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The Shame Of The Naked Opportunist

April 16, 2015

I understand that Rand Paul wants desperately TO be President. I understand that involves catering to persons of influence of your party. And those with means. And self(ish) contained agendas. I understand the need to even meet and listen to your enemies… But I never thought it would come to this.

I can defend this in theory. Just like I can defend this

Yes, it does make sense to meet your adversaries, if they are willing to. And be civil, and take in what they have to say.

You then say “Duly noted…” and you walk away, confident that while you are diametrically opposed to their aims and agenda, you will not go out of your way to compromise on their behalf to give even 1 percent of the whole, when only 100 percent will satisfy the demon.

Rand apparently, does NOT get this message. The ONLY message he gets, is that is if he wants power, he has to meet the powerful, ON THEIR TERMS, and if he is permitted to disagree, he must bend over backwards to do so, in a way that makes him seem unreasonable, and his enemies, civil and rational. (Remember Rachel Maddow)

Or is has to be in a way that is toothless, orchestrated, and used as a means to milk his supporters for even more money…

Why else would he come out against Voter ID, claiming it upsets the people (you know, the legal ones who want their vote for their candidate to COUNT, you know, like the one’s who voted for your dad, that were thrown in the trash, while other people who tried to vote for your dad, got arrested for trespassing when they showed up to vote in an open or GOP primary? And the people who paid people and members of the GOP to harrass them, were people like Romney financier Sheldon Adelson).

And to double down on the betrayal, now he meets with Adelson, and tries his best to come up with a “Non-Agression Pact” to help him secure the nomination, BEFORE one vote has been cast in a primary or general election.

I know, this is what Rand Paul HAS to do, if he wants to be (allowed to be) in power… But the fundamental question is WHY?

Why does Rand Paul want to be President? It’s not to continue his father’s legacy…

It’s obviously not to hold accountable the people responsible for derailing his father’s campaigns, and engaging in theft, assault, false imprisonment, and harassment, against his father’s supporters. It’s not apparently to stand up for his father, or anything he stood for, if anything Rand is actively running AWAY from his father, and his father’s supporters….

So why is it, that this man chooses to take the heat from the media, take heat for his father’s burdens, while going out of his way to distance himself from his father, and his father’s positions, saying he is his own man, while still having only credibility from the claim that only he can embrace the Republicans, disaffected Democrats, and of course the Libertarians,even while he publicly and privately loathes them…

And his staunchest supporters like Jack Hunter and Austin Pedersen, go out of their way to make the libertarian would be Rand Paul supporters unwelcome and unwanted. While Paul does the same… claiming young americans spend too much time smoking pot…

Avoiding altogether his own illegal marijuana use, than even came up in his own primary and was a major mark of ammunition against his own campaign.

So what does it mean when the son of a Congressman gets money and support because of his last name, is thrust into the arena, and has no purpose?

He can’t take on his father’s positions entirely, he must be seen to be his own man. In this sense, opposition with his father is in fact, an asset. If he loses his father’s supporters, it proves how strong he is, as his own man, in appeal and in garnering the necessary support to be a credible candidate, in the party and out of it. It is a perversion of logic and a naked distortion of reality, to assert that you are a credible candidate because of the unwavering support of your father’s libertarian followers, while at the very same time, say that you are a strong candidate because you can evolve and be flexible in your positions and alliances, to even apologize and court your father’s sworn enemies, like Bill Kristol and John McCain.

So which is it? Your father’s non-interventionist, “we just marched in, so we can just march out (of Iraq), OR John McCain’s call to “take the war to ISIS, wherever it may lead…” He can’t have it both ways…Or can he?

Taking all this into account… it’s hard to give Rand Paul the benefit of the doubt in his meeting with Adelson.

There is nothing about Adelson, besides his money, that should appeal to Rand Paul, and even that should be suspect, to Rand Paul if he is what he claims to be, and honoring the best of intentions to keep his father’s legacy alive and engage his supporters and independents and disillusioned Democrats.

