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(Which) Life Is Sacred…???

June 7, 2014


If Rand Paul and his ilk believe that all life is sacred that means that Bowe Bergdahl’s life is sacred, it means that the people he wants to control in the middle east life is sacred. That all means that sustain life like their natural resources and OUR natural resources are sacred. That we have a RIGHT to believe what we choose and act on those beliefs, even if they are to smoke pot, do drugs, and undergo medical procedures with the assurance of our doctor. Apparently Rand Paul feels after Obamacare the state has NO role interfering with the doctor patient relationship, until it concerns abortion, or prescribing cannabis. Just as he feels all human life is sacred as long as it looks like him, and talks like him.This is NOT freedom, this is NOT liberty, this is NOT autonomy… what this is, is theocracy masquerading as “freedom…” Where you are free to do as he, and those like him tell you. How is that ANY different from what the rest of his ilk are offering… Where is the “Change” Mr. Obama… I mean Mr. Paul…. I sure as hell don’t see any… Just another tired old suit, telling me how to live, and what is appropriate for me, while he himself, and his family are exempt. Or like his state, taking taxpayer money to carry out programs he says is illegal, and “Unconstitutional….” Yet again, we have another pragmatic relativist, when we need somebody to defend people FROM the state. And to choose of their own free will to do, or NOT do whatever the fuck they please! He is exposing himself for what he is. Just another carbon cut out version of Obama, who was a version of W. and the guy before him, and the guy before him. Hell the GOP has more in common with Hillary than Rand Paul. Think about that. And wonder just what in the hell he is selling you out for in the end…. The opportunity to be the 2016 version of Mitt Fucking Romney! His dad should be SO proud, that he kept us in line in ’08, and again in ’12. for… THIS!!! Are YOU fucking SHITTING ME!!!!

What’s missing from Rand Paul here…. A HELL of a LOT!!!

NOTE: The law doesn’t apply to Rand, just like it didn’t to Obama either….

“As a sign of his advanced planning, the senator told AP that he would consider running for reelection and president at the same time, and that a Kentucky ballot law against dual candidacies would not be an obstacle.”

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