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Systems Failure

June 7, 2014

Imagine being robbed all your life without you even knowing it. Imagine the Federal Reserve. Trevor Lyman

Imagine a worthless fiction such as money oppressing people, and people adamant that fiction be adjusted instead of eradicated. Then stand in awe as nothing changes…. FWO

Money is just a tool, like a car, like a gun. It’s inanimate and does no harm on its own. What matters is who controls it. If another party controls the money and takes your ability to use other money away from you, that’s when it gets bad. Just like if the government has guns, but takes our guns away from us, it gets bad as well. Trevor Lyman

We can define the characteristic of the basic necessities to sustain life, and they can be provided or not. Does money do that efficiently? Apparently not. So if we have the resources, the expertise and the need…. how do we proceed in a more efficient manner. That is the question. Ideologies don’t do it. Hierarchies don’t do it. Nor does any other belief system do it. People with a will to do so do it. But if they have a need to spend time and effort to pull money out of the system for their own survival, who is left for, or to protect those without it, or the means to acquire it…. It’s not the free market, or the free market govt. or the for profit church, for profit corporations, upper classes, or even middle classes… Then WHO is left…. in this system to protect and care for the people without… and those who will soon be without… There is nothing. Because nobody gives anything away for free. Everything has a price. Even human life. And the expected productivity of each and every life on this planet. THAT system is hardly worth defending, let alone preserving. It has already failed. FWO

You’re not hearing me. I would only repeat my same comment again. Money goes bad when governments have total control over it. A free market of money is the solution. Competitive currency is the answer. A free market of money (competitive currency) is the solution to every objection you’ve listed and every objection you haven’t listed.

You’re never going to get rid of money because it occurs naturally in a society, and it always will. Trevor Lyman

Life is devalued the minute you put a price tag on it. Either people have natural rights and free will or they don’t. Voluntarism is freedom, more so than monetarism. The Constitution itself was written by property owners FOR property owners. Where do you think the poll tax came from. Where do you think the antiquated delegate apportionment came from. You can’t argue for a free market without regulation. Regulation exists to control the flow of capital. And protect those with means from those without it. In a true free market, the people would regulate it themselves by who they choose to participate with. You do not need money, all you would need is a right to contract, and the ability to go to arbitration to resolve disputes. Read Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice. FWO

NOTE: Mr. Lyman then decided to DELETE his comments 1st, THEN the ENTIRE POST with this conversation from his page. This is a sadly all TOO common tactic of the “liberty movement” charlatans…. who can’t even defend their own ideologies or dare to stand up to ANY scrutiny OF them… Know this, take it to heart and MOVE ON… Just another opportunist who doesn’t want to see his investment threatened or his convictions challenged by somebody… ANYBODY!


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