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Why I Hate Politics…

April 12, 2015

Yes, I know… another goddamned political season is upon us. Already the media and those who fund them are telling you who is a credible candidate for the Presidency, and so forth. Why am I sick of this. Simple. Because it distorts, pollutes and censors the discourse to who should CONTINUE things as they are, and this is usually prefaced by conjecture of how things may get WORSE (if that is possible) if the non preferable candidate to the moneyed class and interests, fails to get the proper backing to win an election… (and no, I’m not referring to the voters).

Rather than ask questions, and re-evaluate the folly of our policies, whether it be domestically with the financial crisis, the market fraud, the immunity from prosecution for those responsible and the implementation of corporate welfare in unlimited funding or “re-capitalizing” of the banks and the Federal Reserve, which was instituted to PREVENT such a failure from EVER happening again… or how about the health care law, that is nothing more than a bailout to the insurance industry, and is nothing less than a TAX to the shrinking middle class.. and another write off for the wealth class, and of course, just another wall the poor and the working poor have to overcome to even exist… or examine how in the hell after the colossal failure that was the Iraq war revisited and the failure of the pathetic effort to eradicate al Qaeda by FUNDING them, all while the government is constantly telling us “sleeper cells” of jihadi’s are lurking all around to bomb postal boxes and spread anthrax in our packages, and (with the help of the FBI) plotting to pipe bomb a shopping mall… (yeah, these guys REALLY aimed low AFTER hitting the freaking Pentagon and the Twin Towers with Airliners..  can’t you tell.. what have they become Peter Frampton, suffering from paralysis from their mega hit to ever dare to top it, again, and settle for benign mediocrity?) Or how about the unemployed and the homeless… Remember them? We haven’t seen them in the news since Reagan, but now in cities all across the country you see people, whole families forced to live in their cars… and hustling to make a buck to pay for one more day of existence…

And yet if you listen to the “haves” or those who serve them, all you hear is how things have never been better, and that people suffer “by choice…” All they had to do was consent… Well the problem is, those people DID what they were told in school and the media, and that is how they got there… Kids with school debt and no job? “Well they should have researched what jobs were gonna be available by the time they graduated.” Tell that to all of the damn nurses or even better, lawyers, who believed the preaching that those “skilled jobs” were “recession proof”. And let’s not forget teachers… these same victims of their indoctrination actually believe that their self(ish) serving belief system exempts them from the world around them, and worst of all they are ENTITLED to that exemption from REALITY. This is nothing less than magical thinking… The very same magical thinking that enables the Rand Paul lackeys, and Hillary Clinton sycophants, to think that if they believe in the slogan enough, that makes it true, and more likely that THEY too, will be saved and exempt from the consequences of things as they are… you know… REALITY.

It was this same kind of “faith based” belief system, in absence of reason or logic or fact. that got us INTO the wars, the financial mess, and so on.

The market became inflated because of easy lending and “subprime” lending so people who couldn’t pay to own a home, could. Even though they didn’t because they couldn’t pay for it. The fraud was funneled into the stock market, which then had the media encourage uneducated common folk to throw their life savings into the market, creating more capital for capitalists, and profits based on debt based mortgages and fraud based lending… that would make a loan shark shudder.

Yet what are we told is a solution to this mess? More regulations written by bankers to protect them from themselves, or more accurately, their competition… Now mega banks get to merge, along with mega corporations and get the American people to refund them for the money they stole from their customers in the beginning, and the rest of the people at the end, when the bailout blank check comes from the government.

