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NAP vs. Human Nature

June 11, 2014

“If someone violates the NAP, by violating your personal property – how far does just recompensation go?

I hear people say they think they could kill someone or something over tresspassing – can that be justified?

How much counter-violence can be justifiable?”

It doesn’t matter because you are dealing with human nature. If people are in need, they will steal to survive. If a mass of people have everything and everybody else has nothing or exists to serve them. That is no better. No ideology can work by and of itself because you still have to deal with the self interests of the individual and of the group. The genius is that the wealth class have convinced themselves and the rest of us, that they, by virtue of their artificial status, have that right to rule over us. And we for whatever reason, enforce that principle above all others, and call anything less than that… barbaric…. What can be done.

At the basic level, if people choose to be disempowered of their own free will, what right do I have to impose my view or will upon them. The only justice that can be done, is to be given the right to opt out, by those who choose to do so. Autonomy is the only peace that there is. 2000 years and humanity has yet to figure that out. Appealing to irrationality and fictions over reason and truth. –FWO.

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