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When Ambition Trumps Principle….

May 30, 2015

You kicked out the grassroots for the establishment. And now they are “running home, to mama…”

You freely chose to be everything to everybody…. and now when you need somebody, anybody, you have… nobody…

It could have been different.

You could have been inclusive and welcomed people, what they had to offer, instead of extorting money from them at every turn.

You forgot who made you.

And you ran into the arms of the whores of Babylon.

But if you bothered to read your Bible, you would have known that the loyalty of whores is fickle.

Now, you are desperate to remain in the area. And keep yourself in the game.

Forgetting the fact, that what made your father different, was that he would never diminish himself to play the game.

You wanted to succeed your father, your ambition and sense of entitlement bursting…

Now that bubble has popped, and you don’t know what to do with yourself,

STOP blaming and scapegoating the media, Rand…

YOU did this to your damn self!


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