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Did You Ever Notice…

May 6, 2015

The most childish attacks I’ve ever had on FB, have come from self-professed “heavyweights” of the so called liberty movement… Stephan Kinsella, Austin Petersen, Kevin Gutzman, Frank Gonzalez, Jim Babka… Rand Paul supporters, and even some Ron Paul supporters… They have tried to ban me from Facebook, delete threads where I civilly disagree with them, cussed me out, attempted to insult me, just for employing the same Socratic method that Jan Helfeld uses so exceptionally…. Now what does this say about these “heavyweights.” And what they espouse? Jan, thank you for allowing me to destroy such morally bankrupt, narcissist with little to no effort on my part. Once you expose what it under the shouting and bravado, there isn’t much left to these folks. Just hustlers for capitalism, and ideologies that benefit only them… It’s a campaign to find a profitable niche and exploit it to the hilt, and burn any bridge to protect their “property…” But an opinion is just that… Theirs is no better or worse than anyone else’s. But why do they feel the need to eliminate my right to speak, to criticize, debate or offer alternatives to their ideologies…? Me, a mere mortal man, among these self professed “heavyweights?” How can you expect anyone to join you, if you are the only thing that matters? Do the people have a right and a say in their own damn revolution, or do we just take orders from the next orthodoxy in the name of replacing it? If THAT is freedom… count me OUT! This is why I didn’t jump on the Rand Paul money train express. I still want to know what happened to all the damn money than Ron Paul didn’t spend from the last campaign. And if it was JUST for the “Campaign for Liberty” PAC, he didn’t get his money’s worth… er, I mean OUR money’s worth!

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