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The Time is NOW!

August 14, 2014

If you work a job and still need food stamps… (Or need a job to even GET food stamps) What does that say about the employer, the government, or what the economy preserves and who it protects? Factor in austerity, and the haves seeing the have nots as parasites infringing on their natural right to make as much money as possible with no respect to the community, the environment or even the planet they inhabit…. and what do you have? Take it a step further and see to it that people create allegiances and myths to defend this, and that people are killed at home and abroad for opposing it, attacked and marginalized into oblivion… and tell me that this system and people who enable, enforce and support this system at the expense of the people of the planet and the planet itself, are not only innocent but deserve to be preserved whatever the cost to “benefit humanity” and I will laugh in your face. You can’t impose scarcity upon people by force, and call them “evil” if they have to fight to survive. You can’t seize resources and privatize the commons for private gain, and say that the people of those lands cannot be trusted to manage those resources or themselves, because they choose to use it for their benefit, and not your own. You have no claim to their property. Or to them, without their consent. Not even if the government permits it. If the people rise up and fight you, you have no moral authority, no right to rule, or control anything. You don’t get to throw out their legal system, release their prisoners, their mentally ill, provide weapons in an unstable state and call them savages when they are forced to kill to exist. You sure as hell don’t get to call yourself “Godly” at their expense. Self fulfilling prophecies are not prophecy, they are private agendas. Self perpetuating ideologies are not self evident truths. They are merely gross deceptions, of those who are so blind at deceiving themselves that they impose such edicts as morally justifiable. Even necessary.The only morally superior system is that which provides the most opportunity for the least. And asks no more from others, than it does from itself. Instead of people of faith in humanity, we have different faiths that are all interconnected at the expense of humanity. Law creates property and privilege, which creates wealth, which creates inequality, which creates a need to address hardship, which creates a need for faith to justify it, and consumer culture to get people to find meaning in the meaningless and worth in the worthless. And if it doesn’t work well enough, we create a pseudo science of media, psychology and pharmacopeia, to force people to accept their freedom to consume…. and to accumulate in replacement for the freedom to think, create and to ACT of their own free will to help and assist their fellow man.And with the people dis-empowered by the alliance of corporate and state with privately financed million and billionaires determining policy and law enforcement, where do the people have left to go? The church who gets tax exemptions to NOT speak out politically…. Well that takes care just about everything these days, doesn’t it. Is it any wonder that as society collapses and the system implodes pastors devise sermons to their flock about “thinking about the last good thing they ate, and the pleasure that comes from that… and BTW if you don’t give more than last week, the people at the church that you are supposed to depend on to provide what government or corporations cannot or will not, will be forced to not pay the people of the church, pay the bills of the church and the church itself will close. (Yes, this is a true story/example verbatim) So NOW where do the people go? Government, forget it. Law (LOL, see government) Will a good education at least promise you anything? Nope, degrees and debt mean nothing… they are a dime a dozen. Well surely health care is available, not unless you have a job or can pay for it out of pocket. The Free Clinic’s don’t even have supplies nor can keep their doors open… And insurance companies, HMO’s and government regulations can even forbid treatment to you, for certain reasons. Like religion for example.What if you go to court? Well if you lose to the higher paid legal team, you get to pay the cost of the litigation. What if private corporations seize and sell your medical information, your internet history, your library history, they already have every paper you submitted to class in their archives. Hell they even have your phone conversations…You really think that all they can use against you, unlimited amounts of money, and the backing of the legal system to protect government aligned and partnered corporations is going to allow YOU to prevail in a court of (commercial) “law.” But don’t worry if you lose you can go to a privatized prison to pay off your debt to the government, and pay a profit for corporations and their shareholders.Ironically your stock investment fund can own stock in a for profit prison collective, which can send you money, while you are incarcerated inside that same prison, well, it could in theory, but since