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A Clear And Present… Danger…

June 6, 2015

Rand has boxed himself into a corner. He ran on scaling back military intervention and presence overseas in the name of national defense, and to balance the budget, only to now see that intervention is warranted on a massive scale in the resource rich middle east region.

Now he must seem concerned about the spread and the “terror” of ISIS. But this leads to an ignorance of how we got here:

And why we stayed here:

Instead of identifying the root cause of the problem that is fostering instability that empowers the violent, and the competing interests of the region to keep it violent.. and the immense profits that come from artificial scarcity and protection from any way that use of such resources is divested into needs of the inhabitants of that region…

Rand does this:

He had it right the first time, why change your tune so quick, in a matter of days, in fact, while insisting to enforce the logical fallacy that he had/has NOT…

Now, in  the name of expediency, he has to warm up to the reactionary element in his party, which just so happen to be the people he has been running by criticizing them, and rightly so for getting us into this mess in the first place.

In the face of the fact based evidence that has McCain and rival for the GOP nomination, Lindsey Graham, or “McCain’s fellow reactionary/underling who parrots whatever comes out of John’s mouth or brain”… flat GUILTY of… well, THIS:

“Homegrown violent extremists are those who encourage, endorse, condone, justify, or support the commission of a violent criminal act to achieve political, ideological, religious, social, or economic goals by a citizen or long-term resident of a Western country who has rejected Western cultural values, beliefs, and norms.1 Homegrown violent extremists are a diverse group of individuals that can include U.S.-born citizens, naturalized citizens, green card holders or other long-term residents, foreign students, or illegal immigrants. Regardless of their citizenship status, these individuals intend to commit terrorist acts inside Western countries or against Western interests abroad.”

Instead of call out the real extremist and “Violent Radicalized Homegrown Domestic Terrorists Extremists” that the USA Patriot Act is written for… Rand backs down, and gives mea culpa after mea culpa, with the predictable outcome that voices of reason must be shouted down, and dismissed for speaking “out of hand” and impugning the motives and behavior of people like McCain and Graham who are “doing everything to keep America safe from…” (insert label of the week, here…

This inevitably leads to more of this:

And obscures the fact that even choosing the moderate path forward, only strengthens the hands of the extremists in the middle east AND here in the USA.

Rand’s “moderate” plan forward, only serves to exacerbate extremists on BOTH sides. In the middle east because the US government and Israel and her puppets in the region which are oppressing their own people with revenue and arms from the US and Israel and their allies in the west, are using the indignation of the suffering of civilians in the middle east in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan as a pretext for, and threat of, further expansion of the military campaign against the Muslim world, raiding of their natural resources to be gifted to western controlled sponsors, and backed by the United Nations and  even NATO… which was created to oppose the expansion Communist Russia in Cold War Europe.

Now NATO has been turned on it’s head to be the impetus to control Russia’s strategic interests in their former alliance nations of influence. This includes the Crimea, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and other resource rich areas that the nation-less, stateless, global market capitalists want to control, exploit for their own benefit, and restrict and sanction anyone who gets in their way of total, unrestricted wealth consolidation and resource control of allocation.

There is no damn good reason that Rand Paul should be taking up the flag against Putin.

Putin, like the USA, is just looking to shore up his long held regional alliances like the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

Founded before 911, to rival the hegemony of the Anglo American influenced United Nations.

Is this any different than the US working towards their own alliances for market synergy and resource dominance that was called for in the seminal Neo Con document “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”

No it isn’t.

So once again, the President of the United States of America, must put the needs of the people on the back-burner, permanently, so that theocrats and fat-cats can find their next pig to slaughter so that they can divide up the meat for themselves and leave the American people and the world to bury the bones, and pay the bill…


Ironically, now Rand has even devolved to wanting to get the US out of the UN entirely.

This is admirable if is done for the right reasons, but when looked at, in the face of comments against Putin and Russia, as well as his expanding of the war(s) into Syria and her neighbors… it seems more like a case where Paul wants the freedom to project force into any arena he sees as a rival to the US.

