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The Rise Of Ayn Rand (Paul)

April 24, 2015

Rand Paul has “come to take our country back…” (for whom?)

“from special interests who are more concerned about their welfare than the general welfare” (you know what Rand Paul wants to cut in favor of corporate welfare)

“I have a vision for America, a return to prosperity” (for whom?)

“A return to a government restrained by the Constitution” (how? If the Constitution limited government, we would not be here… would we? Does he intend to do this by fiat like our latest Presidents? Then, there is no change? Does he think he can do this through Congress… Look at Obama now, and how weak he is with our current congress. Do you think big business Republicans, and big government Democrats are going to carry water for Rand Paul?)

Rand Paul claims he is “not part of the Washington machine…” But he just came from a meeting with Romney financier Sheldon Adelson, who also funded his father’s chief adversary in his primary, Rudy Giuliani. He has had his father’s grassroots supporters, harassed and drummed out of his movement, and paid some handsomely with his father’s supporters money, to do so… see Jack Hunter. He claims to be a voice of reason in foreign policy, but still supports intervention to engage ISIS. And of course wants to keep funding and aiding Israel, even when Netanyahu comes to US congress and slaps down our current President for daring to criticize Israel, when the international community and the UN cry out to see Israel be taken to account for their atrocities in Gaza and the West Bank. Actions that only incite more terrorism.

Rand talks about helping a man from Guatemala regain his vision… Wonderful. What about the countless numbers of men, women and children and UNBORN CHILDREN who were killed in Israel’s latest campaign of unrestricted bombing by US built fighter aircraft….Do you not care about the dead, or restoring the sight of those blinded by the explosions, bombs, or by seeing their entire families, multiple generations under the same home, indiscriminately killed… after being forced to live in what amounts to an open air prison colony? Apparently you do NOT care since you meet with financiers like Adelson who fund and support Israel’s campaign of apartheid and indiscriminate murder…

Rand Paul may have become an eye doctor to help others regain sight… how he can reconcile this with running for permission to have the duty of a President to send men to war, to bomb, kill and maim and even blind them (that is, if they are lucky to still be alive)  I cannot say… Are the bombs and the bullets from the men and women he will send to fight ISIS only going to kill those of ISIS… Of course not. Rather than deal with what motivates and most importantly funds ISIS, the same radical theology that is bred and raised in the madrassas in Saudi Arabia, Rand will not think to be seen to criticize Israel. Nor the radical Islamist in Arabia… he will instead focus on where ISIS is, and kill them where they are… taking a sledgehammer, where what is needed is a scalpel. In this permanent war footing, he can not seem to be weak. Especially running against a foreign policy interventionist like Hilliary Clinton. He must be “tough” and “strong enough to project America’s peace through strength”, myopic foreign policy, that instead of resolving issues, creates more, instead of healing old wounds, tears them open yet again, and again, and instead of making America stronger, only serves to make us weaker, in more debt, more obligation, more rebuilding and wasting resources, so as to justify continued expense, in the name of providing and ensuring “stability.” More obligation abroad, and more obligation for those here at home, with the people being forced to pick up the slack, and suffer under “austerity” while the elites, and the think tanks, interest groups, zealots, and special interests cry out to the government to save them, in the name of preserving America. In a reverse dystopia that would make his hero Ayn Rand proud… A world of makers who are takers, and see this unrepentant greed and selfishness as a virtue, seeing wealth’s purpose to serve itself, while crudely calling the rest of us “takers” to scapegoat us, for the fact that they can’t control everything, and still are subject to chance and the precariousness of life. They want assurances and the same privilege they deem so offensive, for it to be for anyone else. The world is not an economy by itself, it’s resources allocated through the needs of man, who inhabit it. No, for them the world exists to be cut down, shaped and manipulated to serve only the ends of those with the means. A permanent state where the ladder is destroyed and only the superclass exists upon the labor and compulsion of the underclass to serve it. Where their need for unlimited means, serves their natural right to project unlimited ends to justify it. To the expense of anything and anyone who would get in their way.

No, they want you to get out of the way. For your own benefit, while they tell you that their benefit IS your benefit. If you lose your job, it’s on you to find your role to serve them to justify your existence. They do not have to justify or “check” their privilege. It is YOU that must be forced to prove why you deserve any at all, and only temporary, subject to obedience or you serving as the means to justify their unlimited ends. Even if in the face of science and fact, those ends cannot be sustained, and will in fact lead  to resource depletion. Not just food and water, but property, the right to assemble, the right to engage in commerce without compulsion… none of this will be allowed because it will be seen as (you) “getting in the way’ of the ends of those with unlimited capital, even if they stole it from you, with politicians help, to use that capital and resources and restricting access to such, to make even MORE wealth and capital, by, of, and for, themselves….

