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Misdirection & Extortion

May 24, 2015

“Patriots” fought the Trans Texas Corridor, but were too busy watching Rand’s not quite filibuster, to stop Obamatrade… in which pubic debate was dismissed so Rand could “filibuster” one section of the Patriot Act, that Obama could override by executive order, where Rand then promises to override executive orders, BY executive order… (IF we elect him, that is) so he can “uphold the US Constitution” (by first violating the Kentucky state Constitution by running for Senate and US President at the same time…) Something is wrong here… None of that makes sense… at… all… At least McConnell and Rand Paul got to use this as an excuse to raise money for themselves, wait–NOW, it finally makes sense! Sounds like two counts of conspiracy to commit extortion to me..

“Anytime the media push a story, look for the story they aren’t talking about…”


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