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No Party…

March 9, 2015

The reason I’m not a member of any party is because I don’t see the point of jumping onto a sinking ship when I’m already drowning. Yeah, I could go from immediate danger to imminent danger, but in the long run, I’m still in danger. I’d rather take my chances and find a path towards sustainability and survival than to get a temporary delay of inevitable demise. I see no point in dragging out my suffering. Either I will find a way or I won’t and my suffering will end. So be it. I don’t give a flying, fucking shit! I really don’t. Nobody will save you, you are obligated to save yourself. All media, religion, education, drugs, sexuality… everything around you exist to keep this law of nature from you. And bury within you the will to act upon it. Self preservation begins not with a group, or by being a member of a group. It comes from the realization in accountability to one’s self, above all else. You cannot accomplish anything if at first you do not even exist. Your will is your calling. To ignore it, and your own conscience is a sentence to destruction. External forces are merely mere instruments for the manifestation of your eternal fate. You choose. By deciding to act, or not to act. It is not the fault of anyone else BUT you. Some people only realize this just before they die. You have the chance to realize it before then and actually make your life and the lives of others worth living as a consequence. I care about nothing else. I see no reason or any argument to supplant this. You cannot pervert logic to your own ends no matter the means, to turn the laws of nature upon it’s head. You either align with it, or perish because of it. Mere self serving illusions and frauds and distractions can calm you externally, but never calm the internal sea within you. You have to align with nature and respect humanity. You cannot preserve one at the expense of the other. That is incompatible with natural law, and is not sustainable to preserve humanity. Think about where all of the inequality, exploitation, mistrust and anger comes from. It’s structural. It begins with what you are told, and by whom, for the benefit of everyone BUT you. And yet no one dares to question this without being attacked and marginalized by humanity. Well, then maybe they should decide if they cherish the precariousness of this unreality, over the spiritual alignment of the best of humanity, with natural law. One preserves that which sustains life, the other destroys it. One values all forms of life, the other only exists on the practice of destroying it for profit based artificial scarcity, by restricting access, and limiting abundance. There is no moral argument to justify this fundamental artificial inequality. The only purpose of this system is to restrict access and opportunity for everybody for the benefit of a preselected few, basically, in a return to caste system feudalism. They will call it capitalism, communism, fascism, but all it really is, is neo feudalism, don’t ever let anyone tell you any different. They will steal opportunity from all, call it privileges for a few, and then give a name such as “freedom”, and use religion, ideologies, and mythology of commercialism and consumerism to give people the false hope of stability in the name of unquestioned obedience. This is the world we live in, and what we settle for, and wonder where the unrest comes from. If anything it comes from need. A need to be respected, to be valued, to be able to exist and have the right to free will and autonomy and opportunity respected. Instead these needs go on neglected and the victims are “unpersoned” and made invisible and irrelevant, UNLESS they speak out in the name of a representative of one group of the faction of those who represent those who are oppressing them, in the name of representing those who are being oppressed. I am sick of the excuses, the BULLSHIT, the lies, the accusations, and did I mention EXCUSES of the cowards who cower and grovel to the guilty and those responsible, just so they can be exempt, like those they grovel to, at the expense of the rest of us. Fuck them all… I am DONE! I am moving on. I wash my hands and walk away. At some point, one has to value their own sanity at the expense of an insane world and NOT the other way around…


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