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Downright Lunacy!

June 22, 2014

FB: So how’s it feel to know that you’ll be voting for Romney in about two years?

FB: welcome hillary

FWO Come on Billy! Hilliary has been “conservative” longer than Mitt has…!!! LOL!

FB: right — scary is that people who think the (D) party is like the 70’s its not at all nether is the (R) party its 1 BIG GOVERNMANT GIG

FWO But, but, but, Rand Paul will save us. All he has to do is be “the freedom zen master” telling the GOP what they want to hear so HE can change things, just like JFK did, and NOT get killed… See, it’s JUST that easy! Amazing how nobody else EVER thought to try it. Usually we get the Constitution candidate like Obama, and he becomes a monster. Rand has to become the monster so he can THEN be the candidate for the people… (Yeah, I know, I didn’t beLIEve it, either!)

Romney is owed big time. He brought down Ron Paul… But to be fair Ron Paul’s campaign did most of the work, both times… So I guess it’s a toss up between Rand and Romney? And only one bullet in the chamber. Maybe the goal IS to get the people to off themselves and save everybody the trouble. It’s in line with the “pray you don’t get sick” Romneycare plan.


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