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Cause & The State

May 12, 2015

I’ve heard from family, telling me not to speak out, or share my views on anything publicly. I’ve gotten plenty of attacks from people for merely not agreeing with their programming and ideology. And always, my views or even the ability to have my own thoughts, has forced me to be subjected to pressure from people I don’t know, and people I do know, simply for asking questions… and (critical) thinking… If you want to understand the present, you have to examine the past. Especially that which makes you uncomfortable. It’s what we have become comfortable with, what we dare not question, that is destroying us as a people. How can we have any breakthrough, or any momentum behind a positive, pro-active rights movement, if we uphold the same chains that bind us to our present condition… Just like my religious friends who cannot answer me one question: “How can you follow the New Testament, while honoring and revering those of, and the practices of, the Old Testament…” I never can get an answer from those I know who are people of faith, or profess to be such. And again NO DEBATE, just silence OR accusation, name calling, and harassment. Now, you tell me, if that is evidence of a sound argument, or a weak one. Is this person demonstrating strength or weakness? A certainty of purpose, or an artificial identity masquerading as purpose? I hate injustice. I can have just as much insight from a MLK speech as I can from a speech from somebody I hate, or am supposed to hate. That is where progress comes from. Criticism, self criticism. NOT self righteous criticism. We have too much of the latter, and silence on things that matter. How can we improve, if the mere thought itself is heresy? The biggest prison for most, is their own mind. And you are the warden of yourselves. No social order or established social and political order can exist, unless you embody it, identify with it, and see as expendable, anyone outside it. All we have now, is people who are islands of ignorance, preaching other people’s words, coming from other people’s thoughts, and for other people’s aims… And you wonder why you are unsatisfied, and can’t preserve anything… How can you? Preservation of YOUR self is suicide for those who live at your expense. For you to have any chance at all at a meaningful and sustainable existence, you have to align with nature and take opportunity within your circumstances. But that demands collaboration, instead of competition. A place where life is respected and rights are evident. Injustice breeds violence. But remember the worst actors and most responsible are STATE actors. An individual is limited in scope to who they can harm. A nation or a global entity is unlimited in how many it can harm or ultimately kill. We fear individuals and join corporate and government sponsors behemoths. And participate in facilitating their “creative destruction” in the name of creating “wealth.” Wealth that we are not even given a share of. Just a piece of paper, that is used to speculate and create phantom profits, that we have a “right” to, as long as we are “useful” and employed by a corporation or incorporated entity, to exploit other people’s natural human rights, so that the corporations and the state’s right to profit and unlimited means, can “benefit us all…” What is more insane to you? That reality of our present, or the atrocities of the past, in which we only hear the side of the victors, i.e. those who killed the most and were left standing at the end. It is the state, always that benefits the most, in their collusion with corporations at the expense of collective humanity. Puppets are created, funded, equipped to destroy property and commoditize people for a profit, sometimes it is as slave labor, sometimes it is for their property, sometimes it is to turn the people themselves into slave property, or “subjects” for sexual slavery, commercial labor/slavery, or human labor/slavery. There is a reason things are the way they are. There is a way how they got there. There are people responsible directly through their actions, and indirectly through in-action. You have to identify cause. You have to understand subjugation and tyranny in all it’s forms, and what drives people to the point of desperation to act. Even people we hate act out of desperation, through actual or even relative deprivation… There is a reoccurring symptom in all of these conflicts: Enforced, and imposed inequality. I don’t care what war you are looking at historically, what riot, what act of mass violence, its roots are a basic, fundamental inequality. And yet, we are told by our masters that “competition is a sin,” and that “equality is inherently evil, and counterproductive.” Yes, cooperation and creating abundance and preserving resources to maintain abundance, eliminating deprivation is MORE evil, the MOST evil, to those who benefit from the current social and political order. I get that. I don’t get why the victims of this order think that intolerance of this, and collaboration and cooperation to if not replace it, reform it, is heresy. I really don’t. I don’t see what value in maintaining the superstitions, edicts, ideologies, and the trafficking of naked fear, and excuses for the worst among us to thrive at the expense of us, and human lives, I just don’t see the value of that system. Period. I dismiss ALL of your excuses, be they economic, religious, philosophical, be they from a position of actual or perceived (deluded) self interest, through magical thinking, self fulfilling prophecies, or through actions of intimidation and naked aggression themselves… I do not see a moral justification for such tolerance of such intolerance. Cheering the orthodoxy that destroys you, is a perversion of logic, that just does not register with me. I do no idolize people set out to destroy me. I don’t know why anybody in God’s name would. You either value human life and that which sustains it, or you don’t. There is no justification or mitigation. If you do not value the individual, you invite a reaction simply for that individual or a collection of such, to exist. On some level any conflict is predicated on asserting the natural right to exist, against a force or individual who is threatening that natural human right. There are TWO sides to every story. Not one… Not ever.. just one. If we refuse to recognize inequality and injustice, we will continue to be under threat, from those victims yes, but most of all from our own social and political order that serves to exploit such injustice and inequality for as the means towards their own ends. We have to recognize this, find alternatives, and impose those alternatives to undermine and destroy this, before we, ourselves are destroyed. I don’t care what your ideology is, you are guilty. I don’t care what your justification is, it is wrong. I don’t care if you think you don’t control this, you do. It’s what you advocate or enable when you decide you are the exception, and people like you are the exception, when in due time, those exceptions of convenience are removed, when it is determined that you are no longer useful. Then, empty, you look for a purpose, or a way to continue to exist, and are opposed and oppressed, by those you were just like, who think and tell you to your face, that you are entitled to, and ultimately deserve… Nothing! Okay, so now you have an obligation to exist and no means to do so… NOW what are you gonna do? Don’t worry, you will be remembered LONG after you are gone. We will read about you as “the evil mass of insane people, who scapegoated the job creators, and those with means, who make business work and create wealth for you to have anything at all, and were justifiably massacred and imprisoned and tortured because they dared to impede THE (only) natural human right, the right for those with means to accumulate it, create more, and destroy in the name of preserving it… at the expense of everything else… People, nature, natural law, spontaneous order, civility, the Natural Rights of (ALL) Man, what have you. I now, and will forever wonder how this is able to happen. And WHY it is so celebrated, enforced and used to abuse and justify that abuse of the rest of us, at the expense of the few… If this bothers people, I really don’t care. I choose to retain my humanity, and refuse to be a zombie or a vessel for somebody else’s purpose at my expense.


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