you are too broke to pay the fine, those “assets are seized” back unto the “creditors”/corporations, and that money is given back unto the policymakers to write even more draconian policies to create more privatized profits…. Do you see where this is going? Face scanning cameras, on the street, “photo enforcement” fore revenue for the state. Closing your bank account if you don’t have enough money in it. Not being able to get a job without ID or paying taxes for things you didn’t vote on or had a say over. (9,000 pg. bills nobody reads that become “law”) Not having access to food. Not being allowed to grow or sell or even GIVE AWAY your own food. Can’t get the government to clean up an oil spill, so we pay the oil company to do it by cheaply polluting the water supply and ocean-side with even MORE toxic chemicals than the oil itself. And having private security and police departments arrest people who attempt to expose what the people victimized are going through. And criminally charge them. While allowing the oil company to pay a fine, that they can make up immediately by charging for the cleanup of the spill. Polluting the water table with unknown chemicals to create oil and then attacking anyone who exposes this because it “threatens jobs” (and the contributions to political candidates, and investment portfolios of the media conglomerates themselves). A financial order that implodes from unprecedented fraud, negligence and abuse of the law itself, and similarly can buy it’s way out of jail. Or file for bankruptcy and walk away, while they pass laws to make it harder for the people to do the same. And submit to wage slavery or slavery to the pittance of the government dole. And even that is taxed through spending and inflation, again controlled by the government for the profit of corporations, which aren’t even based in this country. In some cases, can’t even be sued here. What is the remedy here? It’s not the Constitution. Not the legal system. Not the monetary system. You can’t use “education” as a moat around you. You can’t move to another country, the system is global, commercial. It is designed so that you can’t escape it. If education doesn’t do it, the legal system doesn’t do it, health care doesn’t do it, having a strong military and militarized police force doesn’t do it, religion doesn’t do it, pop culture/consumerism/and advertising doesn’t do it… What in the HELL provides for the benefit of man? What is there to sustain him. Preserve his rights, and the freedom of his own mind, and the opportunity to freely associate, create and come to a mutual agreement to benefit from free exchange of thoughts, ideas, access to resources and the privilege to cultivate and utilize those resources for the public good as corporations were chartered to do solely from their inceptions. Corporations exist for themselves. Government exist for itself. Law exist to protect the property of property owners from those without property and rights forfeited for temporary privilege, subject to obedience. That obedience is designed in government schools and refined in public and privately (read Corporation) financed institutions, to see to it that NOBODY is “licensed or accredited” without being properly vetted to enforce the existing social and political order of the day. And you can bet nothing of or in that, that is allowed to be distributed and displayed, will have anything to do with nothing but the most measured, and muted critique and criticism, and that any one or anything that goes beyond the pale of what is acceptable (read profitable) for the existing social and political order, will be permitted without reprimand, sanction, censorship or in extreme cases: death. If the big idea can’t benefit the “big 3,” the big 3 and government can eliminate the idea, and the man who spoke it. Just as Preston Tucker or Nicola Tesla about that. If government and their corporate sponsors can’t get a cut or divide the profits from the solution, then that solution will not be permitted. (See “single payer health care) If the wealth class isn’t permitted to create so much risk, to create enormous profits that are larger than economies of whole nations… And that risk then threatens their profits, their right to keep those profits, and fund the people who preserve, protect and defend the right of them to keep those profits… Then that same system MUST be preserved at all cost! Human, financial and otherwise. And you are told that if you don’t go along with this, your savings are at risk (if you haven’t already lost them) and that in order to have any chance of getting anything back, at all. You must either delay taking that which already belongs to you, or taking less of it, to have access to it, right NOW! How is that not theft, extortion and the most immoral fraud. But that is “the system that makes everything “work.” But for whom? You? The person who lost their job. The person who lost their pension. The person who paid out more in Social Security that they will ever get back, with the cuts, and the devalued dollar? The kids out of college with enormous debt, who have a college degree, and work the same consumer based job, that they had before, only