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Fear Based Relevance Is No Substitute For Liberty

April 13, 2015


Fear. Fear maintains relevance. Keeps those who continue to perpetuate it, subsidized, and ties up resources in non-productive means. A military base is nothing more than a parking lot with offices. The employees just happen to have guns. And drive around in uniform. Largely just doing busy work, or practicing war. They do not contribute anything of value to the community, if anything they drag on the resources of the community, and are disrespectful of the local customs and culture. They rarely engage with the people they are occupying. If so, it is in the most condescending terms. Not to mention this leaves hardware and manpower 10,000 miles AWAY from America if she is indeed attacked by an invasion force, which hasn’t happened since the Civil War, and even that wasn’t an invasion but a disagreement that was provoked to be escalated to create and invite conflict.

Besides, isn’t resolving conflict the duty for the United Nations? Why don’t we send in the UN, instead of the US military? What Israel, or Great Britain, or Russia, or some other Army and Air Force and Navy of a sovereign nation isn’t necessary? JUST the US military…


Doesn’t a “global threat” invite a “global response?” Doesn’t the fact that only the US largely remains engaged in these occupations by definition make them not morally justified on the basis of global peace, but just hegemony and murder and violence as an extension of politics by other means?

America has no enemies. They have rivals who are forced to push back in order to survive. The unlimited growth paradigm, invites the need for new markets for products, to supplant old markets. The need to destroy sovereign wealth, in order to create privatized wealth through force and intimidation and violence. The need to replace the Constitution and legal system of nations to exempt the looting for the conquering nations. The need to replace the banking system in order to confiscate wealth of nations and replace it with debt receipts to bankers… The need to change production for the public good, to production for the wealthy of the aristocracy. The Allies who instigate force, must be entitled to the fruits of the people’s labor. It is not only fair, but necessary to recapitalize them and compensate them for the cost of the invasion and occupation in the 1st place.

We strategically place puppets into lands that are resource rich, create instability then replace them with somebody more amenable to us, when they are no longer useful or obedient to our edicts of global conquest capitalism. Hussein. bin Laden, the former Shah of Iran, all were funded, groomed and armed with the help of the US government so that they would be in a position to enable our global hegemony.

This and our evisceration of sovereignty and the fundamental right to self determination of any nation we choose, and for any reason, without recourse or  resolution, sending in the military to blow things up and indiscriminately kill and starve to death those who survive the initial campaign of violence, so that we can install our version of “social order” that allows our capitalists to seize and control the flow of capital and resources of such a nation and those who act in concert with them; this is the great satan within us, that we get to never see. It is the true face of our government and how we govern. We are just as disrespectful and intolerant and apt to use violence to achieve our own ends, here in the US. Just ask a Branch Davidian, or and American Indian if you can FIND one…. but the gloves can come off when we are overseas and have control over how what we did is presented in our media, if not the worlds.

How many people know of what happened in Panama in 1989, when a manhunt for former ally Noriega, turned a poor, sovereign nation, into a live fire, experimental weapons testing facility? Many of the weapons being developed since Vietnam, and now getting their 1st test in action thanks to the fictional war on drugs. You fight drugs by using agents at the border, and securing the border. Not leaving it wide open. Certainly not by using horrific weapons to maim and kill peasants, just to locate and imprison a dictator you installed in the first place.

This is why the world is at best suspicious and at worst hateful and resentful of America. And we haven’t even touched about the role Israel’s genocide and apartheid against the Palestinian people play into it, either.

The justification for this always is to “keep us safe.” But it is interventions like these that keep us the most vulnerable. We are so occupied by the middle east, that we ignore our open borders. We are so lax in or immigration polices that terrorist get student visas to the US from countries that are known sponsors of terrorism. And they don’t even have to attend class in order to stay here. We have stockpiles of nuclear weapons and waste that are time bombs or potential “dirty bombs” all over this country. Aging stockpiles of biological weapons that could harm our entire country, and if that is not enough, we are reverse engineering historical plagues in the hopes of not learning how to eradicate them, but weaponize them. Then we can send them to our allies of convenience, then declare war on those allies to destroy those stockpiles, when they do something we don’t like. See Iraq.

And if things are not precarious enough, we are actively engaging in arms deals in countries like Egypt, where the elected government was just overthrown. We buy and sell oil through proxies with ISIS, while we are at a state of war with them. And this in the name of peace and national security, while we are told to fear a pipe bomb plot or a bio weapons attack through the freakin’ post office.

Clearly the world and the nations that inhabit it, see us not as an ally for peace and prosperity, but violence, war, and privatized prosperity for the pirates, the gangsters of capitalism that Major General Smedley Darlington Butler wrote about serving for the duration of his acclaimed military career in his work “War Is A Racket.”

Instead of fighting the enemies from within our own government, we are told to fight phantom enemies, fabled enemies, so that the agenda of gangster capitalism and unfettered globalism turn every right into a privilege, subject to obedience, for profit, that you have to pay for, or consent to slavery to pay back… and if you have a problem with it, we have a camp or a prison to put you in, where you can be utilized for slave inmate labor, and charged for the basic necessities the state is obligated to give unto you. Or you can fend for yourself. Under constant threat of your fellow man or an agent of the state.

And this is what we call “morality,” and “justice” and bomb and invade to institute overseas, or lecture at nauseam and  harangue and harass, and blackmail nations, governments or the leaders of those nations, so if they will not let us control them outright, will at least be tolerant or at least indifferent to our aims with other nations, whose resources we covet, overseas.

Today you are considered “Anti-American” or a “suspect of interest” if you are an American citizen and have a problem with this, within your own mind or showing any demonstration or evidence of a conscience, independent of agenda, dogma, ideologies, hierarchies, or any other tool or invented mechanism or proposed mechanisms of containing and projecting, maximum and absolute obedience in the name of preserving social order.

