for the next war, or the next financial collapse, or the next fraud based sector implosion of the economy, to benefit those with the most at the expense of those with the least?

Civil obedience… or Civil Disobedience?

Why would the reaction to the people attempting to participate in the system be violence?

Wether it is police kicking protesters out of the public, or delegates out of the convention hall at candidate selection time, or voters out of the voting booth at election time,  never is  there a peaceful, proactive, and inclusive means for people to coexist with the state.

Only by force, fraud, threat and intimidation.

And the response by the government to us, as a result of this, is criminalizing everything that relates to how to access, spend, create, and invest capital.

Capital exists only for the capitalists.

We are all slaves to one master, the monolithic, omminpotent, neo-feudaist, fascist state of rights for property and not people. And a duty to create capital, by eliminating opportunity.

How can there be opportunity and upward mobility in a capitalists caste system…

We can defend the theory all we like, but the manifestation of that theory and the general destructive effect of it, we can show time and time, again.

If a theory is not applicable, in the real world, and does nothing to prevent the harm it pretends to exist to eliminate… what is the relative value of it?

If the message of Ron Paul can be perverted into a call for “unrestrained war in the name of peace…,” democracy and rights for capital and capitalist to create profits that are privatized, while the people have to make up the shortfall with austerity, and therefore eliminate any vestige of the implied “social contract” that is the supposed justification of the transfer of rights from the people, to the government…

What good will a Rand Paul do?

Or a Hillary Clinton, or anybody else for that matter?

If the purpose is not to help the common man, why should the common man be made liable for the sins of the agents of the state, and their clients in their monopoly?

What is the point of complying with what the state ask and demands of us?

To trade slavery by incarceration for the economic slavery and eliminated opportunity to achieve upward mobility?

Should we sit back, and allow the capitalists, and the speculators, and the collaborators of global free market capitalism, and crony capitalism, and for profit “pubic/private interests” to control our way of life, and our health, and welfare, just because they designed and impose a system to benefit ONLY themselves at the expense of the people or “human resources,” let alone the natural resources of the planet, which the inevitable scarcity that comes from this system, is then used as the impetus and pretext for regional conflict?

Can we see where this is going?

To a near future where alliances like NATO force us into regional, resource based conflicts, where one set of nations declares “unlimited and total commitment” to fight the threat of “radical extremism” both at home and abroad… against any nation or group of nations that refuses to participate in their own annihilation?

How many nation states must be brought into global capitalism? Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and now Cuba, is being pressured to fall in line with the aims of global capitalism.

We have Iran in the cross-hairs, have beefed up “AFRICOM” to target Sudan after destroying independent Libya, and are working diligently to bring Cuba into the global banking cartel.

One only has to look at activities of the International Monetary Fund to see that “gangster capitalism” led by “economic hit men” like John Perkins, is the tool that will be used to destroy the last vestige of financial independence from the global banking cartel, and that no asset of any nation be left behind, to be exploited for the wealth class, at the expense of the permanent underclass… And you will be expected to work to pay off their debts, which are now YOUR debts, in perpetuity, FOREVER.

Orwell warned us in his work “1984” that “If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.”

Now we see the men who are compromising, backtracking, contradicting, convoluting, and conspiring with the existing social and political order and their agents of the state, in order to be worthy of the ultimate privilege allowed… to serve the interests of the existing social and political order, and THE monolithic state, forever…

They use words to justify their actions, demonize their rivals, and excuse the transfer of obligations and all blame, not to the guilty, but unto the victims of their “faith based belief system.”

This has nothing to do with faith, to be sure.

Just the belief that they, the self appointed Master of the Universe, be exalted above all man, and absolved of their sins and their crimes, and that the role of the people is to compete to pay for the sins of the masters, and help them destroy anyone who would threaten their existing social and political order, and their welfare.

While the people are left to fend for themselves, among themselves…

With… nothing…

Until one day the last resource has been culled, and there is no more profit to be gained, and all of that profit won’t be able to buy one second, of one minute of one day, of peace, prosperity, or that which truly sustains life. Air, water, and the peace that comes from abundance instead of necessity.

Until we align our  values in accordance with people who display actual humane values, and value all life and that which sustains it… We are slowly complying and marching to the road to oblivion…

In the face of this, some people have decided for themselves that to be elevated and exempt from this fate, in the name of preventing it, is virtue. In fact, THE virtue.

And that every one, and every thing aside from that and themselves is expendable.

Who is really sane here?

Who is really guilty?

The people…

Or the masters…

And knowing that, why would you dare to choose another?

That is a question only you can answer…

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