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Another Failed Ideology

August 14, 2014


FWO: You don’t need politics to be empowered. You need politics to be enslaved. You need dignity, compassion and self respect to be empowered. Tell me how politics gives people that, by providing nothing but the opposite. Politics is legislation by those with means to protect those with means, from those without. Activism is standing up for human rights. Politics is sacrificing human rights, to pass half measures which protect the powerful as much as do anything to help who they supposedly “intended” to help. It’s BS! And I love blaming the victim, that they know how to do well. Cut your legs off, and ask you why can’t you run a 4 min, mile. BS!

Comment: he aprox says the same as you do ,he means to get involved ,countrary to being a “couch potato” always complaining and doing nothing -its an eternal battle -i think it is also a variation of the expression as the bottom is ,so is the top, you become enslaved only when you stop to adres your elected officials on what they do ,no ? you should all be hitting the streets to protest,thats the peoples way of lobbying

FWO: They don’t listen to you. The listen to money. You have to organize as a community to provide for those in need. But as long as Big Brother is there, people don’t think it’s there responsibility. Inevitable decline ensues. People get hurt. Nobody steps up, and everybody wonders what happened while politicians RUN and use the problem to enable them to be exempt from it, as long as they maintain it. That is nothing short of injustice, and as a direct result OF politics and politicians. I would rather have citizen governance.

Comment: they dont listen to you if you protest on the street side-but if every body protests in the streets ,disrupting everything -then they’ll start to listen

FWO: Just another fallacy….


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