We are told that money itself needs to be more scarce in the form of precious metals, and commodities, nevermind the fact that all our debt is owned by foreign banks, and that our assets are in their possession as collateral for a debt that will never be repaid. At some point the financial system will collapse, and the titans of industry and capital will again be the first in line with their hand out. And you the common man, will be left with just the clothes on your back, as the bank fights with the government over what is left, of you and from you. They get to consolidate and privatize their wealth. You get worthless money, paper. How will you get your needs met? When money doesn’t get you what you need? How will you get access to the precious metals and commodities that they value, when you have nothing of value to offer. Except your body, your children, or your life? Just stop and think for a moment how sick this is…

This system is long overdue to be on trial and examined in the public arena, with solutions posed and probed and the best and the brightest working in the interests of the people. Instead we have actors, preaching the Constitution as gospel to us, while in the same breath planning the next war without authorization from Congress or the consent of the people, illegally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally.  We have people masquerading as narratives, their only qualification is the unlimited, unmitigated GALL to think they are entitled to rule us, on behalf of the rulers of us all.

Hilliary, Paul, what does it matter… All we get to find out is how much more we get to pay, and how much less we should expect, or according to Rand’s TEA party, how expecting anything from government at all is obsolete.

That is fine with me. I expect nothing from government. BUT to think that I should be obligated to cover the fraud of those with unlimited privileges and exemptions, and those who create and benefit from artificial cartels and monopolies, at the expense OF me and everyone else… THAT I feel is a bridge too far.

Now Randal’s Vandals will tell me that I am “sabotaging the last best hope of liberty in our lifetime…” But, I ask, “liberty for whom?” For the capitalist to let their capital flow freely to create even more wealth, and laws from their policymakers who are in effect reduced to nothing more than clients and personal asset managers… where is OUR liberty? Oh right, WE get to PAY for it, in taxes, surcharges, fees, and bailouts, when they can’t function ethically, or run their business properly. They get to succeed by failing, we get to work harder, with more demands, and more cuts, just to even have the privilege  to work for the welfare of the privileged and well off… “We should all want to be… (insert corporation here)” according to (Ayn) Rand Paul… but WE can’t because we, the People are NOT corporations, therefore we are not people, and entitled to provisions and protections as such.

What if I look around and see conclusively that the Constitution, hasn’t limited government, and that trusting politicians to do so, in effect limit their own power and influence, in the face of evidence, is impossible? What if I see that there is no difference in the rhetoric of Senator Rand Paul, than the rhetoric of then Senator Barack Obama. Our current President was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, in effect for winning an election. Admittedly in the hopes that “he see it as an opportunity to bring peace…” And yet when he won and gave his speech, it was about how America and the world, MUST stay at a constant state of war.

What happens when Rand Paul is given the Presidency, in the hopes of limiting government, ending war, stopping financial malfeasance, and restoring the rule of law? Will we get even bigger government and regulation or worse, reforms and lax regulation that will empower multinational corporations (who already do NOT pay taxes), wider war, in the name of ending it (like Nixon’s illegal war campaign in Laos and Cambodia, which now everyone agrees PROLONGED the Vietnam war for probably another 3 years… How many men died for that mistake?) To paraphrase a quote from Former Sen. John Kerry… Indeed how many men and women must die to rectify the mistake of people like Sen. John McCain, meeting, funding and arming al Qaeda in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Iraq? Perhaps we are at war with the wrong people, and the path to end war, begins with the one’s here at home who are perpetuating it. But even here, with fact and logic on his side, Rand Paul, caves and apologizes to John McCain, for merely speaking the truth to him, about his direct involvement in funding and preserving the very enemy our men and women overseas are dying, defending their lives and the lives of those now oppressed by ISIS in the entire swath of the middle east, and now Syria…FROM!

Rand Paul will NOT be called on the carpet for this. Hiliary Clinton won’t either. Instead they will compete to see how convincing they can be, that they will CONTINUE these same failed policies that needlessly and senselessly KILL Muslims, Christians, and anyone else who inhabits “Greater Israel”– I mean “the war zone.”

So here it comes, causes reduced to slogans, reality replaced by ridicule, truths substituted for untruths. And yet again, anything BUT competency a prerequisite for the ultimate privilege. To take orders FROM the privileged, and exempted from such yourselves…

No talk about how to reform this system for the common man, and those in need. No talk of the common man, at all, except how much more they must give over and of themselves to those who have it all… respecting their right and privilege to KEEP it ALL!

