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Why Hilliary Clinton Is Uniquely Qualified To Be President

April 15, 2015

Many people have polarizing opinions about Hillary Clinton. One half see her as a tralblazer, who was involved in the Nixon impeachment proceedings, a women’s rights advocate, the brave architect and tireless advocate for nationalized health care, than preceded Obamneycare. A partner of President Bill Clinton who defended him from attacks from the opposition party. Someone who gave Bill backbone to do what he did and stand up to the fire of public office. A woman who protected her daughter from the White House press corps.

Others see her as a corrupt, vicious criminal, who used threats and intimidation to keep power and control everything around her… while ironically preaching ignorance and insignificance in nearly every controversy or investigation of illegal activity, while as a lawyer, first lady, or in public life.

But the irony is that this duality uniquely qualifies her to be our next President of the US.

The gall to take on a public issue, examine it, craft a solution that can be bought into, by the people and big corporations. That is what a President does. He is a tireless advocate using the bully pulpit to get their way. This is something Hillary has done and will continue to do.

A President must always deflect blame, deny, obfuscate the facts, and redirect them into opportunities to redefine the narratives. Their failures must not be failures, but successes. And any culpability must be reflected upon the system, the bureaucracy, not the candidate. OR must be framed as a personal attack, or a targeted attack against a group of people. Almost always intended to mean all “the people…”. Wether the people agree with you, or not.

A President must be willing to appease their donors, their masters, their alliances and strategic partners, more than anybody else, and willing to discard them on a moments notice, should anything negative, come out about them, or your alliance with them.

Hillary is a master at this too. Wether it is illegally raising money from Peter Paul, then lying and saying despite evidence to the contrary that she knew nothing, did nothing and never knowingly violated campaign election law…

Or masterminding the final assault on the Waco compound that indiscriminately killed men, women, children, and unborn children, while letting the Attorney General assume full responsibility publicly, and privately letting her lover, Vince Foster live with the guilt and the shame of it, to the point where he took his own life.

These are the actions of a maniacal, megalomaniac, where the ends always justifies the means, and that is defined by their status and influence, and by what they can get away with pushing and implementing at the expense of anyone and everyone around them.

You must have the cognitive dissonance to act as a advocate for women’s rights, while allowing your husband to prey on women, young, old, black, white, what have you, and do so in the most violent and sadistic ways imaginable. You must look the other way, when drugs are being run out of your military bases, while your husband is the governor. While opponents of you are intimidated or killed. While people suspected and confirmed to be involved in scandals that uniquely benefit you and your cronies suddenly die in plane crashes, just before they are about to testify. Or die just after making allegations against your husband for criminal sexual assault.

You must back military intervention anyplace, anytime, and anywhere. Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan, Sudan, and even within the US against religious groups or gun rights activists, like what happened in Waco and Ruby Ridge. And that principle of “destroying the village to save it” or killing the children to save them from their parents, naturally extends itself overseas. But the testament to this moral bankruptcy is Benghazi.

In the face of American officers being surveiled with low security in a hostile sector, then having security eliminated. Only to confound the situation further by cutting the men off from calling for reinforcements, and then calling off, again and again, units who heard the cries of those in danger and saw the only obligation was to act to help their brothers with an immediate rescue operation. Then those who survive that attack are put on the carpet and given the 3rd degree for their actions… while you again say that you heard nothing, saw nothing and know nothing… THAT is a kind of psychosis that uniquely qualifies you to be President of the USA.

Think about it. Who else could sleep at night after making a false case for war, against a country without any pretext or reason or cause whatsoever, and then have the gall to link it to the worst terrorist attack in US history.

Who else could go into investigation after investigation and see their friends, allies and associates end up in prison, and shrug it off as “a vast right wing conspiracy?”

Who else could run claiming to speak out for the poor, while being flown in, to meet with the global titans of industry and discuss policy with them, in secret, in direct violation of the US Constitution.

Who else could claim to be a tough, tireless human rights lawyer, while being disbarred for unethical practice and behavior in her home state of Arkansas.

Who else could champion herself as a proud working mother, when she has state troopers run errands for her. And has secretaries babysit for her. While her husband is god knows where, with god knows who, and how many?

Hillary Clinton thinks she is qualified to be President because she has “been in the arena.” She has battled with Bill, battled with those opposing her every step of the way. In her legal practice, in her time as first lady, as Secretary of State, holding the water for a man, she had no business losing to, and was nowhere near as qualified as she was to be President. She is entitled to this for all she has suffered. What is all too often left out, is that all of this backlash, and consequence comes not from what happened TO her, but how she chose to handle what happened to her.

Has a shitty husband, she covers it up, goes after the women, sends people to intimidate, threaten, harass and in some cases, kill them. Has an opportunity to roast a prominent sitting Republican President, gets so overzealous that she is thrown off the investigative committee for unethical behavior. Works at a prestigious law firm, uses that status and influence to get illegal deals to make money through real estate fraud. Gets handed an opportunity of a lifetime to fix health care in the US, meets with the corporate heads in secret and makes deals that are so egregious that it derails the entire bill. Loses a Presidential primary as the presumptive candidate, gets appointed to Secretary of State. Gets appointed to Secretary of State during a time of unparalleled conflict and multiple theater wars, can’t even be expected to answer the phone, AFTER running a campaign claiming that she was the only candidate who knows what it’s like to get that call at 3 AM and take action immediately. Well, in the most pubic and gut wrenching way imaginable, she failed that test.

