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Past Is Prologue

April 29, 2015

The Civil Rights movement wasn’t effective because it rioted, destroyed property and beat, raped, and murdered innocent people. It was successful because the people showed they could not be forced or compelled to behave in a way that diminished them, and erased their humanity and personal dignity. What personal dignity is achieved by rob, rape and murder? Only the dignity of a psychopath. You want equality, you have to respect humanity, You have to show the inhumane how to be human, and you must compel the cowards on the sidelines through shame, to do something, to preserve their own humanity. When you realized no person has a right to rob, beat, rape or murder you, no matter their race, sex, religion or any other artificial construct that is out of one’s control, then you will have peace and security, If you rather choose to enforce distinctions and impose barriers, you do nothing but marginalize yourself and yourselves, and enable the beasts of those without humanity to rule over you, and everyone else in their grasp. The community is guilty. The existing social, and political order, is just as guilty…. and their response is to feed off each other and feed one to the other… If violence worked, the militant black leaders would have erased the likes of Dr, King. He endures, they do not. Militants on both sides, cancel each other out. Let them kill each other, and the peaceful people rebuild and remake America to be what it should always be, tolerant and inclusive, and bringing people UP instead of tearing them down. The power comes not by force, but by restoring the dignity of man, by valuing him, and seeing him as more than a human resource to exploit and discard when you are done with him. We have tried many things to uplift the weak, but we have NEVER tried dignity… How can this ever resolve itself. It can’t. Because we won’t. We have diminished ourselves SO much that we are incapable of having the dignity ourselves to save our brothers, and then they and the monsters who created them, come for us… We are responsible. Every one of us… We choose to ignore, slight, and erase their disempowerment and enforced, imposed social stratification/technological slavery.. Where are the Dr. King’s of the black community… Where are the Dr. King’s of the WHITE community… Where are the people of conscience? Not in Ferguson… Not in Baltimore…. WHY… Because they are not home. In your home, your neighbors home, or in my home… THAT has to change! Before these monsters and those who created them get to our block! With the police doing what they always do… NOTHING! And the government waiting until it’s over, to punish those who survive, even FURTHER! This is madness… This has to end.. It begins with you….


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