I for one will not be listening, nor caring about who gets to be President, this fall. I got to find a way to live in spite of what is, let alone what is to come from what is to follow. History has taught us that great men go down for the noblest of causes, and lesser men are exalted for abandoning cause for conquest. For them it is always personal, but for their masters it is their birthright. Unlimited rights for the privileged, and temporary privileges subject to behavior, for the rest of us.

Maybe even Rand Paul knows this. And maybe he knows that his personal privileges are subject to behavior and unquestioned obedience, leaving no doubt who he answers to, and what for. Maybe he realized he couldn’t fight the system while being inside it, and decided the best thing for himself was to succumb to it, just like his predecessor Barack Obama did.

It certainly explains his behavior, his purges of his true believers, that he could not control or have controlled, in favor of shameless, naked ambitious, opportunists, just like himself, therefore he could trust.

Now instead of an army of the righteous, asserting their will and demanding their rights be respected, Rand has decided to surround himself with an army of the self righteous, who are asserting the will of their masters, and imposing it, not just on Rand Paul, but THROUGH him, and unto all of the rest of us. And all he, like his masters, demand… is nothing less than unquestioned OBEDIENCE!

Maybe he learned along the way that the only way for him to be able to serve his masters, was to first become them. He had to kill his conscience, turn his back on his allies, and lie down with the filth and the vermin of DC in order to coexist among them, in the vain hope that he would be chosen by them, to do their bidding.

Maybe it’s just his naked personal ambition. Maybe he learned what not to do from his father, and instead of being a nat on the ass of the beast, he instead saw it more prestigious to be permitted to TEMPORARILY hold onto the leash.

I cannot say for sure. But I sure know that no matter who wins the privilege to work on behalf of the privileged, the rest of us will  have to figure out just how to survive.

THAT truth is what is missing from this debate. The fact that all of this money and effort and precious time, and resources that could be better spent in the hands of the common man, will now instead be spent on a billion dollar unreality show, all just to see who gets to take orders from the man, and live at the direct expense of ALL man.

Rather than target the guilty, and the shameless, we are instead told to target each other, so that the company man can win, for the little guy. Nevermind the fact that the reason the company man has everything, is because of the little guy, and everything he had, he stole from the effort and labor of the little guy, and the customers who funded him. Or with the aid of their lawmakers, if the customer’s freely choose to not do so. And they call it “the free market,” the new gospel of prosperity through involuntary compulsion. Nevermind the fact that the only way to have any prosperity in “the free market” at all, is to begin with enough of it, to have exemptions and immunities from the government in order to create any of it. And to be able to KEEP it, FROM the people, who they just took it from… ethically if in the marketplace, unethically, if not. But either way, money is still money. You can still BUY anything with it… Even a Senator’s soul… conscience, or dignity…

Think about that the next time you see Rand Paul go on another diatribe about his treatment in the media, or worse, a lecture from his supporters, who will call you vile names, for quoting the man’s own words, right back at them. But then, ignorance is bliss for some, and a virtue for others… for Rand Paul followers, in fact… it is BOTH! And he sees to it, and if he can’t, he pays others to do so, with the people’s own money that he asked them for, and they gave unto him. When you think about it, it is enough to make you sick. The only thing worse, is the thought with him with absolute power…

Who get’s diminished then, in the cause for Rand? So what if it’s the American people… They should have voted… Republican, NOT their conscience, of course. Do you see where this goes? All they ask in return is your soul. It’s only fair. They already chose to give up theirs for the cause. After all, a good citizen is free to do what they are told… Just look at Rand Paul.

