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One POW Is Another Man’s Traitor… Which Is Which?

June 7, 2014

John McCain did more damage to national security than Bergdahl was even capable of. And he did it willingly, for YEARS! McCain got his own men shot down/killed, and tortured when they didn’t admit to what McCain already did…. Bergdahl only told them what they already knew, because he didn’t know anything. He didn’t have time to know anything. When your base is attacked that isn’t coming to the other side, that is being a hostage. If McCain is allowed to give information that gets people captured or killed, why is it so horrible for Bergdahl to cooperate with them, learn the language, play along, and grow a beard (OMG…. the horror… the horror….!!!) while being held hostage for YEARS. And making several attempts to ESCAPE! Fuck the Neo Cons and the armchair patriots… and the keyboard warriors, fuck them one and all… You think you’re a badass, sign up and see how your treated, and what you do, when your abandoned and your own country does NOT want to fucking rescue you when they know where you are!!! God… DAMN… it!!!!


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