now, with no benefits and less hours. So they get another job, just to pay their income tax, with less money. And their property tax. And if they try to “work within the system” by gambling in the rigged stock market, they could lose even that. And not even get a call returned to even ask themselves, for a bailout? So FUCK ’em if they lose their house because they can’t pay their mortgage! FUCK ’em if they can’t pay their school loans at increasing interest rates with devalued money. FUCK ’em if they can’t get a job! FUCK ’em if they can’t get a job in order to get Food Stamps! Everybody’s gotta pay, at least twice! You gotta pay taxes AND pay for the cost of the “benefits” buddy, that is just the way it is! And if you want a job, you gotta EXEMPT corporations from paying Income Taxes, and give away public property for FREE, and allow that corporation to have unlimited profits AND guarantees that if they don’t make as much as they’d like to pay back “the investment” then, the people will make up the difference… on TOP of paying for the product or service at elevated rates due to government granted monopoly/cartel privileges. And if they do anything wrong, we gotta cap the damages or give them immunity from litigation or having to pay damages, if they are despite of every advantage provided unto the wealth class in our legal system, just happen to have the “misfortune” of being proven “guilty” of negligence, malfeasance, violation of trade, contract or antitrust law, environmental law, what have you. Well, if that is the case… with this system designed to protect the unfettered natural rights of “the haves, the makers,” and the orders that preserves, protects and defends them… What is left for everyone else? Money determines rights? Who has all the money. Who influences law/policy. Who can get the government to intervene and engage on conflict half a world away on a whim, and get the same government to not engage when the commons are polluted, resources are exploited, and the public trust and the wealth of the people, has been confiscated. I thought government’s exist to preserve and protect the rights of the people. But now I hear that people have NO standing. And are forced to proved innocence, pay in FULL if liable, and if not, even go to jail, to make a profit for the government, which will be invested into corporations. Oh, and the judge, which was appointed by the Feds, gets to decide what is evidence and what isn’t. And can tell the jury that the law is “what I give to you…” If they don’t win in the market, they buy a lawmaker to make their privilege “policy” and pay them to make sure it is law. Then the competition has to do the same. If they can’t, they can’t compete and the “Strong (corporations) get to cannibalize the weak.” And then competition gets smaller. Money is invested to not only create innovation by create laws against competitors innovation. And hold a monopoly on profit. While charging the taxpayer for research and development through public institutions, and then charging the people again for the privilege to have access to those innovations. and you call this “moral,” artificial wealth and privilege, become “rights.” And the people’s right to access what they already paid for, becomes, a privilege only for those who can pay for it in the (now) global marketplace.And this is what we call “The American Dream.” This is what we fight, die, and kill to impose on free men of other nations. This is what we use the United Nations and instruments like the International Monetary Fund to impose on “underdeveloped nations.” This is how we get off on having a corporation like Syngenta bottle water, and pour the waste of their plants into the same lakes, rivers and streams, where the natives, bathe, wash and drink? And then have Syngenta provide clean tap water only for those who pay for it. When the people make less than a dollar a day? This is the alternative to so-called “socialist, Marxist, utopia’s?” A dystopia that would make Ayn Rand AND George Orwell, as well as Aldous Huxley blush. It’s either this, or “anarchy….” they say. Well what the hell do you call this NOW! “Utopia!” And the refrain is “we have never had it better, and by GDP the world has never been richer, and more people have never been as out of poverty as any time in human history. What they don’t tell you is that according to GDP spending on health care (which is spending on drugs, and medical procedures for the sick and the dying) COUNT as a positive in GDP. So sick people are paradoxically GOOD for the economy! Those financial “wizards” that designed the schemes that led to the fraud that created the financial collapse, can make just as much money off of the DEBT they created, as the fraud that created their profits in the 1st place! Oh, and they get to KEEP those profits, and if that STILL isn’t enough, YOU get to pay to bail them out, to ensure to solvency of the sacrosanct “free market.” Um, okay…. Wow! Where are we supposed to go from here? How do we crush the debt? How do we create an environment that REWARDS competition, and not monopolies and public/private cartels. Like the Federal Reserve. Like OPEC. Like the Health Insurance industry. Instead