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You Have To Hate War To Love Freedom

September 2, 2014

You have to hate war. Not just the act or the concept but the people who design it, advocate it, carry it out, and force the humane peoples of the world to carry it out, and die gruesomely by it, whether it be spiritual death or physical death. In every war there is atrocity. Rape, murder, torture, theft, imprisonment. It makes no difference if the cause to said to be noble or a brazen act of evil criminality. The result is the same. The people suffer, perhaps the perpetrators do almost as much as the victims but the living and the dead bear the highest cost. The world looks on as people are slaughtered, and they sit from their homes and say “they had it coming…” No cause is more just or supreme than the casus beli for war, for plunder and profit. Unleashing trained killers no matter their nationality onto the women and children and young and old of foreign sovereign countries. You have to hate war. You have to hate the people who plan and carry out these wars. You have to stand up for common humanity and say anyone who advocates and participates in any form of aggression against a sovereign nation must be exiled and forgotten. That is the only way you save your soul. That is the only hope for humanity. You have to stand up for that common man, women or child and say: “Life HAS value! This is NOT acceptable!” You have to hate war. You have to ostracize and quarantine that hatred from your society. Before it ends your society. How many have we killed in the 20th and 21st century? How much peace has our inaction and consent brought to the world and humanity? How many nations of sovereign people’s have to lose their right to property, resources, that which sustains life, and even life itself, before mankind as a whole, in a pure naked self interests of self preservation says: “NO!” Today, people won’t even look at the pictures of the victims, listen or read the histories, and atrocities continue… We are all guilty. If we refuse to learn of our sins of the past, we will be punished for our sins from the present, into the future. Tolerance of genocide, of race and xenophobic hatred combined with a nationalist pride in phantoms of liberty and moral righteousness have lead every nation that embraced it into decay, and eventual oblivion. We are rotting from within. A nation being rotted to the core with delusional fantasies of grandeur and and moral superiority… when we by our own actions and in-actions are morally bankrupt. We have homeless, hungry, uneducated, diseased, exploited, and masses of our own people here at home that need to be cared for and loved. And where do our limited resources go? To create more orphans, living dead, and literal dead, all over the world. Where did the money go? Where are all of the resources that should BE here to help those in need? They went to the wealth class. The real “owners” of society. Who live and direct those with the power to order and the power to kill, to do so on their behalf, and then secure those obscene profits from the people they ordered to sacrifice in vain, to their own detriment. The poor have no rights. They just have a right to be used as long as they are needed, and to be discarded when they have served their purpose. Just like soldiers…. Nobody wants to listen to the poor. They don’t have a voice, how can they when it has gone hoarse from trauma. You see this in soldiers as well. They are killed spiritually and physically not for defending their lands or their people, but for artificial people in far away lands. Victims victimizing victims of a class of individuals that one self selected group has decided on the basis of them having resources that an artificial person covets or freedoms that the artificial persons do not respect. That is what we fight, die and kill for. That is what we watch tv and have people argue into our skulls until we repeat the mantra ad nauseam and demand it ourselves. You threaten a man’s home and he will resist. You kill his families and his neighbors and he will resist, If nothing else for the right to self preservation and self determination. And if this is not in line with the self interests of the people sent to destroy him, he is then labeled a terrorist and has had his natural right to even exist, erased. But even this is not enough for the insane resource obsessed, money hungry crisis capitalists, they also want to criminalize you if you have defeated their “programming” in their schools and higher education/indoctrination centers by speaking out, resisting, criticizing and forcing other people to ask questions to the point where they may have enough of a conscience to if not resist actively, at least privately in their own minds. That is NOT acceptable to the powers that be. They DEMAND obedience! And they WILL have it or the guilty will be made to suffer, and be punished publicly as to be an example to the masses that they will lose EVERYTHING, all their rights will disappear and there temporary privileges subject to behavior and UNQUESTIONED obedience, revoked. That is the “freedom” we have in America today, and are fighting and dying to impose overseas. Where are the people who will defend THE PEOPLE!!! Why haven’t they looked at who we really kill. Who really suffers at the hands of our actions and in actions Who we support and then later declare war on, as circumstances dictate. Have you ever looked at the people we called our allies, and then later invaded and murdered without trial? Even without making a case to the pathetic, toothless, and corrupt United Nations. Noriega, Hussein, Gadhafi, the list of allies turned evils, and back into allies is long, as is our list of excuses for those who carry out such acts. If the CIA was actually about deciphering intelligence on threats to the US instead of creating coups and committing acts of terrorism in sovereign nations overseas, maybe we would not have had a 911, and a doctrine of what one Senator and would be president called “rogue state rollback.” Who gave the US the right to