Great men die, so that mediocrity reigns. In seven months we will know who will be telling us what to think and how to live. Thankfully, for us, some already have a head start. And the gall to ask us to pay for them, to have the privilege to tell us just how much more we are expected to give up… Yeay…. Can you feel the enthusiasm? If you can, you must be very happy with yourself. But then self satisfaction is a prerequisite for such things… Maybe that is all the Rand Paul supporters are really looking for in the end. Validation from and for something outside of themselves. Of course, THAT is what gave us Barack Freakin’ Obama, and may well give us Hillary Clinton. So fitting these two empty suits, style over substance quacks are running against one another to be the errand boy for the bastards who rob us of our life, liberty and property… Come to think of it, that is what Rand Paul claims he is running to protect… But then again, as they say: “The force is strong with this one…” Too bad people fail to realize that he willingly chose the Dark Side… unlike his father… Who for whatever reason, would not. That he can be so silent and watch his son destroy his legacy and erase his contribution to his own supporters, and in fact turn that on it’s head, I don’t know… Maybe when you think about it, THAT is even worse than Rand Paul.

There is no “winning” for the common man, to be had in any of  this… Only degrees of losing. Those with means live at the expense of those without. And this is what passes for “justice” in our discourse, our legal system, our monetary system, our education system, our health care system, our faith based belief system and within our own souls. No wonder we feel so uncertain and helpless and codependent on our masters. They get us sick, and keep us sick in the name of keeping the necessary relevance for themselves, so that they enjoy the privileges, immunities, and exemptions for themselves. They live off of us, and tell us, they live FOR us. A package of the same empty promises and fear based rhetoric to keep you where you belong… BENEATH them, permanently, and forever… That is patently sick, maniacal and downright evil… But they cloak in names such as “liberty,” “freedom,” and “opportunity.” They just conveniently leave out for WHOM….

What is past is prologue… Will we learn, once and for all, to REJECT the lies, and the willing liars who tell them… The politicians, the media, the credentialed class of servile servants for the ruling class. That exist to ensure that you and everyone you know, will NEVER truly be free. Except to do as you are told. Wether the one telling you is Rand Paul, Hillary Clinton, the media, the teachers, the middle managers, corporate executives, et. al. Let the slavery of the mind keep you in your chains of money, ideology, false convictions and morally bankrupt principles.

Their delusions of grandeur have worked very well for them, at the expense OF us. Frankly anybody who self appoints themselves our leader or master is unqualified to lead anyone. A man is only accountable for his own fate, morally. If he wants to subject himself to anything, that is just because he subjects only himself to the consequences of his actions. These folks would rather have YOU subjected solely to the consequences of their own actions, in-actions, and hubris. That is unjust, immoral and verifiably insane. Is it any wonder how dysfunctional everything is around us? Look at what we value, whom, and what they value… How can we expect anything different? So why are we continuing to enable these same madmen to keep these mechanisms of power and elimination of our natural rights and the opportunities that come from those rights locked away from the common man, forever… It cannot change until WE change. All the upcoming political season will accomplish is giving excuses for us to NOT change, and convincing us, that the only thing that will, will be just how much more control we lose, and that those IN control, who made this mess, get to TAKE.

That helps no one. And it inhibits the people from helping anyone, least of all themselves. Their fate now is something that will be handed unto them. Some will benefit, most will be made to sacrifice everything they have to ensure those select few do benefit. If this be the case, what is the purpose for man’s existence? Just the masses of those without, to serve the shrinking class of those who have all… If this is what man is reduced to, it is a dystopia that even I cannot imagine possible.

We can stop this decline now, today, in real time. But first we must reject those who would keep us in this perpetual and literal servitude forever. The choice is yours. Reject the madmen and save yourself, and in so doing each other, or embrace them, their insanity, and watch as everything you have is lost, and everything you value is taken from you…

Please God, help each other, help yourselves… Abandon those who have already abandoned you, and together those of us who are left will find a way to keep going. Our masters are nothing. Everything we have WE HAD to work for. That is all we need to survive. To see a need and to fill it. Not make money and take privilege over making it a bigger need, and in perpetuity, which is nothing short of another form of slavery.

Do you have the courage to be free… We have tried everything else, and that is what brought us to the brink. The only hope left is that we assert our natural rights to exist and that which enables our existence, take possession of such BACK from the madmen, and see to it that we continue to preserve humanity, instead of continue to preserve ourselves by willfully engaging in a multitude of acts to end humanity.

