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We’ve Got Bigger Problems

September 9, 2014

“Just so you know anybody can see what you post on Facebook… You’re just alienating people with what you post… Why do you even bother. You won’t get a job or have a life…” Yep, got it. Thanks. That I post on FB stuff from FB is criminal. What I post is also apparently inconsequential and meaningless.. at the same time. So apparently we have the 1st amendment to post pics of cats. And network with people that agree with us, and that life hasn’t been better, and can only get better “if all the negative people” get out of the way, of “the makers” and leave “the takers” to fend for themselves amongst each other. Because even though we live on a planet with finite resources that are more valuable the more they are used, and is more unlivable the more we consume… if we actually valued people, human life and that which sustains life, we could have peace and nobody would want for anything. Clearly that is not only violent, but evil, and you deserve to be surveiled, discriminated against, ostracized and made to submit to the “popular will” and conform to what those above you on the conformity totem pole demand of you, naturally… for your own good. Even though paradoxically their own good COMES from YOUR disadvantage out of YOUR rights, being transferred unto them, and transformed back to YOU as temporary privileges… subject to UNQUESTIONED OBEDIENCE… And that is “freedom” and that is “opportunity” for the weak to live on the benevolence of the “strong” who game the system to benefit themselves and those like them, and are self righteously and with contempt willing to maintain order, by allowing those beneath them to compete for the crumbs from their table. If we can’t speak out. If we can’t think and share our thoughts or have diversity of opinion without reprimand or fear of reprisal… How is any reform supposed to take place? How is upward mobility possible? And how is the status quot supposed to ensure anything less than the medieval caste system? It’s a serious question. But please don’t direct your responses to me, that would invite conversation. Take it up with those around me, and let them tell you how insane and crazy I am for having a conscience, and the will to act on it… When that becomes threatening to mankind… um, we got bigger problems than what somebody posts on fucking FB! Don’t YOU think!?!


But if this bothers you… It’s okay! We GOT a pill for that/you!!!

“You’re SUPPOSED to have anxiety, you’re supposed to worry that the rent’s not going to get paid, because that’s how the fuckin’ rent GETS paid!”


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