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Feel The Pain

April 26, 2015

Rand Paul is against drones… but is for ground troops to fight ISIS. He doesn’t want Americans put in danger. But he would choose to put troops in danger rather than use drones that would save American lives… If that is your primary purpose… it would make more sense to pull the troops out, leave carriers overseas, and use them with drones to target ISIS. He’s advocating using a hammer, when he needs to use a scalpel… Some “doctor.” Naturally he is “pro-life” as long as you are American.

And of course, he is for wealth distribution from the middle class to the rich.

And he proposes to cut spending, while refusing to cut the biggest vacuum of taxpayer money, the military. Feel the pain, instantaneously… folks!

On Jeb Bush: “I think it will be difficult for a moderate (or libertarian) to win the nomination… — No principle, just ambition…

So intervention, occupation, stimulus, concenrating what wealth is and will be, for those with the most, vs. the middle class, or the poor. And exempting the fraud, corporate welfare of Wall St. the banks, and the military, while passing the burden on to YOU, and eliminating services from government that you already paid for…

He is trying to please people… Just not the American people. You can rest assured, whoever he is taking orders from, and who is writing his speeches for him, cares more about THEM, than any of  them do… YOU!

Is this the best we can do, folks? Aren’t we better than this…???


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