The inequality and injustice in the system is a footnote and dismissed out of hand. To even suggest it, or to further examine it, calls into question your patriotism, your allegiance, your oath, your loyalty and your mental fitness to be trusted to interact with your fellow man, or engage in commerce freely.

These days those who assemble to speak out are met with armed humvees, militarized police, sound cannons with rhapsodic and sadistic names like “the mind molester,” water cannons, tasers, and when that isn’t good enough to disperse an “unlawful assembly” (which ironically does NOT make it illegal), then the agents of the state have license to engage in physical and even sexual assault, to the point of physical death. And they can even be filmed doing it, or be filming themselves and be acquitted, thanks to selective editing of footage by themselves or a 3rd party, OR destroying evidence of criminal conduct outright. And even outside the system, independent civilian review boards, often give the agent of the state the benefit of the doubt, following the perversion of logic that is the invention of the notion that if the person didn’t want any harm to come to them, they should have “stopped resisting,” and displaying “guilty demeanor,” that “disrespected the badge” and rights of the cop to (I am not kidding) “self defense” (through instigation of “offense”).

The foundation and bedrock of this naked aggression and scientific tyranny is always predicated on fear. Absolute fear. Of harm, of theft, of character assassination, and even physical death or incarceration, which amounts to the same spiritual death.

It is not consistent with morality to continue this in our own country, let alone take resources from our own country and our own people, to waste them, implementing this dystopic, myopic unreality, this network of fictions that justify the unjustifiable, and  implement the unspeakable.

The burden does not lie with our masters, but with us. If we want to be a people worth defending we must first see it worthwhile to defend people, on our own volition. We have to see that the only way our rights exist, is if the rights of others exist. There can be no exceptions, privileges, immunities, importunities, licenses, charters be damned. The people’s rights must be linked and bound into natural law, and artificial fictional entities must be dismissed out of hand. You cannot create in fiction anything real or imagined that gives you the right to do, what you cannot do in reality. Nothing that cannot exist, can be made to materialize by the edict of a mortal being. We haven’t yet reached that point… to put it another way… “we don’t have the technology.”

In this life there is only what “is,” no wonder we are so convoluted and inefficient focusing all our time, effort and limited resources maintaining and inventing new means and creation to what is “not.” There is an unlimited, untapped potential  of human knowledge and ancient knowledge, in existence in the here and now, to create and innovate and end suffering and imposed scarcity and technical inefficiency. What there is not, is the will to do so. It will not come from those who benefit and profit obscenely from this current manifestation of engineered social and political order. It will only come from the ground up, and from people like you, who ask questions, seek the answers and seek to collaborate to find those answers, and bring them to the people, that make fundamental, beneficial change possible. It doesn’t need a marketing strategy or a profit motive to be instigated or instituted. It just take people, men and women of conscience who are dedicated to solving problems, asking questions, and finding answers to create solutions.

The responsibility is yours. It is that way because you are obligated to yourself, and know that as you are, so is the other. For we are all one human family. And exist through the symbiotic relationship between man, and his environment in nature.

Nature itself is the preeminent social order. What is the land, will be reclaimed back unto the land. Wether we are here, or long after we are gone. How we manage it, defines our limitations from it. Imposed scarcity for profit endangers all humanity and walks of life. For it is predicated on the unrestricted destruction of value to create artificial value. Can you imagine that in this economy or “anti-economy” the number of sick people is considered good for GDP and is considered a value to society, since sick people require care, drugs, and a myriad of tools, to maintain for as long as possible. Creating jobs everywhere. Rather than focus on keeping people healthy, we choose to poison them and create industries dedicated to keeping people sick. Just to keep the industry alive. This is not natural in nature. Therefore it cannot be permitted to exist.

We have to identify cause. We have to define what is just. And we have to have the courage to identify and eradicate, ostracize, and exile that which is in contrary to natural law, justice, and does verifiable harm to the people, and destruction of the vital resources that preserve and sustain life, and man, itself.

I would suggest competition, in defiance of any artificial law. Grow your own food. Start your own stores. Create your own money. Create your own media. Innovate to provide alternative transportation, housing, clinics, education, means of production and distribution. What do you have to lose, what you have already lost, or will eventually lose? What are you afraid of? You already live in fear and paralysis. Just maybe in the process of seeking solutions you will be empowered. Perhaps you will come to a time where you don’t need government to meet your needs and they are irrelevant.

THAT is the fundamental threat to the existing “social and political order” of the day. But you know what… How can this not end. It is so wasteful, inefficient and authoritarian, that there is no “growth” left to be extracted from it. Only a controlled decline. That is the promise of what is being constantly offered, re-offered, and if outright rejected, IMPOSED upon the people, always by force, coercion, and intimidation.

You can’t get ahead, because you cannot be allowed to get ahead, and take away from absolute power over you, that would invite defiance, and eradicate the unquestioned obedience that maintains and enforces the existing social and political order of the day. Only those who serve this system will be provided the temporary privilege to be exempt from it, for a time.

And our silence and implied consent, sentences sovereign peoples of the world, to suffer under this in perpetuity. And We, the People, are only the final nail on the cross to crucify to the last independent, sovereign, and free man on the land.

We are responsible.

Do with have it within us, the spark of naked self interest to save ourselves…

And together, collaborate in self interest to preserve that which sustains life, expose and exile those who would not, and throw every tool they utilize to keep us in our eternal place of dis-empowerment and defeat, into the dustbin of history, along with their absent faiths and broken ideologies.

It begins with a choice. It begins with you.


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