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(Im)Moral “Victory”

April 25, 2015

Rand Paul 2016! Because William Wallace incited and conducted acts of terrorism, while Robert the Bruce was a man of reason, and a pragmatist…. You know… “for liberty!” Freedom for the people is anarchy. Freedom for the ruling class, keeps you safe from those dangerous anarchist who would do harm to those who selflessly give of themselves, to provide for you… as long as you obey… There must be order. And the rights of the ruling class are essential to preserving the people. For without them, they would have to fend for themselves… remember “War Is Peace…. Freedom Is Slavery… Ignorance Is Strength”… and you have much to fear.. and the only path to salvation is to give of yourself, and all you have, as tribute to those who sacrifice their right to enjoy their lives, to do what is necessary to maintain order. No matter how many are jailed, killed, starved, tortured, or ignored until nature takes it’s course and disposes of the weak, who if they were put above the strong, civilization would collapse…All praise Ayn Rand and the virtue of selfishness, and Rand Paul is her messenger… And then they gave it a flag and a cross and called it “Liberty.” I for one would choose… Anarchy of the people vs. anarchy of the oligarchy and ruling class…. Who exists to KEEP you where you are. In a permanent caste system, that preceded the age of Enlightenment… Yes, a return to the Dark Ages, is much more preferable than the Anarchy of the natural rights of man… Pick your side. Choose wisely. And remember you will hang because of it, A: because you are not useful to their ends, or B: You will hang after you have exhausted all usefulness for them to achieve their unlimited ends…. Do you see where this goes… Then choose of your own free will to stop it, dead in it’s tracks before you are left for dead upon their tracks….


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