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Only Casualties

December 12, 2014

deviant: different from what is considered to be normal or morally correct

zealot: a person who has very strong feelings about something (such as religion or politics) and who wants other people to have those feelings : a zealous person

Upon 1st glance these two words do not seem to match. One supposedly is anathema to the other. Most people if you asked them would not care to be described or see themselves as a zealot. Most people probably don’t even know what deviant is or even means. But look harder and you will see a basic incompatibility with these two camps of thought and behavior.

The deviant usually is the person who is quiet, the critical thinker, the person trying to solve problems they are anguished by, either through personal experience or empathy for those who are victimized in some way by the existing social and political order. Often they will be criticized, mocked and ridiculed by their family, loved ones, strangers and the larger society as a whole, simply in most cases for questioning the values and belief systems of modern society and the communities, cultures and subcultures they live in and are exposed to.

Sometimes it is ordinary people that engage in the practice of contradicting, negating, invalidating and even slandering those who dare to speak out, and keep those who would speak out, permanently silent. At other times, it is the zealots who start the cycle of abuse.

The motivation of the zealot can come from naked ambition and self interest or even a more severe belief and calling of themselves to the cause of the person they are ridiculing. There is no room for dissent, there is only one way. One answer. One cause. One solution. And you are either in the way or a part of making that way, and that way only THE course of action.

Often in politics and religion, the reason we are told not to talk about it, is because we are precisely told HOW to talk about it. There are paths to action and a general order of “the order,” those appointed or self appointed, selected or self selected, to tell the rest of society how to live, how to think, how to act, and every other major decision of their lives.

But one must ask: Why do we need the permission? And from whom?

Did we choose to mute our own voice… our own conscience? Or was that implanted into us at an early age? Upon graduation from an institution? Or just from peers…

Is this rational? Is this the best we can do and have to offer ourselves and each other?

You tell me.

You tell me the next time somebody who has done what they were told, and followed the general orders from the general “order,”  dares to speak out and gets called names, has their sacrifice dismissed and their appeal to others from their own conscience, to HAVE a conscience, and to ACT upon it… NOW, in real time, imminently and without delay… gets “their ass handed to them” for daring to question “the order” the politicians, the pastor, the lawyer, the judge, the cop, the teacher, the professor, the doctor… ANYONE! You tell me that person of conscience who has a need, or sees a need in and of his fellow man, is “vile, ignorant, stupid, out of line…” you know the names. You have heard them before how no man has “the right” to dissent or say anything to criticize, even constructively and substantively, to even CONTRIBUTE towards the principle of collaboration and contributing something of real value and insight to call for, and make real, tangible change POSSIBLE… You tell ME how in the hell things change for the better for the common man…

What about the underclass? What about those who have to struggle for everything they have, or have to steal to have anything at all…. The political class will tell you that they will provide for the least by taking from the most. But it is the most who get the exemptions, and those who are next to have nothing who have to give everything. To provide for themselves and those who have the ability to abuse the system. Those who cannot do that are left to fend for themselves. With not even the church to provide for them. Church, were the ambitions are many, the resources are stretched…. but the pastor does well. The leadership is taken care of. Even if it has to come from the last dollar of the last man, woman and child in the church.

Congregations, not communities. Having a bigger church and more funds, over people in dire need, having anything at all.. and if they won’t be a part of the church, and submit and grovel, then go to the government. And if the government doesn’t think the person has anything to give back to them, tough shit! Fend for yourself. And if your neighbor tries to steal from you, call a cop. Maybe if you are lucky, he will just shoot your dog, instead of your child. And you will be tasered, instead of killed. The cop will be called a “hero,” and you will be called out… for not submitting to authority, the established social and political order of the day.

Do the zealots march for justice? Or just for themselves. Do those who sit outside the established order, have a role to play? Along with the victims of the order and those who serve it? Most definitely. But to think that we still have to argue over the RIGHT of the individual to do anything of the sort, to speak out and stand up, for any individual, for ANY reason… this is nothing more than anarchy. Nothing more than the anarchy of the oligarchy. The class of those served, and the serfs, who exists to be exploited and subjugated. The superclass, and the underclass, and the deluded class who think they can achieve superclass status through a calculated formula of submission, and appointing themselves to be the soft enforcement for the superclass, while making excuses for or outright ignoring the crimes of the enforcers. Who even reserve for themselves the ultimate sanction for disloyalty… DEATH!

How many victims are justified by the silence of the willful and the willing. Christians cry out and hold grudges for those who did not act nor care to help a condemned man…. but they willingly choose to do the same to their neighbor and fellow man, in need and similarly condemned by society TODAY!

In THIS time!

At THIS time!

Where will the men of conscience be? Must they all be on the cross, or the cage, or in the cross-hairs of an agent of the state?

Who will speak out for them now, to save them from that fate…

so that there will be people of conscience there to save you from the same fate?

We are all in this together, whether we like it or not.

The only prison is what we choose to believe, and the only hell is what we allow our fellow man to be subjected to…

For far too long, we have let others speak for us as we let those with the most, crucify those with the least for the simple act of disobedience, simply affirming their fundamental natural human right to exist.

Until we have the courage to speak for ourselves, in our own voice, in our own name… and for that man next to us… we will be next. And the suffering will be severe, maybe this life, or what comes after…

It’s all a choice.

Do we still have a conscience and the courage to do the right thing and be done right by, or do we let that go…. and wait for the final sanction that ends this life and condemns us in the next one.

Stand up while you still can…

Take NO master, except what your own conscience will allow…

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