do such a thing? Who is the US ultimately accountable to? In theory it is the American people. But now even your right to vote is suspect, and the system of who counts the votes, privatized, without transparency. Even the people you are allowed to vote for are given unto by the corporations and the moneyed interests… Proving once again that this government is nothing more than an institution created BY property owners FOR property owners, and those who sponsor them. Did the government liquidate or seize the banking houses? No, they taxed you to pay them back, while they got to keep what they stole. Just so they could give some of it to “your elected government” to keep them autonomous and free from any and all restriction to create and concentrate capital. For it’s own sake. Where did the money go? It went to fund military contractors, where now even being a mercenary can make you a millionaire if you get the right government contract. And immunity from prosecution if your cost cutting shoddy, inferior equipment make taking a shower on a military outpost as deadly as manning a sentry post on the perimeter. And what IF you are that rare individual in today’s society who DOES in fact have a conscience… What can you do? Do you even bother to call your agent of the artificial entity, and ask him to put his and their self(ish) interests ahead of yours? Is this why he doesn’t take your calls? Is this why he walks out of the town hall meeting, or doesn’t even bother to show up, or sends an aide to speak for him, in effect dictating policy TO you, rather than listening to you… Do you then decide to assemble with like minded people and take direct action, only to be infiltrated by agents of the state, and have them attempt to incite dissension and acts of violence and sabotage… to undermine your participation in “democracy.” There is a well known case of a police informer in Britain who infiltrated and environmentalist advocacy group, married and had a child with an activist, WHILE being married and a cop. And lo and behold who was there to testify against his (second) wife and mother to his child… why the agent of the state. May the freedom of capital and of the right of the corporations to pursue profits unto the ends of the Earth never be defeated. And may it be legislated by the highest courts in the land, if it cannot be imposed by the ballot box. If the people are harmed in the process, well then, they must be sacrificed for “the greater good.” Funny, I thought that was the precept of Communism that we supposedly fought World Wars and incinerated millions of lives with Atomic Bombs to prevent people from being sacrificed for. Did I miss something? Ask yourself this question: Who does war benefit? Who pays for the war? Who profits from the war? Who funded ISIS to wreak havoc on the Middle East after Iraq was conquered? Who has an interest in overthrowing democracy or stable governments overseas? Who has an interests in eliminating the border between Canada and Mexico? Who benefits from lax regulation and the notion to have a “common market” and uniform trade policy absent tariffs and have the means to seize assets and natural resources of sovereign nations for privatized profits? Where does that money go? Where has it gone? Why since the war campaign known as “The Global War on Terrorism” has the economy of the US shrunk? How can you even call it a War ON Terrorism when nations such as Israel are exempt? Who benefits from sending jobs overseas and soliciting unskilled labor to the US, while implementing cuts in benefits and social programs at a time of their greatest and highest need? Why are polices crafted in the dark of night and made into law that legalize theft and privatize plunder? Why if you oppose this are you then told to “Shut up, and go away, you God Damn Terrorist!” And if you dare to assemble in public to say this you are free to be herded up, assaulted, sexually assaulted, tortured, interrogated, incarcerated, ostracized, and surveiled… all in the name of (ahem!) “freedom…” Freedom to what? “Freedom to create capital for the capitalist… Dummy!” We didn’t spend our precious resources in order to make you THINK! We did so, so that you would be made to WORK!” And this isn’t a “workers paradise.” Not when your access to health care comes from your ability to have enough value to work in a purpose that serves the masters, and then that right is eliminated when you are no longer useful. Then you are left to fend for yourself. Or have assistance if you can comply with the myriad of bells, hoops, and landmines, littered along the way. Such as having to have a job to have access to food. Once again the jobless, the homeless (thanks to profitable speculation of the profitable) and the hungry can stay that way… unless of course they find religion. To tell them that “He helps those who help themselves…” All of the profits and best of society are reserved for those who serve the best of society. Everyone else is either a “productive” creator of profit for society, or an “unproductive” useless drain on society, that because they provide no privilege TO the privileged, they shall have nothing at all. Notice I didn’t say “rights” Because their are NO RIGHTS! Only privileges subject to unquestioned obedience, and obligations to the have not’s, to serve those who have everything. Have you noticed that in the propaganda, I mean “media.” It seems that those who succeed from this immoral, sick and corrupt society, have NO obligation TO the rest of society. Not to the land, not to the resources, and certainly not to those many who are beneath them. They will tell you that it is their right to have so much, seize so much and hoard so much, without consequence, because “they” are the job creators, the titans of industry that “make things work…” Well, they aren’t creating jobs anymore, they are investing in eliminating them through slave labor and mechanization. And what “works” anymore. The crap you buy last less and less thanks to profit bearing “planned obsolescence” where things are designed to break down. And be made again, to brake