Does the common man have a role to play in this dystopic world? Does the common man have a say about what role he will play in this dystopic world of “Atlantis”? What if they can’t do what is needed or are as productive as desired by the masters of our universe? What is the most cost-effective use for people who are in fact are “useless” to the masters, and for lack of a better word… obsolete? Think about that…

If “both parties are to blame for big government and debt…” how do you stop them? Obama couldn’t. No President since our founding has reduced the national debt since the Federal Reserve system was incorporated in 1913. Again, do you do this by fiat, and signing statements, and throw the Constitution out on it’s head. Or do you choose to work with Congress who can override your veto? Is progress you, proposing cut after cut, and bill after bill, only to see the guilty continue to ignore you, and work together to oppose you? Is this what you call an acceptable outcome for our current crisis that is the state of our government. Can you change it by fiat? All by yourself… with some of your father’s friends and all of his enemies, some in your own party and your own state? Can you get anything done with a coalition of libertarians, some republicans, a minute amount of Democrats and disengaged Independents? Is this not a recipe for gridlock at best, and incompetence at worst? Are you running to be a “strong leader to get things done” (through compromise, or to be an intransigent beacon of principle, unparalleled… among the cesspool, and see the establishment, the mechanism of unlimited government, financial interests, and global corporate media come against you, dedicated to destroying you, and everything you touch?

If Obama is on track to run up more debt than the previous Presidents combined, as W. did before him, and Clinton did before him, and H.W. Bush did before him…. et al. How are you, one man, going to stop that trend of unlimited growth of government and counter your own economic understanding that market monetarism is essential to creating the very same unlimited growth of the economy…” which by it’s very definition is the antithesis of the meaning of the word itself. “To economize… or maximize efficiency..” Doesn’t infinite growth by it’s very definition define what is an “anti-economy..” or a fundamental lack to make that which is most efficient, and make use of our limited, finite resources that much more beneficial for the purpose of sustaining that which sustains life itself, instead of sustaining systems that create profit by destroying that which is sustainable, creating artificial scarcity, where such profit is created. Do you really wish to create a world where there is more scarcity and those in need and want, and the instability that comes with that, to drive up more allocation of resources to destroy more now, so that we can rebuild later, and displace more people, to create more instability, which creates more scarcity for profit, etc., etc, al. ad infinitum…

If “debt is endangering our national security,” why are you asking to cut corporate income taxes in a time of multiple ongoing wars? Why is it the notion of fiscal responsibility so offensive to you? How does exempting corporations, cutting welfare for those without here at home, and spending what money we do have on a military that exists to destroy sovereign lands far, far, away, with those who are trained to protect our nation and our borders sent away, and with undefended borders and oceans, leaving us vulnerable to an opportunistic attack of convenience, related to our bellicosity overseas, and fundamental disrespect of the will of sovereign nations to engage freely in commerce and peace, or to serve their own national interests, even when they disagree with us.  How does reserving what limited wealth, natural resources and American blood and treasure we do have only to assist the “creative destruction” of sovereign lands, governments, and leaders of those who disagree with us, the only sacrosanct meaning and unifying purpose for our nation and those we align with in temporary moments of convenience, reserving the right to rename them our enemies, when they dare to oppose the ends to which we justify our means…. What do you intend to do to address this “debt” that acts as a poison, and kills the very soul of our nation, forcing us to become reactive instead of proactive, exclusive, instead of inclusive, a people of plunder, divide, and conquer, rather than compassionate, collaborative, and seeing coexistence as a virtue?

“We must not dilute our message or give up on our principles”

Rand, anybody who followed your father that you didn’t already kick out for upholding their own principles, in many cases, that in which was identical to that of your father’s… has already left you PRECISELY because of your apparent LACK of any principle at all, except to be given the temporary privilege, subject to your unquestioned obedience, to be the latest spokesman, or errand boy, for the same masters of the universe, you already have been groveling and reducing yourself too, since you decided you wanted permission from the man, to serve him, in the name of serving our own, selfish, and limitless ambition…

You get angry when people expose this.

