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A Wasted Night… (pt.2)

August 2, 2014

My sister: “If you we’re on the Titanic, with your family, and you knew you we’re gonna die beforehand, would you spend your whole time, trying to make sure everybody had the same food and same amount of peas on their plate.” For her, the answer to this question defines the meaning of life. I think I understand why they both think I’m crazy… I’ll just leave it at that. Now everyone remember no focusing on those “crazy conspiracy theories from the internet, that just make people unhappy….” Enjoy your life, and remember when your broke and have nothing and nobody will help you because they don’t have to…it’s ok, there IS relief, guaranteed… God in heaven IS waiting for you, as long as you conform to do what you are told, and are “a good Christian” and witness to society. If not, you probably are already miserable, and no one can help you, and you will rot in your own hell. In this life and beyond. It’s no one else’s fault but your own. You choose to be miserable and not to take “the advantages of society,” to be happy and have a better life. It’s nobody’s fault but yours. If you deserved opportunity, it would have happened. But you willingly chose to be miserable, and chose to attempt in vain, to waste other people’ s lives as you have wasted your own. Who is the asshole now? That is the jist of it. Wow. I feel like I have been gang raped for the past 3 hours. Somebody get me the hell out of here! I guess if we don’t follow the necessity of “game theory” we all go to hell. Be forewarned out there folks. Read John Nash, or you are deservingly FUCKED! God damn! This is what passes for “higher education…” I’m glad I didn’t go to a traditional college. It allowed me to KEEP my humanity!


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