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Questions For Anyone Who Wants To “Lead…”

April 13, 2015

Do you have anything to say about the fact that at birth, children are collateralized and enslaved with debt, spent by people like yourself who have the sole authority to do such a thing.

Why do we issue debt based currency through a private bank when our own law states that only gold or silver is legal tender

Do you have anything to say about the fact that you yourself have sole authority to run up such debt in the people’s name in the first place.

How can you call it “self defense” when you maintain over 686 military bases, in 74 countries…

How is this nothing but an utter failure of the role or usefulness of the United Nations.

Do have anything to say about the fact that the Affordable Health Care Act took care from citizens, while subsidizing the insurance industry, and was the biggest breach of individuals health privacy and data collection instituted against the American people in collusion with mega corporations in the past century. And that this in effect nullifies the care portion of the bill and makes it effectively the biggest tax hike in history, at a time when the economy is at it’s weakest since the Great Depression.

To your knowledge, did the provisions in the TARP bill, that mandated bailouts of the banks and financial sector, ever end…

To your knowledge did the state of emergency enacted under President W. Bush on September 11, 2001, ever end?

How can you trade with China, and criticize trade with Cuba, when historically China’s human rights record is one of the worst in recorded history.

Does the “Violent Radicalization & Homegrown Terrorism Bill” apply to people who use taxpayer dollars to meet and fund al Qaeda, such as former Presidential Candidate John McCain, OR just those who act out of conscience to assemble in public or in private to protest anything whatsoever…

Do you think these people should be subject to intimidation, assault, sexual assault, incarceration, and have their property stolen or seized, and continually harrassed by law enforcement, for merely practicing their 1st Amendment right to free speech, assembly, and right to petition for redress of grievances.

Do you support forced medical treatment while incarcerated or in custody for any reason, is this not the definition of torture.

Do you uphold the US Constitution when it is in direct conflict of the UN Charter, or a free trade agreement.

Do the states have sovereignty under the US Constitution, and if so, what justification does the federal government to withhold tax revenue from such states.

How can you demand austerity for natural born citizens while at the same time support full benefits for illegal immigrants, especially at a time when the US is in a state of war against foreign agents who are declared terrorists.

If Barack Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen, how can Ted Cruz become President when he isn’t one either.

Do you find that corporations using public education funded by taxpayers to conduct research, and then have exclusive rights to charge for profit at outrageous markups and eliminate low cost generics for low income citizens, is immoral. What is your solution?

If you have a right to self defense, to travel, to engage in commerce, to farm, why do you need a license to do so. Is a license not a permit to engage in behavior that would otherwise be unlawful? Is this why the other half of registration is confiscation. If you can have your right to a firearm taken away, the right to buy and sell freely, to grow your own food, and so on, how “free” are “We, the People?”

If we have religious freedom, why are those churches who speak out politically, taxed and audited and litigated to shut down, when they act or speak out of conscience.

Do “gun free zones” promote safety or enable mass casualty violence.

How can you call a law legitimate if it is upheld by the Supreme Court. Is the Supreme Court not made up of political appointees. Is this nothing less than legislating from the bench what could not be won through popular political will of the people. Does this not make this institution another cartel, and it’s judgments by fiat, illegitimate.

At a time of multiple ongoing conflicts why are Corporate Income Taxes at record lows, while the number of corporations who do NOT pay taxes, increase year after year.

Does this have any correlation with the fact that the amount of money collected under the Income Tax is equivalent to defense spending.

Does this mean that if we really DID bring the troops home, we could fund government without having an Income Tax. With the Corporate Income Tax to be more than enough, in addition to reworking local government charters to corporations to where they have to pay in order to incorporate to make a profit or conduct business in a state.

How do you stop institutional racism and sexism while teaching it in higher education, and enforcing it in common legal practice.

Is there such a thing as “natural, inalienable rights,” or is there only temporary privileges subject to behavior and obedience.

How do you intend to address and include the voices of those who disagree with you and your policies.

And if have no intention to do so, what do you do with those who dissent. Where do they fit into your version of society?


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