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Do Not Look At That Man Behind The Curtain

June 5, 2015

“Oh, you had a filibuster, that’s nice…” (pat on head) Now, go off and play with your money….”

The vengeful hypocrisy of the “Aqua Buddha…”

When Rand Paul embraces the waffiling of John Kerry… Jesus, he is looking and sounding more and more like John McCain by the day… I want NO part of this…

Standing up to defeat the Washington machine, unless they are Republican, how “Libertarian” of him…”

So if we make you President government will tell the truth… Can you walk on water, TOO!

I supported Ron Paul over McCain, now I have to support McCain to support Rand Paul. WTF?

He “succeeds” with every “defeat” just like Obama, maybe he is Presidential after all… LOL!

But you had Jack Hunter and Austin Petersen kick out people who questioned 911 from your campaign… What changed Rand? This is just another BS ploy to get your name in the press to get money…

By not questioning Rand Paul…

Friends of convenience are not friends…

At least we get the right to “vote…”

Rand WON, YOU lost!

Rand Paul is obliterating the notion of the meaning of the word “Libertarian”

“The minute somebody tells you, you are free, WATCH OUT! Because in a truly free society, nobody has to tell you that you are free…” Jacque Fresco.

“Do you like my position… Okay I’ll change it…”

When privileges are called rights… It’s kinda like when Conservatives are called Libertarians…

What did “we” win… Everyday I look for my “Rand Paul” (liberty) prize… Nothing!

Never have so many, have thought they accomplished, so much, while accomplishing so little, while those celebrating, did, literally nothing, to result in even less….

Yes, a way to look busy, do NOTHING, and get you to give him your last dime… because of it. But don’t worry, after Obama voids this by executive order, we have to elect Rand to write an executive order, banning executive orders… (which means his EO would no longer be law, keeping this in place?) This is extortion. And another way to fail and lie to the people and call it progress… “It’s all BS and it’s bad for ya…”– George Carlin

Wow… kinda takes the sting out of the fact that the Patriot Act is still law… NOT! Let’s cheer our tyranny and a scrap from our masters! Yee-haw!

Know when to stand and when to sit, Rand, signed, your masters…

“Literally the ENTIRE SENATE and the establishment is standing against RAND PAUL. As I type this message, because he is killing off the UNCONSTITUTIONAL “PATRIOT” ACT tonight.

Yet, people in the “patriot” movement who supposedly support the U.S. Constitution are STILL talking shit about him.

Get your heads out of your asses people. Who’s fucking side are you on?”

Feel the “liberty” yet?!! — FWO.

Rand Paul, the next Barack Obama…

A; The Patriot Act is still legal B: He just lost the nomination of the GOP.…/dramatic-little-known-gop-rule…/ C: “Agency officials, including former Director Keith Alexander, have long said they had no problem with ending their collection of phone records, as long as they could continue to search the data held by the phone companies, which the legislation allows them to do.”…/us–congress-surveillance… D:…/This accomplished… nothing…–congress-surveillance-14fb51e072.html

“Agency officials, including former Director Keith Alexander, have long said they had no problem with ending their collection of phone records, as long as they could continue to search the data held by the phone companies, which the legislation allows them to do.”

I see people getting excited about the patriot act and certain aspects of NSA spying expiring without being renewed. But its important to realize that this is just on paper, and is purely ceremonial. I hope no one actually thinks that there are supervisors at the NSA walking around the building unplugging computers and throwing away phone records, or that the police will now be respecting everyone’s right to privacy. Am I the only one that doesn’t understand what people are celebrating?

One section of the Patriot Act is not repealing the entire Patriot Act.

His masters slap us both down…


When actors try to get their part down…

Rand Paul tried to STOP this…

“I don’t have a lot of sympathy…” That cuts both ways, Rand.

When does Rand get to waterboard, Ron?

Notice the difference between him, and FOX, and his father and FOX… Hmm…|+Susanne+Posel&utm_medium=FB

He’s gotta raise money, somehow…

“Snowden and Clapper should be in the same cell talking about liberty and security for a few years” Yes, punish the man who supports you and gave you the information you are using to obtain absolute power… You have to stand in awe of the unmitigated gall of Mr. Paul…

Comment of the day: “I used to be a Rand Paul supporter … until I got to see him in [in]action. As this article implies, Rand takes grand stands and tailors his rhetoric to try to pump his “activist” supporters for cash. But when it comes time to actually take action and challenge the status quo, Rand instead backs the status quo.

He did it in his endorsement of Mitch McConnell over conservative challenger Matt Bevin (who just won the gubernatorial primary, congrats!). He did it in voting against a conservative led investigation of a fraudulent application exempting Congressional lawmakers and their staff from Obamacare. Every time there’s an opportunity to take meaningful action against “the Washington machine” as Paul puts it, Rand instead moves in concert with Mitch McConnell.

Alas, Rand Paul is not his father. He is sadly something of a fraud and people are catching on.”

Blackmail is profitable,…

“I’ll do ANYTHING, just let me impose the will of government in your name, upon you!”


Why we won’t “just come home…” And why Rand has to turn into the hawk that he has become

How to become “Presidential…”

Rand’s “friend” Mitch…


Your rights matter, until they don’t… Keep voting… For more of the same…

Voting won’t stop this…

The basis for the war on terror is lies that came from torture…

Who is influencing, whom?

While you were “Standing With Rand” this passed… Do you see, NOW!

Now not only ISIS but RUSSIA is in Rand’s crosshairs!!!

It’s all a game folks…

Will “President Paul” stand up for you?

ISIS is a pretext for World War III

Why Rand can’t end the NSA

Will Rand “stand UP” to our Allies… who fund ISIS?

Failure is profitable

If you have principle, only for as long as it suits you, it isn’t principle. If you have conviction until you get heat for it, and change your mind accordingly… it’s NOT conviction. Stand up on your convictions and principles even if they are unpopular. What do you have against joining the likes of MLK, Gandhi, and even your own father, and out of anybody, why would you run to the arms and aims of John McCain, the “wacko-bird” GOP, and the liberal media, for penance and mercy, and a do over…

What are you afraid of losing… Your principle? Or the heights of your naked ambition??? You have to pick one. You can’t have both. Ask your father…


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