Even so brave as to try in vain to dig yourself out of the hole, displaying the same anger and self righteous arrogance, that the people who oppose you condemn you for. You cannot get out of your own way, and yet you ask the people to get out of your own way, and what you feel you are entitled to. Does that sound like a man who exists to serve the interests of the people… or one who serves his own “special” interests? You tell me…

In following “the banner of Liberty, with the Constitution in one hand, and the Bill of Rights in the other…” what if my liberty includes what I want to eat, drink, or God forbid smoke? Where is my liberty when you discriminate against vices? What if your piecemeal approach to reform is reducing the sentence from 30 years for a non violent drug offense, to 15 years… does nothing to bring justice to the oppressed, and in fact, put’s violent, repeat offenders back out on the street and in our communities?

What if you are a small business who doesn’t have lobbyist to kick money into your PAC? What if in the name of “creating jobs” you bring a corporation into a community, and that corporation’s need to make a profit, forces stores, shops and the economy of that community, and the jobs and benefits that come with it, to disappear? And the people who are left there have to compete against each other for a job, with less pay, less hours, no benefits, and must gamble their savings in the stock market, in a vain attempt to keep anything at all… only to lose that due to corporate malfeasance, and then that corporation lobby’s you for a bailout, or tax breaks to relocate to another country in order to save the “shareholders” of America, if they must do so, at the expense of the American worker?

Just whose “liberty” are you looking out for… and trying so desperately to preserve and protect, if not the people’s?

If you believe that “Washington is hopelessly broken and can’t be fixed from within” why are you running to be the leader of Washington DC?

If “We, the People” are the only one’s who can fix it? What do we need you for? Does that make you, our competition?

How can you uphold the Constitution, while in the same breath ask for a Constitutional Amendment (to balance the budget)? Does this not play into the hands of those with means, who have the influence to lobby congress to see that their interests be spared, at the people’s expense? Is this not you giving Constitutional authority for “austerity on steroids?”

Is this yet another contradiction on your part? Or at the very least you being evasive and dishonest with the people, not to mention your own supporters?

Doesn’t your aim to limit the terms of Congress again, make the Constitution irrelevant. And does that not create a circumstance where those who support the people are forcibly removed from serving and protecting them? While those who do not, can groom their replacements, grease the skids for more corruption and compromise, seeking the next highest office, and the need to be the least offensive to those with the most, while ignoring the will of the most with the least?

Rand you say you want to reform congress with your “read the bills act,” to fix the fact that bills are delivered to congress, just before time to vote, with no time to read them… Your father simply voted “Nay” to ANY and every bill like this that was put in front of him. You want legislation to make them read it. How does that change anything. And remember dear boy, in order to read the thousand page Patriot Act, you had to have the US Commercial Code book next to you, to look up what laws it amended… To put it bluntly: “What difference does it make!?!”

Is this more of the same, tired, ol’ reform, where Congress decides to look busy, and concerned, and does, in fact… nothing!

“America stood up against fascist regimes…” (while we currently fund Neo Nazi’s in Ukraine to threaten Russia)

How did “capitalism win out against… socialism…” when we have a socialistic monetary system, health care system, welfare system and educational system… (and a fascist one at that, that serves to consolidate wealth…) tell me, I’d like to know… what you mean by this. And how distorted your reality truly is.

There are people who are dying to come here Rand. The refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Vietnam, and all of the other nations we intervened in, and directly or indirectly overthrew elected governments in order to see that those who replaced them, were more amenable or useful to our ends. No matter how extreme they may be. That is not a triumph of our success and “glory,” but is a testament to our failure. Our failure to see for the welfare for anyone but our own interests. Even when it goes in opposition to that of our own people. Just look at the drug war. While you triumph fighting “terrorists” by supporting military action and weapons trading in countries overseas, you are creating violence that displaces and murders millions. And in desperation, they come here, fighting to exist. Just like the Iraqi’s who continue to come. You cannot call your sins a virtue… and present yourself as the most upright and pious…. or maybe you can (try, that is).

“self esteem cannot be given.. it must be earned… work is not punishment… it is the reward…”

Yes, through austerity, we will be made to work for our freedoms. Nothing “to be given,” we must prove our value to society, and if we are not willing (educated) or able to work (or do the amount of work for less as to make it profitable for our employer or corporation…) we deserve, nothing… and they reserve everything for themselves. A world by those with means FOR those with means, and those without… deserve it, because they are not willing to “work”.Where in human history have you heard this before? Mussolini’s fascist state… or perhaps Adolf Hitler’s version of a totalitarian, fascist state?  America. I feel sick just reading this… can you imagine if this becomes our “reality?” I cannot bear to do even that… I really can’t.