They had no one to help them, were outgunned, and surrounded, with the building on fire, after being put there by leadership from Hillary and the administration, and they were nothing short of abandoned, and sacrificed for political reasons at worst, or at best, an inability to act decisively in a time of peril for American citizens and soldiers.

That is nothing new. Every President has their opportunities to make war, conduct war, and rise or fall, on the basis of what happens to the people they send there. It’s just 9 times out of 10, it goes down, because of the fact that it was unexpected, and people were accordingly unprepared. Here, like with W. Bush and 911, to quote George Tenet, “the system was blinking RED!” and nobody listened, or bothered to wake up, or ask that they be woken up, when the call actually came at 3 AM.

This is not just an indictment of Hillary Clinton, it is an indictment of the political system. The very thought that political calculation can lead to such an impotence to take decisive action, in real time, when Americans are in danger, is in itself a statement of profound warning. We should no more reward Hillary Clinton by overlooking her sins, no more than we should be satisfied to overlook them ourselves. Just because you are a woman, or was married to a President, or was “there” when the good things happened, but “gone” when the bad went down, does not mean that you are qualified morally to lead. It just means that given the quality of those in the past who have, and have failed to be ethical or moral in times of crisis, you would be no different. And therefore are qualified.

That is it.

That is all that the Hillary Clinton campaign is.

Calling it “change” and “a new page, a new way forward,” does not mean that you will act differently. Your patterns throughout the past have been to take credit for accomplishing nothing. Take credit for accomplishments you had nothing to do with. (Just being “there” isn’t enough, you have to “act” and accomplish something) And scapegoating and blaming your allies when things go wrong, as well as your enemies. And making your most intimate friends who did what you told them to do, go to prison for you… is not the mark of a good leader, but an incompetent one, who is afraid to lead, or trust others, or even themselves to make the proper decisions.

You don’t make a call, and send the Attorney General to take the heat.

You don’t engage in unlawful activity, and when you finally are investigated decades later call it nothing more than a “conspiracy.”

You don’t insist on being a Senator to serve the people of New York, then give it up in a heartbeat to run for President, and then fall into Secretary of State, then complain about being unfairly taken to account for your own decisions, blaming it on those beneath you, or outside of you (the media).

Or maybe you do.

Maybe that IS what qualifies one to be President of the US anymore, a desire to BE President, do anything, say anything, and sacrifice ANYONE to ensure you get in power, stay in power, and use that power to protect your privilege, and get even with ANYONE who would reduce or eliminate it.

In this sense, to hold toxic grudges, exact viscous revenge, use anyone and everything to attack those who were a part of, or brought any light to, any unethical or illegal behavior or actions that you instigated or were a part of. To insist that you are supporting people publicly, while destroying them in private (this holds true with whole nations, too). To be able to meet and call one an ally one night, only to call them a “terrorist” and your mortal enemy, the next morning. These are unique character traits that qualify one to actually BE President of the US.

In that sense, there is no one, with the history, the record, the gall, the animosity, the paranoia, the narcissism, the ego, and the pure unadulterated will to be President of the US, more than Hillary Rodham Clinton. No one can hold a candle to her. And even if they could find one, they likely would have their hand or arm too broken or shattered to even light it, or hold it up in the darkness.

Hillary is everything the Presidency IS now and should NEVER be.

If she is elected it will be confirmation of just how bankrupt, morally and otherwise, we will remain as a nation, as long as we think we need to reward the worst among us, and give them absolute power to destroy whatever they wish, in the name of personal conquest. Wether it be a sovereign nation overseas, or here in the good ol’ USA. Who is next in the cross-hairs…? Tea Party? The unemployed? The people in corporations who took bailout money? The health care industry? The insurance industry? The military contractors? The civil police which are now being militarized. The citizens who now are considered suspects, and are knowingly or not, under surveillance, health records, tax records, financial records, internet search history, political advocacy or positions made in public or private… Anything that power wants, power can have, and escape responsibility or accountability. Just look at the bankers.

Hillary sees herself as no different. Entitled to everything by virtue of her existence and associations. Nothing more. And if you get in the way of her birthright, she will destroy you. Wether you are a sovereign nation, or a peasant in a country still stuck in the 19th century. There is no distinction. Everyone is fodder for her to achieve total power. Many have the ambition, most do not have the fortitude to act upon it, or the gall to be proud and so arrogant in doing so. Hillary, uniquely is unparalleled not only in the shamelessness of her actions but in the face of criticism and the slightest sense of accountability that goes with it. She has the very best of the worst traits man has to offer. And like those like her in the past, she feels qualified, and entitled to wield absolute power over anyone, anywhere in the world. This is the role of the last great superpower, that America insist on maintaining. How appropriate we now have someone who equally lives and breathes that ideal lack of ideals. The immaculate principle of being the most unprincipled. That the ends justify the means. And that no one be permitted to escape the wrath of the whirlwind, that Hillary embodies… that is uniquely American Exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny personified. She is uniquely American. And in that and in her example, she is, without a doubt, the most qualified individual to continue America’s inevitable decline.

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