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Absent Minded (Im)Morality

April 15, 2015

From Facebook: ” I would like to ask ANYONE that would vote for Paul or is a libertarian a serious question. Do we not have an obligation to help the world against evil? Do we sit back and watch genocide of people? Since we should bring all of our troops and only defend against a homeland attack. How would we ever try and stop the evil in the world, or is it not our problem. Rwanda? Christians throughout the middle east that are being slaughtered. Sounds to me the same isolationist stances of the 1930’s. How well did that work out for us?”

So we send people with guns to stop people with guns… something is missing. Besides, I never see the arbiters of morality, volunteer to put their ass on the line, as boots on the ground. Always somebody else gets to be put in their place. How does that make you different from the aggressors in Rwanda? Besides, look at Iraq. We invaded and had the Shia AND Sunni unite to FIGHT US!!! Rwanda’s neighbors should be involved… not the USA. We have no stake in this fight.” –FWO

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