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More Censorship…

May 23, 2015

Say something in opposition to Rand Paul, or better yet, post his own words, and his “followers” delete entire posts on Facebook. (I posted this: and this:

Now Ben Swann (you know the guy who covered Ron Paul,and left his job at a news station to have an “independent” read YOU fund him, website) is not immune from such self imposed censorship… And then they gave it a name and called it “Liberty”…. This is transparent and pathetic…. there is a LOT of money to be made by Rand and those who depend on him for business… Just another cause turned into a business, to get money from the weak to fund their oppressors…

No thanks, the Paul’s already made enough money from me… they aint getting any more… All I got back from trying to break the orthodoxy is ANOTHER orthodoxy… I learned my lesson.

We were supposed to learn from Obama that some things never “change…”

BINGO! “it wasn’t a real filibuster, because it actually took place during the time allotted to debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade bill”

No wonder McConnell let him do it! They get what they want, and he gets to raise money off of failure… to stop or accomplish anything that messes up their agenda… “Win-win”…

Just not for you. You still get tyranny, and get to pay Rand Paul for it..

Paul’s filibuster in name only, ate up the time to debate this publicly, and gave these guys cover to pass it… Way to go Rand!


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