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Defeat From The Jaws of Victory…

May 24, 2015

That moment when you realize Obama can reinstate Section 215 the domestic spying section of the Patriot Act by executive order… But Rand can save us if we elect him, by “using… executive orders… to stop executive orders…” Wait, what?!!–only–use-executive-orders-to-rescind-past-orders-if-elected-president-232859702.html

I  thought he was running to uphold and defend the US Constitution… (that is, when it suits him…)

“If Comer could upset better-funded Republicans and nominally favored Democrats to win the governor’s mansion, he would be in a place to repay Paul’s support. The senator and his team continue to look for a way to negotiate a Kentucky law that prevents a candidate from appearing on the same ballot twice.

The law has a lot of Republicans scratching their heads as Paul has made clear he plans to run for his Senate seat in 2016 in addition to a possible presidential run.

A Governor Comer would be well-positioned to either force a change in the law or help Paul find a reliable place-holder on the presidential ballot in the state, someone who could guarantee they would hand over whatever delegates Paul might win.”

I guess state constitutions aren’t worth the paper they are written on… They get in the way of men seeking absolute power… You know, the idea being that was what they were designed to prevent…
So in Rand Paul’s world, the Constitution matters when it supports him, and doesn’t exist when it doesn’t support him and his agenda…
He has “to destroy the State Constitution in order to save” or in his words, to defend the US Constitution…
So, what does he have against Obama…
He seems to have gotten what it means to be “Presidential” and to think he is  OUTSIDE the law!
So you tell me, what changes with a President Paul?
Not a damn thing…

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