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Austin ASS Hat Crawls Out From A Rock… To Attack!

May 15, 2015


Austin has been and always will be paid disinfo…. shill… Congratulations Larken, Austin makes a living attacking those beneath him… in his putrid hollow mind… You are not alone in this, and he exposes himself, with every person he attacks. And who specifically he does NOT attack… He is nothing but vanity and ego, the self professed “Freedom Ninja” and his scapel cutting the conscience out of the liberty movement, which has much blood on it. But there is none to be found inside of Austin, he is an empty vessel, a hollow shell, devoid of meaning who lives the slaughter any man or woman of conscience, and always for a price. He is a mercenary of the merciless, and the mindless. To be attacked by such an agent shows that you matter, what you say matters, and therefore are a threat to those who writes Austin’s checks. That shows you are honorable. Keep it up. You are doing it right. And kicking ass. Carry on…

Austin is nothing but a bully, no person who disagrees with him, no matter how evidence based their argument is, is above Austin’s vain attempts to drag them down unto his personal hell and dominion. Why does Austin attack here, and Larken, or anyone else, even some schmuck with a blog on FB? Because he NEEDS us/you/me to make himself seem relevant, like he has something to offer that is better than FREEDOM and individual liberty! No, personal freedom and liberty just aren’t good enough, we have to have Austin-land… where he alone dictates what we think and how we live according to him and his masters. Well I did NOT pick Austin’s masters to have dominion over me. He did. And I can STILL choose of my own free will to walk away… He shouts, you look over, then see him in his cage, and you walk away. Austin justifies his existence by shouting and calling out those with conscience to show that they are dangerous. And we are. We are dangerous to Austin and his masters. Why? Because we will never allow them to be our masters. And no shouting, insults or abuse from Austin and his ilk, will ever cause us to substitute OUR liberty, for their own. “Never!”


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