To pushback against the involuntary forces of globalization, nation states have the right to self determination and mutually beneficial strategic alliances… as long as they coincide with the US, Britain, and the Anglo American Established Order that has always existed.

This is not “peace and freedom” Rand is proposing and promising to enforce with absolute force… this is tyranny, pure and simple.

This is something his father would never do, or be a part of, or party to.

But this Rand MUST do, if he is going to be trusted to be the elites errand boy.

This is the break of Rand Paul, with Ron Paul, in Ron Paul’s name, that is the straw that broke the camel’s back, in many cases.

You simply cannot be against the same people that were against Ron Paul, and be for Rand Paul, when he adopts the positions of (them), advocates for (their aims),  or feels the need to backtrack and apologize for offending (them)…

This is why the backtracking and need to play by the rules that are always shifted and changed at a moments notice, to bar alternatives,the competing ideas to the virtually insane ones, and the insane objectives we have been following that got us here, is indeed dangerous. To the point that it disqualifies you from running to replace (in name only) the status quo.

If Rand can be forced to back down by the President on drone strikes, by the Neo Cons on war, and by the media, to realistic reforms or lending an ear to voices proposing alternatives we are all looking for, that are desperate to be heard, and be heard by the people, then what is he going to do when he gets in office?

Are we expected to believe that he will grow courage to do what he did not do, or “cannot do” now, THEN!

What about the last guy, the voters made the same Faustian bargain for…

THIS is the ISSUE!!!

“THE” issue…!!!

If we give Rand Paul rope to hang himself, and he does… what are we to expect when he gets the Ring of Power?

Who will be his allies?

Who will he owe?

Who will he have to pay back, for a 2nd term…?

Think about it.

Do you really think it will be… YOU!

That is what the Obama people thought.

And one day, they woke up, and they found a man more afraid of “the Men Behind the Curtain” that the American people, even the WORLD!

Do you REALLY think Rand Paul can stand up to that?

What makes him different?

Should he win, he will have the same enthusiastic backing that Obama did, supposedly.

BUT the media will be against him.

The government establishment will be against him and any action that cuts in or threatens their turf.

The Supreme Court (laugh!)

The market will expect as Rand has already promised yet another “pro growth” agenda, with “Economic Freedom Zones” and the implementation of more corporate friendly and drafted ALEC bills to benefit themselves at the expense of the people and counter to market principles.

The need for more growth will lead to lax regulation and prosecution from a Paul Administration on financial or corporate malfeasance… Health Care savings accounts and 401 k’s will be promoted to give “the people” a say in their retirement absent government, but the real effect will be freeing up capital for speculators, yet again. Creating the next bubble. And the lobbyist and the insurance industry will hound Paul for the Holy Grail, access to the pension and retirement funds, to be seized by the government in the name of keeping them solvent. Then used to generate profits for the speculators, while externalizing the costs of that speculation and the losses, back onto the taxpayer, to keep the “vital and necessary” insurance industry solvent.

Think about it.

Would a “President Paul” have the backing to let the insurance industry collapse?


He would be blamed for a historical downfall in a linchpin of Americana, and forever slander both “Libertarians & Constitutional Conservatives” with the label of incompetence or indifference to a basic, fundamental tenet of America itself.

Would a President Paul have within him, with all the criticism he is getting now, before he is even in office, for a draw down of American force projection abroad, in theory, the backbone to stand down, and use diplomacy or alternatives to force and direct, immediate intervention, during the next artificial crisis?

Clearly the UN, is out of the picture. So he has to take it on, himself. With no Democrats, some Libertarians, a few isolated Republicans, and NO global or regional allies… to back him up.

No country or region that is not in the cross-hairs, is going to back non-intervention. Only through intervention do they get to dictate terms, steal property/redraw lines, and divert or outright steal the resources of such countries for their own personal and financial stake or interests…

Peace, is NOT profitable!

