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The Ugly Truth Revealed

September 6, 2014


“Jack Hunter is not pleased and will personally escort this “Crackpot conspiracy theorist” out of the building if security doesn’t show up RIGHT NOW!!!” FWO

Comment: Of course elements in the government knew about the plot. It’s on record, they caught the Muslim Filipinos trying to execute the same operation. Red Cell, Navy Seal Red team lead by Demo-Dick Marcinko played out the scenario back in the early 80’s and there where contingency plans for it. So when the government spoke holes came out and said they had no idea and that this was something new no one expected is as childish as your response. You’re a dick.

“You’re thinking like a dick! Hunter purged Conspiracy theorist from Ron and Rand Paul’s campaign. It was a crusade. So take it up with him. You must be a newcomer. The grassroots that got targeted, burned, and purged for espousing the TRUTH in the Ron Paul campaign deserve an apology FROM the RON Paul, campaign, the RAND Paul campaign, and especially RON PAUL his DAMN self, after pulling this, after so many were penalized for doing the same while supporting him.” FWO”

All that abuse we took from Jack Hunter, Austin Pedersen, and the rest of the self appointed gatekeepers of the Ron Paul money train, Jesse Benton… And what we’re we doing but upholding the principles of what RON PAUL actually believed.

Now, Benton has been exposed, Hunter has been exposed and exiled (what happened to you Jack, retire with all that cash as the “OFFICIAL campaign blogger”! How many votes did YOU bring in South Carolina, apparently not enough!) Has anybody seen hide nor hair of Austin Petersen? Since he left FOX and his position as Andrew Napolitano’s minder/intermediary from the grassroots? I miss being insulted and attacked and called “a cancer that needs to be cut out, stand still while I yield the scalpel…” from the Ron Paul “liberty movement.”

Now these parasites have gone dormant, waiting for the next gravy train, where they get to resume their paid roles as Rand Paul minders and self appointed conspiracy assassins. And this is in the name of Ron Paul, and his movement… Incredible.

Forgive me while I sit this out.

I’ve got EIGHT years of scar tissue to tend to, I don’t need another four.

If Rand wants these folks in his camp, he can have them…

I stand with Ron Paul. Even though he did nothing to stand up for those with him, and those like him.

Yes sir. Finally the Ugly truth is revealed.

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