“I have a vision for America where everyone who wants to work, has a job.” Is this not “socialism?” And a direct contradiction to what you just said in your previous statement?

His solution is nothing short of a repackaged dystopic nightmare that is pure Rand… Ayn Rand.

Have a look:

Destroy regulation to create unlimited profits in a economically depressed area… and they have NO obligation to give anything back. This is a license to steal, and exploit from those with nothing. It is an inverted welfare FOR the rich OFF the poor… this is the wet dream of the wealthy. The endgame where they liquidate the ends of the Earth, milk it for every last drop, and pack up and leave to the next parcel of land, they can exploit for a profit. No accountability. Remember the elimination of regulation? No expectation or obligation for the public welfare. Cities and states compete for the right to be exploited, then when they are barren, the captains of industry leave, taking their means and their wealth to the next parcel of land, to satisfy their immoral political ends. The corporation is a person. THE person. Their rights are protected. Your rights are not rights, but privileges subject to behavior, obedience, and now… usefulness for those with the means… ALL of the means. Nothing can exist that harms the natural rights of capitalist, to create, segregate, and keep capital. No matter where it comes from, or who or what it leaves behind, for those left… behind…

This is pure Ayn Rand… “Atlas Shrugged” Objectivism.

Paul then asks us “to imagine what a Billion dollar stimulus could do for Appalachia, or Detroit…” We already know from Obama’s stimulus which you just said in this same speech was a failure. Hyperinflation, consolidation of wealth, and more record debt on top of record debt, making America more insolvent and a slave to the multinational banking cartel, AND paradoxically, the Federal Reserve, where the stimulus is going to come from. This is just ANOTHER bailout for the well off, in the name of defending the poor… (while serving them up on a platter)

In order to “bring back manufacturing jobs that pay well,” he offers to “drastically lower the tax they pay to bring their companies home…”

But what if you are a contractor like GE that has record profits and doesn’t pay ANY income tax, or at least hasn’t for the past few years… Is this not again interfering with the “free market” and “invisible hand” of market economics? This isn’t freedom, this is regulation in the name of freedom.

What guarantee is it, that lowering the Corporate Income Tax, of the corporations that DO pay Corporate Income Tax, that they will use that money to invest in the US? What if they, like Ford Motor Company, use those profits and exemptions, to build plants, not in America, but Mexico? Then what? Are you going to seize the company. Or make them pay back the profit from the tax break? Of course not. Then you would lose your reelection.. Just another false promise, Trojan Horse, to feed the rich, off the mouths of the poor.

Now we get the timeless pandering that is the “Two America’s” spiel that John Edwards used, turning the great Martin Luther King’s prophetic words, on their head. Paul speaks of visiting Appalachia and Detroit, and proclaims a “new way of justice, opportunity and freedom…” He decides one solution is by providing children the “opportunity (to leave) failing schools… by giving them “school choice.” Yes, rather than reforming failing schools, he decides not to hold the guilty or incompetent accountable, instead he chooses more of the same, where poor kids get to draw their futures in a lottery, and hope by chance alone, and not merit, that they are allowed to go to a good school, where they can get the prep education to get into a good college, to obtain a mountain of debt, for jobs that are already obsolete, the moment they graduate, and are unemployed, while living a lifetime as a involuntary debt slave, who can’t even be liberated through debt forgiveness through bankruptcy, that Rand’s wealth class, abuses to re-create wealth, after they already destroyed it, in the first place. An assembly line of debt slaves, who are desperate to make a living doing anything to escape private, for profit debtor prisons, that already exist here in the United States of America. I ask you, can the vision for America be any darker and dystopic?

“We can’t borrow our way to prosperity” But that is exactly YOUR plan for Appalachia and Chicago, and the Inner Cities of America? Dear Lord, do you READ the speeches written for you, or are you Just…Another…Fucking…Obama.. Which is it JAFO?