down again. In theory so people can have jobs. And that “the makers” get their profits… as it their “right.” And if he workers have had enough of the crap pay, and cut in benefits and loss in hours and income, or are tired of being worked to death in other nations… and they strike, they are evil, and deserve to be attacked, maimed and killed for demanding fair pay for their labor and that their labor, not actually put their life in danger. Again, where is this “freedom” you talk about? Where is the people’s natural right to speak freely, act freely, and assemble to ask for redress of grievances and to participate in the rule making of their own lives…? Do you see the parallel yet? Do you see what binds you to the tradesman in Libya, to the Palestinian farmer in the Holy Land, to the laborer in China, to the worker in America. What is their greatest cause? Freedom and autonomy. What is their greatest enemy… corporations, the armies they fund and the atrocities they commit. The ONLY difference (so far) is that instead of the military, they send crony capitalists, aligned in a fascist alliance with the government to create profit on the backs of the people, and leave them defenseless, forced to fight to the death, amongst each other for the temporary privilege to survive, always ready to be revoked at the moment of disobedience. You will comply or you will die. It makes no difference if this order comes from the barrel of a gun, the end of a taser, or the pen of a madman in a Brooks Brothers suit and tie. You WILL submit or you will perish. It may not be combat in the streets of America, but children still starve and people still have to kill to survive in the growing number of segregated American ghettos like Detroit, parts of LA, Chicago, San Francisco… etc… etc… All of this is an indictment of this system, a disease masquerading and advertising as it’s own cure. Counting every dollar on every corpse of it’s victims. Be they black, white or any other nationality. Our silence is our sentence, and even the most malignant of cancers eventually consumes it’s own host. For now, we are that carcass. That is rotting from the inside. We can still survive, but we must cut off the lesion before the tumor metastases and finishes us once and for all. This sickness comes from the dependence on madmen and women to rule over us, for their own gain, and to our own detriment. The minute we refuse to comply, and mass to meet our own needs with our own expertise that is rooted in truth, and not lies for profit, compassion for our fellow man, instead of suspicion, a human need to serve and be served by and for others, rather than be served up and consumed for perpetual privilege for a few among us, who already willingly acted in concert to condemn us… we will be nothing but slaves. Embracing the “New Feudalism” with hollow words such as “Freedom and Democracy.” Democracy of capital, is not the purpose of man. Autonomy, and the right to act of one’s own conscience, and in concert and collaboration with another, absent force fraud, or violence is the ONLY principle worth defending. Not a nation, not a flag, not a dogma, not an ideology… not even a religion is even relevant by comparison. The ONLY thing worth defending and dying for, is the right to be left alone. And the right to act upon one’s own will and conscience non violently with those like you for the benefit of man. No one excluded. If you want peace you have to want peace. If you want freedom you have to defend another as he shall defend you. You cannot look outside yourself for an external force to protect you. The Nazi’s thought they we’re protected. The Fascist thought they were protected. The people under Communism and those who fell under communism thought they were protected. The Muslims thought they were protected. The Jewish people thought they were protected. And yes even the Americans on 911 thought they were protected. The inhabitants of Pearl Harbor, thought they were protected, and the officer in charge disregarded the dispatch of the incoming Japanese fleet aerial attack.What was the result when one individual didn’t stand up to a threat and turned away… One person in a position of power with the responsibility to protect whole nations, turned away and thousands upon millions we’re slaughtered. That is how if you are lucky you are in a bunker with Hitler as Berlin falls and he tells you to go on the last train out. That is how interpreting the aggression against the Jews as a reason to not resist and make the situation worse, you end up on a train to a camp. That is how when the mob finds you running away, they hunt you down, rape and torture you, and the people of your country before they kill you… if you are lucky. That is how you find yourself on a building that is literally melting and is so hot that you have no choice to jump to a quick death. At some point humanity has to stand up against the madmen and women and assert their right to even EXIST! I don’t want to hear about what a President or a CEO, or stockbroker, or teletype reader/ I mean “journalist” has to tell me. I don’t want to hear what a pastor has to tell me. More worried about keeping his purpose with a building than the people around him, where he has to threaten them and guilt them into staying and giving their last dollar. I don’t want to hear what an educated theocrat has to tell me. I care about what the common man has to tell me. Any social system is only as good as how it treats those at the bottom. And when the answer to that is denying they exist. And if they do, to preach it’s because a individual choice. I invite you to a seat into the bunker, when that morally bankrupt ideology reaches it’s inevitable end. Hope you make it on the last train out. After all, you ARE better than me! If humanity is to survive we have to hate war, hate the people that make war. And respect the individual and preserve individual rights. And the rights of ALL man. No exceptions… NO exclusions…. NO ONE left behind! THAT my friends IS true freedom! Have you forgot?


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