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There Is No Freedom In The Market

August 28, 2014

If you are the kind of person who says… “If you are a Republican/Democrat/Libertarian….Nanobot,” I don’t care, and you only choose to associate or hear from the similarly afflicted. Just answer one question for me: When did a belief in the fundamental, inalienable free will of man to carry out their natural human rights, become a privilege for only the privileged, leaving the rest of us to root for and impose the anarchy of the oligarchy and aristocracy on the rest of humanity, as well as ourselves.

Who gave us the right, to give away our rights. Who created the infrastructure to make that even possible. Was it done by the free will of the people? Or from men of wealth and advantage behind the scenes, claiming the commons for their own, and turning your rights (which are threats to them) into privileges so as to arbitrarily benefit those like them, and penalize those beneath them.

And to KEEP them, beneath them.

Think about it. And ask yourself. What the hell you are upholding, defending, and cheering for, and then DEMAND that it be imposed upon others not just here in the US but also abroad, by FORCE, and at the cost of their lives, if they refuse.

You tell me I’m free, and attack me if I carry out any actual freedom.

That is not freedom. That is a prison for your mind. And the threat of actual prison, if you dare to act or even have a conscience to escape it, or encourage others to escape it.

That IS the system of “order” we live in today, and some of us die to impose on the world. What is there to be proud of? Dehumanization, and reduction from a human being into a number that is expected to generate revenue for the state and corporation, and if you cannot exploit enough from your fellow man, you are “un-personed” and left to rot.

You have obligations to society but society has NO obligations to you. You exist to serve and not be served. And that is “freedom” and “democracy” and “order.”

Hmn, a small group of privileged and exempt, getting half of the people to THINK they are privileged and exempt, so they rally to control the half of the population that is NOT, subject to absolute rule and supreme sanction, and liable for the sins of the privileged, as well as their sins against the state and established social and political order.

And this system you call “free” and worst of all “of God.” But you never explain what “God.” Because for this system to work everybody must be their own gods and oblivious to the suffering around them, and especially that of their own hand. It can’t be the system, because “they” ARE the system. Just ask them. They think that their privileges subject to obedience will deliver them prosperity in this life, absence of any and obligation to anything and any other in this life, and eternal peace and bliss beyond it.

But how can that be when the cost of obedience in this life. IS your soul.

What DO you have beyond it, if you already sacrificed it, for your privilege here in this life?

You can have a conscience and suffer in this life, or you can obliterate it, be successful, and one of privilege in this life, AND gain full benefit and reward in the next one. Does that make sense to you? Well then could you explain it to me? Because what you are saying is that the purpose of life is to compromise for gain, demolish your self, for the good of the group, assemble among those like you, and revel in the joys of life and the promise of life after death, after a lifetime of rationalizing your sins and the human cost of others as a consequence of you benefiting solely at their direct expense.

Naturally to people who think like this, they actually see ANY undue hardship as NOT a symptom OF the system, or their privilege, but a direct effect from the cause of that individual CHOOSING to live in hardship, because of the selfish act of non-compliance. So they freely choose to be selfish, immoral, and evil unto themselves, and deserve to rot amongst their own segregated and separate from the group that is “the strong” and “makes things work,” that inherently benefits the weak, too, unfairly from the point of view of “the strong,” but hey there has to be unfair in life for everyone! That it is disproportional and has nothing to do with what fulfills and sustains life, is immaterial. For the “free market” by, of, and for the righteous, and in particular the self-righteous, will see to it that justice is done, rights are preserved, and opportunity for profit and gain shall go on unopposed, and unrestricted. And see to it that those who do not benefit from the system are to be used as vital resources and discarded when the value from them that was needed, has been depleted. And therefore their rights are evaporated. Until the system needs them to create value and profit for themselves, and to be kept among themselves. THAT is “freedom.” The freedom to keep your privilege and the freedom to remain a slave. Just an updated version of the caste system, masquerading as deliverance from it. It’s no wonder the “free-market” system demands globalism at the expense of rights. The fantasy of the ruling class since the fall of the Dark Ages and feudalism was to find a way to get the people to buy into it, believe in it, DEMAND it, and enforce it upon their fellow man. Thankfully with the help of the creation of Democracy replacing the Republic. Religion replacing the Enlightenment, and money and monetarism and commercial law replacing natural human rights and common law that preserves them, the Ruling Class has their cake and can eat it too, and even charge for the privilege of who gets the crumbs from their table. And guaranteeing that whoever or whatever exist exist, only to serve them, and them alone.

Then they gave it a name and called it “Freedom.”

God Bless America, er I mean the (global) market, without which NOTHING is humanly possible. And even the humans themselves are replaceable, if they can’t turn a profit, for their masters.

And that this moral judgement is one of their “loving God,” or “he who loves those who help (themselves to) themselves.”

What “freedom”

What “morality”

What a joke!

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