Rand, I’m sure “we” would LOVE “to just spend what comes in..” Here is the problem. The Income Tax is solely interest payments on the national debt (that go higher with all that stimulus you are proposing and the inflation that comes with it) and our current level of defense spending. To be taken seriously, you would actually have to propose cutting military spending to ironically Constitutional levels. But there is no way to do that if you intend to maintain the US global empire of 1000 military bases in 150+ countries. Again, your father made this the definitive measure of his campaign. You have not only decided to eject it, but double down on our current level of commitments internationally to provide defense for nations such as Japan and South Korea, that are obsolete not only financially, but militarily, socially and even politically. How do we fund the rest of our obligations… with more deflated currency, and more hyper-inflated, and ineffective stimulus?

This is a perversion of logic to incredulous proportions…. to the point to lead one to question at least your competency, if not… your sanity!

“In my vision of America with freedom and prosperity at home can only be achieved if we defend against enemies who are dead set on attacking us…” In other words, the wars, the occupations, the suspension of rights, and Constitutions, the subversion of sovereignty for the people’s of nations and sovereign lands overseas… cannot EVER be allowed to end.

“We must defend ourselves… and our interests from enemies…but until we name the enemy, we can’t win the war. The enemy is radical Islam.” (Now channeling his inner Neo Con John McCain) “I will do whatever it takes to defend America from these haters of, mankind.”

So Libyan’s who fought in vain to defend their republic from al Qaeda, Iraqi’s who let America enter their nation to remove a dictator, only to see America appoint itself dictator, and throw out the Constitution of Iraq, and replace it with a guarantee of profits and privatization of Iraqi resources and treasures, and gold. The destruction of ancient Babylon. The pollution of the water and crops with radioactive uranium from BOTH wars in Iraq, the bombing of the largest man made aquifer in the desert of Libya…. the tribes of Afghanistan who suffered under the Taliban until they disobeyed the Anglo American establishment by renegotiating the pipeline through to the Caspian Sea, and kept Russia’s geopolitical interests ahead of our own… The men who died fighting phantoms in Afghanistan, like Pat Tillman, in some cases, by the hands of their own men, ALL OF THAT, comes not from the folly of this delusional utopian vision of “American Exceptionalism”  what the Neo Cons who hated your father called a vision of “Pax Americana” a new age of the Roman Empire… will not be sacrificed, for the benefit of the American people and global humanity… No, instead we must fight harder against “Radical Islamic Extremism…” And yet the “Awakening Council’s in Iraq were not a result of victory against a determined enemy, but on the basis of the American taxpayer PAYING the insurgents NOT to fight… Which they did. And used to re-arm themselves and go after religious sects, creating more instability, giving us a reason to stay there for now 12 years after the 2nd Iraq war, 25 after the 1st Iraq war, making John McCain’s prediction of “100 years” now a real possibility. All of that money not just to rebuild Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, AND America… no wonder you have broken down to support the stimulus shell game from the Federal Reserve… How else would you get elected by offering more of the same… on STEROIDS!

“We need a national defense, robust enough to defend against any attack, modern enough to deter all enemies, and nimble enough to defend our vital interests”. If you think you have heard this before, you have. It was the goal of the paper “Rebuilding America’s Defenses”

Literally verbatim Rand is speaking the words of the PNAC Neo Cons who gave us the epic disaster and downfall that is the post 911 period in our history. This effectively erases his father’s legacy, and everything his father proclaimed to stand for. And he is sitting behind Rand as Rand speaks these words and makes the latest case for never-ending war, and stimulus and servitude for the underclass of America, and the world, to the Superclass… You have to stand in awe… of the unmitigated gall and absolute betrayal of Ron Paul’s principled followers, in order to replace or convert them to Rand Paul’s Whores of Babylon…. This one is epic, and for the books, folks….

“We need a foreign policy that protects American interests, and promotes stability, and not chaos…”

But our interests exists BECAUSE we promulgate chaos to create order or “order out of chaos” (the principle of what is otherwise known and referred to as “the New World Order.”)

“At home conservatives understand that government is the problem, not the solution” “Conservatives should not succumb though to the notion that a government inept at home, will succeed in building nations abroad.”

“I envision an America with a national defense so unparalleled, undefeatable, and unencumbered by overseas nation building….” “I envision a national defense… of peace through strength.”

“We brought Iran to the table through sanctions, that I voted for…” His father called sanctions an act of war. They are in fact a pretext to justify intervention and conflict. Not peace. Here Rand lays down his view and the Neo Cons, that the path to World War III with Russia, China, and god only knows who else… IS a dead certainty.

“I will oppose any deal that does not end Iran’s nuclear ambitions, with strong verification measures.”