Instead we see a man, courting his father’s sworn enemies, willing to “evolve” his thinking to be sympathetic to their own, declaring war on his father’s supporters and more principled base, and going apeshit when the media or anybody else for that matter call him out on his duplicity, and for his utter lack of a better word, maturity…

If you can’t handle the press, or even people who WANT desperately TO support you, and bend over backwards to give you the benefit of the doubt (Ron Paul and Rand Paul supporters, are unparalleled in this respect, even more so than Barack Obama, Hilliary or even Bill Clinton supporters) what are you going to do when you negotiate with Putin and he stands up to you in public, on camera? Or god forbid, Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu? Are you just going to sit there, and  take it like a poodle? Are you going to complain that you are being treated unfairly to the audience? Let alone the media, which you already treat with contempt and as your mortal enemy? I understand why Ron Paul supporters were and still are upset and distrust the media after the way Ron Paul was attacked relentlessly and distortion after distortion was presented unto him and them, and the American people. That I can understand. The Rand Paul contempt, I cannot. He is trying to go along to get along, and cannot understand why he still gets flak. It is because he isn’t enough of a complete bastard to go “all in” and sacrifice anyone, and ANYTHING, even his own family to get to be the elites errand boy. Instead he employs them (Jesse Benton) to help him attempt to appease them in half measures, while attempting to safely sacrifice only his father’s marginalized supporters, who he never really owned as his own. In the name of having the Neo Cons, and establishment Republicans come along with him, with desperate independents intrigued enough by his openness and controversial positions to give him the light of day, and a chance at victory. It’s a tightrope, a shell game, that the novice is trying to master. His audacity is admirable, even if his performance is hopelessly not up to the enormous task. He was given a once in a lifetime opportunity, achieved more than he ever could on his own, and now struggles publicly and privately with trying to make the most of this golden opportunity to be an errand boy for the masters of the universe.

Maybe he thinks he can take a little here, a little there for himself and the true believers to have some kind of meaning to this end. But primarily for Rand, the ends justify the means, this is in not way not unlike his chief adversary and chosen target: Hillary Clinton. Hilliary let no one and nothing get in the way of her ambition… Just ask the number of associates who went to prison for her, some even died there for her (James McDougal). Rand as of yet, hasn’t been willing to “go to the mattresses…” or go THAT far, to attain the privledge to take orders from the masters of the universe, but he has held his nose long enough to saddle up with the likes of Sheldon Adelson, and if not get his backing to be President, at least… his permission.

So the circle is now complete. The backer of Rudy Giuliani that Ron Paul singlehandedly defeated with one rebuttal in the GOP primary in 2008, now decides to listen to Rand’s pleas for anointing or, at least, the permission to run in his (Adelson’s) party… that is the property of Adelson… when you take into consideration the amount of money he funnels to the GOP.

Sadly moments of clarity like this in the public discourse CANNOT occur, when Rand Paul has to appease, the same madmen who sponsor those men of naked ambition who would perpetuate it. In some way, directly if not indirectly, through his words, his actions, or more appropriately for him, in-actions, Rand Paul knows he has to appeal to the “whacko-birds” to quote John McCain of his party… people like Adelson… and John McCain.

It may not look like it, but what you are seeing in his actions is the buying or renting of a President.

In this case, Rand Paul.

To think that a movement that began, by bravely speaking the truth to the insane maniacs that gave us our foreign policy, domestic policy and made excuses for the financial terrorists that Ron Paul courageously and publicly rebuked and called out, time and time again, and cried in vain for reform, to think that, THAT movement is honored by his son, of all people, meeting, giving legitimacy and credence to… the very SAME people, is frankly embarrassing and insulting. If anything Rand Paul’s political career has been nothing more than a rebuke of his father. And his father’s blanket support, a rebuke of everything his father stood for, and the people who stood up for him, selflessly giving time, money, they may never have again, only to be sold a bill of goods that was changed at the last minute and leaving them with an I.O.U. that never will be redeemed.

That, if nothing else is a testament to how bankrupt morally and otherwise, this tepid movement has now become under new management. The Rand Paul management has let the Ron Paul movement wither and die. Milking it to the last drop, or faith based believer. Now with his hypocrisy being exposed publicly and his arrogance on display so nakedly, Rand has no choice but to run into the arms and pray for the embrace of his father’s demons. It is something Ron Paul will never do, but Rand Paul MUST do. Even if he has to give up every last soul along the way, including his own.

He is his own tragedy, but his supporters, like the Obama supporters before them, are about to be served the same cold dish of revenge and retribution that the people who willingly serve the masters of the universe are required to dish out, every election cycle, and every election year.

Who were we to expect any different.

Who were we to believe the next bastard who offered us the same bullcrap on a rusty platter, and dared to call it “Change…” His shame is our shame for as long as we embrace him, as he “looks out for number one” and spits in our eye…

This one’s for you Rand, “You’re Gonna Go Far, Kid”

Who were we to think with your help, we could… “Change the World”

There is more to life and living than to just listen to those who tell you to “shut up… you talk too much” and to “Pay the Man”…


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