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RE: Marijuana

May 6, 2015

You shouldn’t be in jail for it, but you sure as hell can abuse it… to your own detriment. — FWO

Comment: Anyone can abuse anything. TPTSB make lots of money off jailing people for this.

Yes, but that is a consequence of Fascism/Capitalism… The GDP counts sick people as GDP. That isn’t a healthy economy, if anything it is a symptom of an “anti-economy” to exploit resources and create markets for products. In this case pharmaceutical and synthetic (patented) drugs. Making more sick people isn’t “efficient” it is the opposite. It isn’t health care, it is new market creation and management and privatizing of profit. Where else can you expect to have to pay for the development of drugs, the consequences of human testing, and then, have to pay for the product AGAIN, when put into the “open market”? This is exploitation, pure and simple, and they call it health “care” and “free market economics…” It’s fascism. -FWO.

Comment: Alcohol and Cigarettes are legal, and have no medicinal value. Cannabis is illegal yet it’s been used for thousands of years for a wide range of ailments. The scientific data that Cannabis is medicine for the body is simply overwhelming. No logic whatsoever.


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