of enabling freedom and competition and the marketplace of ideas, we impose legal restrictions, selective enforcement, infiltration and sabotage of competition and those who wish to engage in the “free market” and have an inverted pyramid where the weak have to fight the order, and themselves, to pull enough out of the rigged economy to survive, and if they can’t, have to pay for any benefit to keep them going. And if they STILL can’t… Apparently wait for “Kingdom in Heaven”? One hand washes the other hand. And they tell you up and down that YOU are the hand, when all you REALLY are, is the RAG! And you are told to call this “Freedom,” and the alternative “Anarchy, socialism, communism…etc. et, al.You don’t even know what the game is, and they want you to not even THINK to attempt to even try. And if you DO! Your are “crazy, insane, and just making yourself unhappy, and wasting your life, trying to get other people to waste theirs. No wonder nobody listens to you…” And IF you do learn enough to try to educate others, to uplift them with knowledge to come up with alternatives, and the means to meet the needs of the people, and the rising underclass of those who are in dire need… then you are a “Wacko, Conspiracy Theorist… paranoid, probably should be on medication and under surveillance for your own good, and under NO circumstances should EVER be allowed to own a firearm.” And if that ‘s not enough, those who do have an understanding of the problems we collectively face, have to give you their own single solution, and if you don’t join in and take orders… YOU are just as much an enemy as those you oppose. Do you ever wonder why at the end of the day, you feel… dis-empowered? Well, it’s because you are. Did you ever stop and think about how and why you felt that way? Are you trying daily to believe your own conscience, and yet something in you makes you feel like that is not allowed or even possible? When you attempt to discuss this nagging doubt that is eating at your soul and permanent in your mind, do people you know tell you to “just forget about it, and worry about yourself,” and if you still continue then try to disassociate themselves from you, by calling you names, like a petulant child. Are you subjected to talking point lectures of people trying to convince you on the basis of not their own research, but a bought and paid for sales rep for the marketing and advertising division of so called “public relations?” Do you even KNOW the history of the inception OF public relations, and WHY it was created? If you are one of these people who have these doubts and questions. You do NOT need medication! You do NOT need to be “fixed!” Nothing is ‘broken” but your programming into am already broken system. Solutions do NOT come from obedience to that which is proven to be false and failing… They only come from reason based solutions that come from testing of ideas and working off of verifiable facts. Emotions counter this appeal to reason. That is why you are “programmed” with propaganda, amusements, advertisements, obscenity, brutal, gorey violence, and the effect of this is to make you feel powerless, afraid, suspicious of others, and in need to be in alliance with some outside force to protect you from harm? What is often substituted for that outside force to mold and to guide you? Why education, media, religion, morality, law, culture, what profession you enter into, etc. etc. It’s a closed circle of “crap in, crap out” and a system of dependence. Self defense? Call a cop. Got robbed? Go to court. Got sick, we got a pill for that. Feel alone and like your life isn’t what it should be? Buy something. Have sex. Do drugs. Be violent and scare people. Respect comes from status. And status comes from money. You do what we say, and you will get money. And if you lose it later, by no fault of your own… “Hey, you wanna threaten the well being of the people who benefit and depend on it, just for your sorry little ass… Tough shit!” THIS IS The American Dream…” To some it looks, sounds and feels like a nightmare that never ends… But those are just the negative people who will never be satisfied, never be happy… and you want to be happy don’t you? Hey they have the same chance to work hard to play ball and game the system to their own ends as you do, and YOU better do it, before they do! There is only SO MUCH to go around… And we can’t save everybody, society would collapse! And then you would be dead anyway, you selfish, self-righteous bastard! See, you’re just a PRICK! I knew it! Only pricks dare to ask questions and doubt that hand that feeds them and thinks if it doesn’t, that they didn’t do (or not do) something to ultimately deserve it! This is LIFE, dude! Get busy living, or get busy dying! Well, I for one… choose DEATH! We can do better. We HAVE to do better. For their sake, and our own souls. If we even still have one. Don’t let them kill that in you. That is the only thing that matters in this life. Too many people waste their entire lives, thinking it’s something else. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Your time is NOW! THE time is NOW! Let’s get started!


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