Forgetting the fact that Iran is a member of the IAEA, and is allowed like the US and Israel to use nuclear energy for peaceful purposes…

This is an attempt to set up Iran to fail the peace process and invite intervention on Israel’s behalf… This is the Dr. Strangelove scenario that we have been warned against since the 2nd Iraq war.

“The difference between Mr. Obama and myself, is that he thinks you can negotiate from a position of weakness…”

Really, your father, actually said war could be averted with “free markets, trade, commerce and friendship, and no entangling alliances,” just like the Founders proposed. Apparently that is UNACCEPTABLE to your handlers, to the point that WORLD WAR III is on the table! Jesus Christ!

“We however should realize that negotiation is not always bad and our goal should be peace, not war…” Again, did he read what he just said in the previous sentence? This is saying anything to anyone… but the stakes now literally are elevated to World War III….

This man, is an invitation to a party you do NOT want to be forced to attend.

“We must realize that we do not project strength by borrowing money from China, to send to Pakistan.” But who are you borrowing money for these wars, and the next wars? Who are you borrowing money to rebuild the inner cities like Chicago, and rural Appalachia from? How many times can you contradict yourself in one speech, that was written FOR you, that you are reading from a TeLePROMPTeR? (Like our current pathetic President)

“Lets quit using money to build bridges in foreign countries, and use that money to build bridges over here…”

Great, MORE stimulus, corporate welfare, AND unlimited warfare… and YOU will be made to WORK for it! And anything else that you (temporarily) have, for as long as your unquestioned obedience, demonstrates you “deserve”

This is naked Fascism!

“It angers me to see mobs burning our flag and chanting “Death to America” in countries that receive millions of dollars in foreign aid…” Leaving out the fact that the reason they chant that, is because we replaced their Constitutional government, occupy their lands, and use their natural resources to make money for our multinational corporations (and campaign donors like Raytheon, a military contractor funding none other that Rand Paul’s campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America).

“Not one penny more to these haters of America!”

Rand, dear God, what you are advocating and imposing upon them, is precisely why they HATE America. Your intervention. Your interference. Your picking sides. Picking fights. Killing people. Robbing people. While cloaked in the flag and the Constitution. They don’t want another religious crusader… they want the right to self determination and to be LEFT… ALONE!

Not only does Rand now talk like a bully, now he even acts like one. When you call out his hypocrisy to his face… This man is nothing short of dangerous. To the world, along with his own people. A continuation of the same tyranny we have had, for decades. Only now is the urgency to make that mandatory for every nation, man, woman, child, and even the planet itself.

“To defend our country, we do need to gather intelligence on the enemy…but warrantless searches are a threat to our civil liberties..” Finally, he says something that doesn’t make me sick. The only thing that would have made this worse, is if he said we needed a more robust intelligence community here at home… like Obama said when he asked for a “Civilian National Security Force.”

“I say the phone records of LAW ABIDING CITIZENS are none of their damn business.”

But what if patriots engage in an non-permitted march? Or what about Muslims protesting the next war with Iran? Are they to be considered to be not “law abiding citizens”? Are even Rand Paul’s supporters, or Ron Paul’s supporters, for that matter, are their phone records worthy of unconstitutional domestic surveillance, without a warrant. Where the Department of Homeland Security can continue to write their own warrants, come to your house, bug your phone or computer, download pictures, texts, emails, and use that against you. And if you find out and try to get a lawyer to sue them in court, that is a felony, and you can still go to jail, in other words what was written in the USA Patriot Act in 2001, that nobody read before they voted on, then.

He says “on day one I will immediately end this unconstitutional surveillance… by executive order”… which is unconstitutional… Let that sink in for a moment. At this point, he will say anything.

“I will not compromise your liberty for security.” But his thirst for the next war turns this quote on it’s head, into “I will not compromise your security, for liberty.” Yet again he is contradicting himself and having it both ways. Clearly the speechwriter is trying to make this Rand’s Neo Con, coming out party… While attempting in vain to retain, his father’s fervent supporters, (and FREE campaign funding).

“We must never diminished the Bill of Rights as we fight this LONG war against evil, we must beLIEve in our founding document, we must protect economic (read WEALTH) and personal liberty”

“We are still Exceptional, we are still a beacon for the world,”

“Liberty, Justice, and personal Responsibility”

“Today begins the journey to take America back(wards)…”

Ladies and gentlemen, you have just read, heard and witnessed the rise of Ayn Rand Paul

God help us all….

“The Offspring” was right…

“You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”



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