Plunder… IS!

This is often the impetus for war, and of the “pro-growth” free market principles..” that Rand Paul subscribes to.

He wants to eliminate barriers for trade, and create new “emerging (Read US friendly) economies,” “free markets” with ever expanding “Economic Freedom Zones”

Which is nothing less than a bailout of the multinational, global, stateless corporation, AFTER they have given themselves permission to loot anything and everything of value from it… FIRST!

Well, I guess we know how Rand Paul intends to make that down payment on the next Presidential election, after his 1st term!

Is there anything in here for the American citizen, let alone the American worker… Hell NO!

Apparently if you are out of work, thanks to the need for “growth” or increased profits, Rand thinks you have no rights or recourse.

Instead Rand says pay the cost for Corporations to come to (exploit) your area (for a profit), to “create good paying (non-union) jobs, and they (and the jobs and prosperity) will come.”

Leaving out the fact that it was the call for increasing profit margins and the same “pro-growth” policies and lax regulations that led to the outsourcing that has killed labor, skilled high paying jobs, and, as a consequence… the American worker…

So to sum up, with a Rand Paul administration, we get:

Evisceration of unions.

Corporate welfare.

Cuts to outright elimination of welfare for the victims of this dystopia.

Permanent austerity to secure profits for corporations, and to keep government solvent, while the people get reductions or elimination in services from government that ARE paid for… permanently destroying any vestige of the percieved or impled “social contract” that Rand’s think tank Libertarians and Neo Con nightmares in the flesh, have been wanting to eliminate since they formed their first thought.

Scapegoating of those people who suffer from the imposition of  this policy of social stratification and structural violence, and exalting of those with the means and the unlimited rights, privileges, exemptions and immunites that come from that.

Capitulation to the Neo Cons…

More hegemony of resource rich regions… and picking fights with other nation states we are not yet in dispute with.

Pushing back on Russia, and their partners, as to constrict the growth of our economic rivals, who are competing for resources and guaranteed access to those resources, to continue “pro-growth” policies, economically and when necessarily, militarily to secure those gains.

Reaction and indignation when Rand resists the more extremists elements of both parties and the corporate media.

When he does stand up to the UN, he does so in a way that exacerbates the situation and makes him weaker, in relation to his enemies and those pushing their influence and competing agendas upon him.

Cowering to them and their aims, disappointing his supporters and victimizing them, to appeal to his permanent adversaries.

Blame for the next artificial collapse he will be blackmailed into supporting the next taxpayer funded bailout for.

Being too afraid to stand up to them, for his agenda, and the American people, if not the world, and the next nation(s) to feel the wrath of the US military, for not letting the US and her allies steal resources from them and compete on the global marketplace.

The looting of the United States for the benefit of the corporations and to the detriment of the American worker. The death of the “free market” for the interest sector economy, and fraud based speculative, bubble backed, stock market “Wild West” casino lottery game, where speculators get resources and unlimited financial instruments to create artificial wealth accumulation schemes, then back out, crash the government backed securities and hedges, and force the taxpayer to cover their losses, while they privatize the profits, and use a pittance of it, for a down payment on the next election for Paul and their co-conspirators, as the people are blamed for not having the necessary skills to obtain, let alone keep, gainful employment, and “lift themselves up by their own bootstraps.”

Yes, here the “takers” will yet again be vilified by a President Paul and his acolytes, for “victimizing the productive class” for they the “unproductive class.” And capital will once again exist by and for the capitalist, and at the expense of everyone else…

This is the promise of A Rand Paul Presidency and Administration…

Fraud, Austerity, Global Conflict, and possibly World War III with Russia, China, the Far East, and The Muslim world. Even with Israel, being a skeptical ally of convenience, always on their terms…

Where do I sign up?

(for the lifeboat…, or better yet… a pistol, because I sure as hell don’t want to be forced to have to live through this!)

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