It begins with you. You still have a choice. Choose to consent only to that which is conscious. Not that from the willfully unconscious. There is more to life than spiritual death. We are better than this. Let’s do our part to see to it that it happens in this life, and not wait, hoping in vain that we only achieve it when our life on here has ended. Promise is not enough. We HAVE to ACT.

Not look for excuses from self appointed, self interested excusers, who would only keep us in our place, if we are lucky, or TAKE it from us, if we are not.

“We know through painful experience that freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed. Frankly I have never yet engaged in a direct action movement that was “well timed,” according to the timetable of those who have not suffered unduly from the disease of segregation. For years now I have heard the word “Wait!” It rings in the ear of every Negro with a piercing familiarity. This “wait” has almost always meant “never.” We must come to see with the distinguished jurist of yesterday that “justice too long delayed is justice denied.”

Would you rather stand with Dr. King, or those who only stand on top of his grave, making speeches in opposition to all that he stood for, hoped for us all, and died for, in the hopes that one day would come.

MLK didn’t need politics. All he needed was a conscience and the will to ACT. Politics is the death of this and our condemnation of ourselves into this permanent sentence of dis-empowerment and literal feudalism.

They fight and use fear to keep us on the mind plantation. And condition us to attack, ostracize, and impair ANYONE who dares to ask questions or act in any way, to leave this plantation. The plantation is evil. It must close. And it is us who have the power to close it, by our mere will to withdraw consent, and make our masters and those they appoint to serve them, and us TO them, irrelevant and eliminated from the eternal memory of man. Just think of what it would be like to have unlimited opportunity, and the freedom to use your expertise and collaboration to make the best science, life and love have to offer. It begins not with a leap, but a step. And a small step at that. All you have to do is say “no, I will not listen to you, I will not comply, I will not serve you… my life is my own, and my opportunity is not preserved or protected unless my neighbor/my brother’s is as well.” No regard to gender, or race, or religion, or beliefs, or money, what need is money when you already have education, resources and the will of the mind of man to accomplish anything.

The privileged will mock you, laugh at you, fight you and call this just another “utopia” that is incompatible with man. Frankly it is not these principles that have created this unreality, it is the dystopia that they created that is responsible. They are the guilty who condemn and exists at the expense of the condemned. They are inhumane, unjust and immoral, with the most perverse values that literally create the possibility for life on this planet to end. Be it by pollution, war, resource depletion or imposed scarcity and “creative disorder.” That is not natural in nature. It is the elimination OF it, and all that inhabit it. We must be the sane ones who appeal to reason. We must assert ourselves and dis empower those who exist ONLY to destroy… and to profit from that destruction…. for as long as it is ALLOWED to continue.

That ends when we decide to end it.

All it is, is a choice.

It begins with you…

You. Politics.

Do you control you?

Or do you exist to be controlled?

That is a decision you get to make for yourself.

You have NO RIGHT to make it for ANYONE else!

And if you do, you deserve to be ostracized and exiled from humanity…

As clearly you are incapable of having…


Stand up. We need you now, more than ever.

Do NOT be deceived.

Now is the time to ACT!

Even if the only way you can is to do nothing,

and let the masters fend for themselves.

We are stronger than they are. That is why they spend so much time deceiving us and telling us how much we need them. All in the effort to prevent the one day, when we finally listen to ourselves. And hear our own voice, telling us we, and all we already have… is all we will ever need.

Then, and only then, will we have peace. For you can not have external peace, without the necessary peace within.

That is the enemy of the state. And the statist, no matter what they call themselves or in what form they take.

Your life can belong to you or you can belong to them.


If you have the courage to turn your back on them, together we will walk together and make this world what it deserves to be. Free, abundant resources, dedicated to innovation, and using the best of the best and the will of man, to make tomorrow a BETTER world than today, rather than be satisfied to manage it’s decline, by our choosing.

The choice is yours…

When you are ready, we will be waiting for you.

People help people.

They are the only ones who can.

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